Disclaimer: I do not own Grey's or these characters. I wish.

These are some little moments between Jackson and April, I imagine happening in my head throughout the season. I intend on maybe four chapters. This is Season 6.

Little Moments.

He intimidates her, when she first sees him. His piercing eyes, smooth voice, all star surgeon hands, perfect mouth– he certainly is the eye candy of Mercy West and the one every attending wants. The first time they talk happens when Reed goes back to her shift and April is alone picking at the stale red jello that she regrets taking every day, but chocolate pudding was too much of an indulgence right? Her mind debates when—

"Can I sit?"

April looks up to see those eyes, and she is taken aback a little.

"Uh yeah, sure."

He sits and smiles, and eats his food pensively.

"How is it that we've been here for 3 months and haven't spoken a word to each other?"

April shrugs nervously, "You are always in cardio-"

"And you're always with Reed."


"So…make more friends. You're gonna need 'em."

April is silent for a moment, but then stutters, "Well, you- you have too many friends."

"Excuse me?"

"No offense, but you are a household name…everyone wants to be your friend…it doesn't mean they have your back."

She wonders if she speaks out of turn, if she is truly going to screw herself in this program—

"You're right. That's why I want to be friends with you. You actually have a heart."

"How do you know that?" she asks with a defensive tone. Was she really that much of an open book?

"You bring Reed and Charles coffee every morning. You smile at the nurses, visit babies, I've never seen anyone so happy to be at the hospital at three o'clock in the damn morning. It's…weird, but refreshing."

She is silent for longer then a heart waiting for it's next beat, and he takes it the wrong way.

"Alright then," Jackson rises with a frown. He should have known better. She'd probably throw herself at him or be too afraid anyway—

"You have at least three women a week vying for your attention and you hate it. You want people to respect you and not just like you for how you look or the Avery name."

He sits back down slowly in surprise at the confidence in her voice and observations-

"You know all your patient to the tiniest detail and have an almost flawless bedside manner-


"Oh and your mother is absolutely amazing-

"She is a tyrant!"

She just grins and points to the unopened pudding, in his otherwise completed tray.

"Are you going to eat that?"

He gives her a teasing look, but surrenders the pudding.

"You're okay, April Kepner."

"You too…for an Avery."

Suddenly everything is different with the merger— Reed is a flirt, Charles still pines after her, and Jackson tries to fit in with everyone at Seattle Grace.

They barely get to talk, and she starts to think he finds her annoying as everyone else does.

Yet today, she has to try.

He is having a rough day, messed up something in a simple surgery, and now everyone from Seattle-Grace was egging on him. The composure he holds is like a Greek statue, but she could see the agitation in his eyes – the subtle fist he makes with his left hand.

She has to talk to him.

She follows him into the on-call room, the one in the left wing of the hospital that all the residents sneak into when they are stressed. He trudges his feet along, each with the intention of wanting to get the hell out, but he still has another surgery to scrub in on.

April enters cautiously, and he has hands burying his head with frustration. Sitting near him, she uses the softest voice she can, the one she practices on the babies when she has to comfort disheartened family members.

"You were great today. Don't let them get to you okay? These people from Seattle Grace have no idea-

"I screwed up, April."

"It's not a big deal-

"Yes, it is!" he snaps.

The tone of his voice causes her to jump and she hits her arm on the steal of the bunk bed.

April rubs the spot of pain and takes a breath, "Come on. Tomorrow is a new a day-

"April. I want to be alone right now."

"We can go have a nice dinner after your shift-

"Jesus, can you just go? You are being annoying as hell right now."

A tightness in her heart pulls, as a darkness that is rare in April reflects in her eyes.

"You too? You are the one person besides Reed who I thought—Never mind. I thought you were different Jackson."

She storms out and Jackson groans. What did he just do?

There is a sadness he cannot deny feeling as he watches her leave the hospital. Her innocent face is brave, but he could see the pain no one else could. She is disappointing her family back on the farm, herself, and the promise she made in her little pink book of becoming the best surgeon Seattle Grace would ever have. She is disappointing the babies in pink and blue onesies he would see her coo, and the girl in the mirror he would hear her reassure was confident and going to own each and every day of her residency.

Yet, he lets the fragile girl slip away, as she walks out of the hospital without looking back.

Reed takes her out to Joe's a few weeks later, because she is punching numbers at a nearby clinic instead of having a purpose, instead of saving lives.

"What if I have to go back home…to the farm?"

"You won't."

"I could see it now, hey Mom. Hey Dad. I know you and the whole freakin' town pray for me every week and put me through college and med school, but I was fired—

"Stop!" Reed puts her arms around April and squeezes her.

"Can't breath-

"You are going to be an amazing surgeon, marry the hottest doctor, and run your own hospital. Now lets do SHOTS!"

Reeds release her grip and heads to the bar before April could protest. She didn't even notice Jackson walk up to her, until she feels his gaze and looks up.


She mumbles a hello, then walks to the bar before Jackson could say a word.

A shot or three may be just she needs tonight.

He hears she is coming back a few days later, thanks to Chief Shepherd and he smiles a nervous smile.

Second chances are rare, he thinks.

It's a rough first day, trying to get back into a groove – administrating all of Derek's tasks.

"I have to prove myself," she thinks as she eats her red (stale) jello. Reed and Charles were off today, and she is stuck having lunch alone. The rest of Seattle gawks and she wonders why she even came back.

Today is a day for chocolate, why didn't she just splurge for once in her life—

A pudding cup suddenly drops down on her tray.

The voice cracks, but recovers smoothly, "Thought you might need it. Welcome back."

He sends her an award winning Avery smile (but really) and walks away.

With that, she somehow knew everything was going to be okay.

Reed saunters off to Sloan and she is livid.

"You are a terrible influence!"

He shoots her a dismissive look, "Why shouldn't she have a little fun?"

"Well, for one thing Mark Sloan is in love with Lexie Grey."

"Little Grey is with Alex Karev," he mocks.

"That's not the point! They love each other and are denying their feelings!"

He rolls his eyes and moves closer.

"That's none of your business."

"I guess so, but I can't take their longing looks at the hospital any longer."

"Mark and Lexie are adults. Plus, Reed wants to have fun. I am sure Sloan does too."

"Whatever. I don't get you people."

He is now inches away from her body, and in a low voice talks while twirling his finger,

"Look, everyone gets a little wound up. Sex, well, it's the ultimate stress reliever. Makes you think clearly again."

The close proximity between her and Jackson makes her feel a little bit dizzy and slightly lightheaded, as she breathes in his cologne.

"You should try it…maybe with a certain married McDreamy?"

The moment is over and she proceeds to slap him on the head, a little more aggressively.

"He is my mentor!"

He mhm's her questionably and pours her some more of the mixed cocktail, and is grateful they are back.

Even with all the chaos and tragedy that happened inside of the hospital today and the loss of two of her best friends, outside is absolutely beautiful. She freezes and stops, the other residents soon follow themselves, with a sudden halt. The sky looks spectacular, with clouds painted in purple and pink shades, while the sunset layers the sky with a mellow orange. It looks unreal, especially for Seattle.

"Wow," she mumbles.

He slips his hand in hers, and stares.

They all do, with a tiny bit of hope.