Elena smoothed down her brand new dress and surveyed herself in the mirror, she was definitely beginning to show now, she smiled happily hand patted her small bump gently-the past four and a half months had flown in. Holding her breath she blasted hairspray around her curls. There, she was finished. Slipping on her shoes she left the bedroom and went to locate Damon. She found him easily in the first place she looked. He was sitting in his office typing away on his laptop. His desk was filled with pages of notes and ideas for his latest book he was working on; Jinx his beautiful cat was stretched out across these sheets fast asleep.

Elena leaned against the door frame for a moment just watching him work. She smiled as she watched him furrowing his brow in concentration. She wondered how she'd never realised how much she loved him before, how she'd gone her whole life without realising how much she needed and depended on him.

Damon stopped typing briefly and looked like he was rereading what he'd written

"Is that your speech?" Elena joked making her presence known.

Damon looked up and smiled. "You look beautiful."

"Thank you." Elena said "So is that your speech?"

Damon rolled his eyes "What speech would that be?"

"You know." Elena smiled as she stroked Jinx's head, making him purr in delight "Your winner's speech."

"I'm not going to win." Damon said lightly "We're just going for the free five course meal."

"Hey." Elena said "Don't underestimate yourself." She walked over and swung his swivel chair around. "I have every faith in you."

Damon smiled and pulled her into his lap. "I know."

"We both do." She added placing his hand on her bump.

"I love you both." Damon said before he kissed her.

"So." Elena said "Have you decided on a tie because it's almost time to leave?"

By 8.45 that evening Elena was a bag of nerves. She was sitting at a round table with Damon, Caroline, Matt, Damon's manager Linda and a few people from his publishers. A woman was on stage introducing the final category of the night. Elena couldn't take in a word of what she was saying, she wanted this so badly for Damon, because he deserved it and because even though he insisted he didn't mind if he won and that being nominated was already an honour because it was chosen by a group of critically acclaimed author's- she knew it would mean everything to him if he won.

The smiling woman on stage continued to talk and Elena caught certain words "Prestigious."… "Renowned"… she could hardly contain her anxiety.

"And the nominations for book of the year are-"

They clapped politely as the list of excellent names were read out.

"And the winner is…" the woman slipped on her reading glasses as she opened a golden envelope.

"Infinity Land- by Damon Salvatore."

Elena was in shock for a second until Caroline shrieked in her ear.

"Well done, man!" Matt said standing up and clapping Damon on the shoulder.

"Damon!" Caroline said excitedly throwing her arms around him "You so deserve this. I'm so proud of you."

Elena was beyond words. She kissed him "I told you!" she laughed wiping her eyes. "Go! I love you."

Damon returned her last words and then walked through the clapping crowd to the stage.

He was presented with a crystal award and Elena had tears streaming down her cheeks as he accepted the award thanking his friends and team for their support before he thanked her for being his everything.

Damon was whisked away from them for almost all of the evening. He shook hands with people and had his photograph taken. Elena was so proud of him she couldn't stop beaming. However her smile slipped quickly from her face when she saw a familiar face across the room.

"Hey, I'm just going to get some fresh air." She told Caroline

"Do you want me to come?" Caroline offered

"No, I'll be back in five minutes. You two enjoy yourselves." She smiled hastily

As quickly as Elena dared she left Caroline and Matt and hurried to the entrance. Doug was there- arguing with two men in suits.

"If your name isn't on the list you don't get in buddy, okay?" one man said to Doug

"I just need to talk to my wife." Doug pleaded

"Forget it." The other man said. "Now get out."

"What are you doing here?" Elena hissed as she hurried over

"Elena. Please. I needed to see you."

"I can't believe you!" Elena said angrily "Are you trying to ruin Damon's night?"

"I knew you'd be here with him…you don't answer my calls, what else could I do? I needed to see you" Doug pleaded

"Let's go outside before Damon sees you." Elena hissed as she pulled him away

When they were safely out of sight Elena rounded on him

"Doug, we are very soon to be officially divorced…you need to stay the hell away from me, do you understand?"

"I've been to the doctor's office. They said there's a real chance that if I get my vasectomy reversed we could conceive… I have an appointment for next week…" Doug exclaimed

Elena felt sick. "Are you insane? I'm with Damon, I love Damon."

"No, you only settled for him because of my mistake…but I'm putting it right, we can be a proper family now, and the kids they really miss you, especially Tyler, he doesn't understand why you left us…"

"Don't you dare use Tyler against me!" Elena yelled "How dare you try and make me feel sorry for you, you're the reason we're not together any more…you deceived me, you treated me like trash. But I'm happy now, Doug. Really happy. You need to stay the hell away."

"You don't love Damon." Doug argued "You love the idea of him; he's followed you around like a love sick puppy for your whole life, he's just convenient."

"You're so wrong." Elena said shaking her head. "He makes me happy. So happy."

"You're deluding yourself, trying to make me jealous. Well it's working, Elena. I've noticed…I've taken your requests on boards and I'm ready to start over with you…" Doug went on

Elena took a step back. "You're crazy."

"You make me crazy!" Doug yelled "I can't live without you. I see that now."

"You're too late." Elena said "I love Damon, we're so happy- I can't believe I wasted my life with you when he was right in front of me all along."

Doug looked furious now. "Do you really think he's going to stay with you? He's going to find some hot twenty two year old and send your ass packing. You're spoiled goods… He doesn't love you like I do."

"I'm pregnant." Elena said before she could stop herself. "and we're over the moon. You don't know what you're talking about… Good bye Doug."

Elena marched off quickly and returned inside.

"Are you okay?" Caroline said when she spotted Elena

"I'm fine. I'll tell you later." Elena said trying to smile. "Where's Damon?"

"I'm right here, baby." Damon appeared behind her, he kissed her neck from behind.

"I missed you." She said honestly leaning back into him.

"Well I'm back, shall we go home? The four of us can celebrate…"

"Sounds perfect." Elena smiled, she would forget all about Doug. He wasn't worth it.

Ten minutes later they were walking down the street laughing and joking.

"This is heavy." Matt said weighing Damon's award in his hands.

"Let me see." Caroline said taking it from Matt "I'd like to thank the academy…" She joked in a dramatically emotional voice holding it up like an oscar. They all laughed.

"You know, I could go for some ice cream." Caroline said

"Oh yes!" Elena enthused

"What?" Matt said "We just ate five different courses, how do you have room for ice cream?"

"There's always room for ice cream!" Elena announced and Caroline nodded.

"Alright." Damon said "Let me guess… Ben and Jerry's?"

"Of course!" Caroline said shifting the award to her other arm. "You know what? This is heavy; you can have it back…" Caroline laughed as she held it out.

As she did an arm reached from behind her and grabbed it.

"Oh my-" Caroline shrieked in shock, Elena turned around

"Doug!" she yelled "What the hell are you doing now? Give that back."

Everyone stopped walking.

"So you're the guy who always wins!" Doug shouted in Damon's direction.

"Is he drunk?" Matt said

"So you took my wife from me… and now you're having a baby with her too?" Doug said waving his hands around

"Go home, Doug." Damon said calmly

"You live in your big house with all your awards, why do you get it all, huh? Why are you so special?"

Damon began pulling Elena away. "Let's just go. Matt…get Caroline."

"Give me that back!" Caroline yelled

"What this?" Doug said looking at the crystal award; it sparkled in under the street lights.

"You heard her." Matt said moving closer

"Hey, Damon…Why did you give me that watch for my birthday? It cost like $5000…" Doug yelled "It's not as if we were friends, you were trying to steal my wife from me…was it a guilty conscience? Is that all she's worth to you… the price of a fancy watch?"

Damon made for him but Elena grabbed him

"Damon, don't, he's not worth it." She pleaded

"No, you're right." Damon said, moving back "He's not worth it."

Doug smashed the award onto the sidewalk. It shattered into pieces.

"You bastard!" Caroline yelled pushing him with all her might. He fell onto the ground

Doug laughed loudly from below them.

"I'm so sorry Damon." Caroline cried "He grabbed it from me before I could…"

"Hey, don't worry Care, it's just a piece of glass at the end of the day."

"No." she cried "it was more than that."

Damon shrugged again "You know what Doug…You're right, I have everything you want and I'm never letting it go. I feel sorry for you."

Matt took Caroline's hand and Damon took Elena's. Together they walked away from Doug and left him alone in the gutter.

"So Ice cream?" Damon said casually…

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