The scene swiftly changes and instead of a big plush bed, there is a table with a gun atop it in front of me. I lift my head, and I see my family – Caleb, my mom, and my dad. I want to run up and hug them, feel them.

Tobias apparently knows what I am thinking, and what I am planning because he puts a firm hand on my shoulder making me stay put. He doesn't say anything, but I know he thinks it's a bad idea for me to run over to them. He knows more about simulations than I do, so he's probably right.

"Such a shame you're going to have to kill your own family," I hear a cold voice say from somewhere behind me. "Well, except maybe your brother. He pretty much betrayed you after all, didn't he? He transferred to Erudite – the faction that despises your father so very much. Of course, you aren't much better, I suppose. You transferred as well." I ball my fists, trying to suppress my anger at this unknown woman's comments.

"I don't know what you mean." I try to keep my voice level, though I fear my attempts did not do as well as I hoped. I whip around to face whoever this woman is. She looks familiar to me, but I cannot place a name to her face. I spy a gun in her hand, and wonder why she has one.

"Was I not clear?" She asks, a bit of annoyance obvious in her voice. "You have to kill them," she separates each word, being sure to emphasis them.

"What if I refuse?"

She laughs a cold and harsh laugh. "If you don't kill them, then I kill you." I take a big gulp of air.

I turn towards Tobias, hoping he has some sort of idea as to what I should do. His expression is hard, set in stone and I can't read it clearly. I feel a rise of panic. I can't kill my own family, I just can't.

"Well, go on, pick up the gun," the woman tells me. I notice her foot has started tapping impatiently on the floor. I walk over to the table and pick up the gun. I weigh it in my hands, passing it from right to left; it's mostly to postpone my finger pulling the trigger.

I take a deep breath and walk back to the center of the room. My family is looking at me with hopeless expressions plastered on their faces. I can't stand to see them looking like this. I fear I will explode from the pain this is causing me; it feels as though my heart may rip out of my chest.

I go up to Tobias, hoping for some form of reassurance from him. I stand on my tiptoes and whisper in his ear, "What am I supposed to do? I can't just kill them – real or not, I just can't." He gives me a sad look. I have no one in this situation, no one but myself.

I raise the gun, not even bothering with properly aiming it. I need to think of something, and I need to think of it quickly. I know I can't – and won't – shoot my own family. Tobias has no advice, no guidance, nothing for me. I hear the impatient tapping of a foot against the tile floor again.

The gears in my head start grinding faster than the speed of light; an idea is forming. She said if I didn't kill them that she would kill me, but what if she doesn't get the chance….

I have almost completed my plan when I hear someone come up behind me. I know it is not Tobias – those were definitely not his footsteps. I hear this someone cock a gun, and then I feel the cool metal of it against the side of my head. "Shoot."

Shoot is exactly what I do. In a matter of seconds, I have managed to twist my body, take aim, and pull the trigger. The woman whose name I cannot place is lying limp on the ground, her gun still in her grasp. My heartbeat slows; the woman, my family, the table, and the guns all disappear.

Tobias comes up behind me and rests his hand on my shoulder. We did it – we made it through all seven of my fears. I am glad to know it is over; I couldn't have managed to stay in here much longer.

I turn and face him, and next thing I know, my face resting on his neck and his arms are around my body. He rubs my back in a soothing and comforting gesture. "It's okay, Tris. You did it. You made it through," he whispers in my ear. I feel like crying, but no tears form; I'm a little relieved. I do not want to cry, not here.

He pulls away, much to my dismay, and takes hold of my hand. "Come on, I think you could use some rest." He leads me out of the Fear Landscape and through the halls. He doesn't say a word on the way to my room; the silence is strangely comforting. We finally reach my door and he unlocks and opens it for me. "You were incredibly brave in there, Tris," he tells me as he pulls me into a small hug.

"Thank you for going in there with me," I mutter against his skin. He smooths out my hair, and we stand there in a small embrace for what feels like hours. I'm glad Tobias went through my Fears with me. I trust him with my life; he should know my fears just as I know his.

He pulls away a little, and a small smirk is on his face, "anytime." He leans down towards me and whispers in my ear, "maybe one day we can see about getting your fears down to only six." A small shiver passes through my body. I don't know if it's from his warm breath on my cold skin, or if it's just my body's reaction to what he's implying.

He kisses me lightly, and I can feel a smile still playing on his lips. I go to bed with thoughts of what's to come, and I don't think I have ever slept better in my life.

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