We are young,
We are strong,
We're not looking for where we belong,

We're not cool,
We are free,
And we're running with blood on our knees.

Nowhere To Hide - 40th Hunger Games.

Head Gamemaker Bark Blaine.

This is it. There's no time to fight it or go against it or even doubt my choice. I chose this idea and now, I have to live it down. I remember back when I first got this job, lucky enough to even get anywhere close to President Snow or even the Hunger Games. And yet, I have and now after all these years of waiting, I'm Head Gamemaker.

"He's ready for you, Bark," the male attendant says, gesturing his hand towards the door.

I nod him a thank you as I stand up, straighten out my suit and then motion towards the door, my file clutched to my stomach. The minute I'm in the door, the faint smell of roses catches my nose and makes it turn, seeing as I can still smell the sickly blood underneath.

"Bark, what have you got for me?"

His tone is broad, strong and definitely terrifying. The man is definitely a threat, and from that, I can tell why he's got to the position he's in. I move forward, staring at the chair as to whether I take my seat or not. It's a choice, but frankly, it's a hard one.

"Sit down," President Snow orders, and with the fear bubbling inside me, I take my seat swiftly. "What have you got for this Hunger Games then, your first one?"

The way he says that last bit makes my stomach flip. My first one and can easily be my last one if it's not up to his standards. I place the file out neatly on his desk, opening it up and spreading the pictures along the fine, mahogany wood ever so carefully. The arena took so long to build because of how complicated it was, but thankfully, I'm happy with the result. I just hope he is. He stares at for a while, eyes fixated on my plan.

That's when I notice the sweat bead on my forehead, daring to drip. One mistake and everything is gone. Just like that.

"Explain it to me, Bark." he says once more, and almost too scared, I stand up and launch to the file, getting ready to tell him everything.

"This year, we thought it would be fun to mess around with the tributes, in honour of it being exactly 40 years since it began. It took some time, but the arena has been completed," I point to the first picture, where the Cornucopia and plates lie. "This is outside on a rocky terrain, the Cornucopia lying in a large clearing in the middle of a mountain, making it impossible to climb. This, of course, leaves the tributes with only one way of moving. The tunnels. Each tribute's plate will be stood in view of the Cornucopia, but behind them and in the middle of another plate, will be a tunnel. 12 tunnels. This tunnel, of course, links with the others and creates a maze."

He nods, clearing me to go on.

"The maze leads around the rocky exterior, even leading down into the Earth. This is dark and claustrophobic, almost."


"You see, the mazes all connect and move around, meaning at any point, our tributes can meet each other and their possible fate. But down below, there is a hidden cavern room. This room, surprinsingly, is holding the arena's only fresh water source. A mineral spring. It's also happens to be large to hold a large fight, with more room."

"Sounds promising."

"Oh, it is," I respond, noticing the faint line of a smile on the man's face. "The tunnels will be pretty dark but have small lights. It's almost like a mine."

He nods again, giving me my cue to collect my things and remove myself from the room. However, as I reach the door, he speaks.

"Remember, Bark, this one is on your head. You've been warned."

His words crawl up my body, and in that instant, I'm dreading the years to come and the constant possibilities of disappointing the man whom everyone fears.

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