Hello all, just a strange one-shot that fluttered into my brain today and begged to be written. I hope any who have a look will enjoy.

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Agents Angus and Young Blog

Blogger newbie here so please try to bear with me. Actually, who am I kidding? If you happened to come across this blog it's probably either because you hit the wrong key or googled AC/DC and are now really, really disappointed that this came up.

But, on the other hand, I will hold out the tiniest glimmer of hope that maybe you didn't make it into my thoughts by accident; that maybe you are on your computer right now searching for others who have been through the same experience as you.

I am here because I ache to know how many others there are who can relate; who were saved, literally, by a couple of brothers who have battled evil at every turn; two brothers you know will get up tomorrow and do it all over again, without any thought of their own safety or of all the things they have given up.

I won't tell you their real names, I figure if you've made it this far into my ramblings you already know, and have your own story to tell.

My story? Well, I won't, or rather can't go into the details because they are terrifying and disturbing and I don't even know if I would be able to type them out without turning into a puddle on the floor. But, here is the gist of it. I was saved, from something that wasn't possible yet there it stood, with gnarling teeth and sharpened claws, ready to carve me up like the Thanksgiving turkey. Painful and bloody, that is exactly how I expected my thirty-something years on the planet to end… until they came.

Those two brothers, they saved me.

They saved me from the horror of that moment but they also took the time to make sure I was okay; they stayed with me until I stopped shivering and answered my questions; explained to me what that thing with the glowing eyes and taste for blood was.

To anyone else they would have seemed mad, but I had seen it; I had felt its fetid, rancid breath on my skin. They killed it, and I walked away without a scratch on my skin.

They are heroes.

I thanked them as they stood at my doorway, looking uncomfortable at the very thought of accepting my gratitude. And with a small smirk and a 'take care of yourself' they were gone, sucked into the darkness of the night in which they do their work.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, evil is out there folks. Sure, humankind has its own level of evil; war, famine, greed, lust, etc., etc…. and sure, those things suck, but what I am talking about here is real, palpable, Hell coming to Earth evil. Seeing it eye to eye has changed me, there is no way that it couldn't, but I have the chance to go on with my life, to enjoy every breath I take and every sunrise I see thanks to those two men. Those two brothers live and breathe and tangle and bleed amongst horrors unlike any that 'normal' folks could possibly imagine. They purposely put themselves in harm's way; they seek it out so they can destroy it, so they can protect us from it. They face it head on and do not waver in their resolve to get the job done.

I didn't get to spend much time with them but I know they will continue on, because this is what they do; because this is the life they live; because this is the burden they bear for each and every one of us.

So, thank you Agent Angus and Young, wherever you are, for the gift of my life.

Thank you for saving people and hunting 'things'.

Well, that's it for my first blog entry. If you have your own story to share you can post it below or send me a private message. I just know I cannot be the only person whose life has been touched and forever altered by these two men.

Thanks for reading!

End. Thanks for stopping by!