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She is a solider. Hunt called her a true soldier before she left the hospital today. She couldn't stop grinning as her, Alex, and Lexie entered the house. Today was the day where she finally decided what specialty she wanted to pursue: trauma. She won! She actually won. In the midst of a crisis, she could perform. Okay, it may not have been a "real" crisis, but she knows she will have what it takes; Alex and Lexie were actually being nice and Jackson stood up for her – it was the little things, the little moments that counted.

And then as she walks into the kitchen after them, she smells a fresh aroma of French toast. She sees Jackson and remembers him leaving in the middle of the session. She tries to be there for him, but sometimes when he shuts down-

"Heard you were amazing today," he says with a genuine smile.

"Oh you know saved some lives-

"Dummy lives," Lexie corrects.

"Okay fine, dummy lives. I heard Hunt made you do the lab alone."

Jackson shrugs, "Eh, him and Yang were in a deep discussion. It wasn't that bad."

"Should've stuck with us," Alex remarks on his way out of the kitchen, "Kepner kicked ass." April blushes.

"I'm sorry I miss that."

Lexie steals some of his French toast, "Delicious."


"Didn't Meredith tell you? If you wanna live here you have to share," she teases and heads up the stairs.

He smiles after her and turns to April, "Hungry?"

She rolls her eyes at him checking out Lexie, but digs in without hesitation, "I didn't know you could cook."

"I didn't know you were such a trauma expert."

She pours a large chunk of maple syrup on her half and takes a huge piece inside of her mouth.

Her next words come out extremely muffled, "Needs moar cinneeaamon."

"Hot," he jokes.

She laughs, but can still tell he is upset.

"Want to talk about it?"

"Nah, I want to eat instead. Trauma stirs up a huge appetite."

"Hmmm. You know what'd be really good with this?"

His eyes light up. She hasn't cooked her special breakfast since they were at Mercy West-

"Buttermilk biscuits with scrambled eggs."

"It's midnight April, you don't have to-

"Hey, trauma brings on a huge appetite remember? Plus, I need lunch for tomorrow."

"We should open up our own brunch for trauma surgeons."

She grins, "Soldiers need to eat after all."

Jackson Avery is having trouble focusing this morning. He has three women on his mind, each representing a different aspect of his life. First there is Bailey, whom he needs to win over to get back in the surgical game - she is his ticket to scrubbing in. Then there is Lexie Gray, who he has to admit he is beginning to get quite smitten with. She is confident, smart, beautiful, and most of all unattainable. Everyone knows Lexie and Mark keep dancing around each other, but he can't help himself, if only she would give him a chance-


He turns around to see April, the other woman on his mind. He is slightly amused, but worried for her as she has developed a recent crush on resident bad boy Alex Karev.

"Did you hear about the super secret patient? I bet it's a musician-" She halts when she sees Karev having another discussion with Stark. "Oh no, that can't be good. The new peds guy is giving Alex such a hard time-

Jackson rolls his eyes, "You got it bad."

"Um, no."

"Um, yes. I'm telling you he is no good for you-

"Well, Lexie isn't either," she protests.

"We'll see about that."

April shakes her head annoyed, "Okay," and heads over to Karev and Stark.

He sighs and goes back on his hunt for Bailey, she has to be front and center on his mind until Yang's party.

The dimmed streets lights just about cover the tears emerging from April Kepner's eyes. She is a fool for believing that Alex Karev could be the guy for her. She let her guard down for once, trying to see the good in this damaged boy, after all she heard that his wife left him and he has a troubled family history. With all these stories, rumors - maybe she thought she could fix him with her faith and heal the wounds left behind by his past.

In the end, maybe she was just trying to heal her own wounds and doubts. She trembles along to the front of Yang's new apartment, and can't stop thinking about the way he touched her. For a moment, it felt good. A hot, forbidden encounter, something she always dreamt of experiencing. Yet, once he got past that point, it was too much. It wasn't right, he wasn't right - he bruised her.

"Too fast, too soon," she thinks over and over until she finds herself climbing the stairs of the former firehouse.

Her body is shaking, and the girl embodying innocence doesn't even realize it. She mumbles incoherently to Hunt, unable to keep her composure-

"Hey, hey," Jackson says gently pulling her into his arms.

He guides her to the kitchen, and her sobs cannot be contained any longer.

"April, what happened?" he was already on edge, and seeing his friend like this was the tip of iceberg.

She buries herself into his chest, it is the only safe place she knows.

After a few moments, she pulls away "I-I went to talk to Alex - and we started kissing-

April sobs, and Jackson furrows his eyebrows.

"We kissed and he wouldn't stop...too fast-"

He was furious now. "How dare he?" That bastard knows she's a virgin!

All the anger from today, seeing Lexie flirt with Sloan across the room, and now this- he sees Alex enter and his control is lost, as his fist makes way to Karev's face.

The Grey house is quiet, as he enters the foyer alone. Lexie opted to stay out a bit more, which he suspects is talk to Sloan. He doesn't care though, because she considers him a friend and he's working his way up in her world. Yet, April is still on his mind, as he didn't even see her leave. He runs up to her room and knocks, but there is no answer.

"April," he presses.

He knocks again, "Come on, I know you're in there."

A quiet, squeaky voice erupts, "Go away Jackson."

"I punched a guy for you Kepner, you better let me in-

"Fine." A beat. "But you'll regret it!"

He opens the door hesitantly, and is surprised to see a very disorganized April Kepner. She has her hair up in a messy pony tail and is sporting a tank and sweatpants that are too big for her. The only thing in perfect condition is her bed, as she lays on the covers disgruntled. A laptop is set up on her bed for her viewing pleasure, with a pillow used as as stand. Oh, and of course a carton of Ben & Jerry's ice cream lies leisurely next to her.

"I told you you'd regret it," she mutters darkly.

For the first time all day, he laughs. "You are a mess."


He sits on the bed next to her and puts his arm around her, "It's cute."

"It's pathetic."

"Stop. You're adorable...Are you okay?"

"Nothing a little Ben & Jerry's and When Harry Met Sally can't fix."

"When Harry Met Sally?"

"You've never seen it?"

"No...let me guess chick flick?"

She tries to grin, "It's a classic!"

He notices that she is still trying to hold back tears, "Talk to me."

She shakes her head, "I just want to watch my favorite movie and eat my ice cream and sleep all day before our night shift."



"Come on. It'll make you feel better."

Suddenly, she is furious, "Really? You don't talk to me about your problems!"

"That's not the same-

"You have nightmares. I have nightmares too Jackson! And you don't understand okay. You just don't. I'm a virgin and everyone makes fun of me for it. Even you. Now, I am the "adorable" one who can't even handle getting to second base and I am 28. Nobody thinks I can handle it. No one understands. You punched Alex, and I appreciate that, but it wasn't just for me and you know it. You had a bad day and Alex was the perfect punching bag-

"April let's watch the movie," Jackson interrupts her not able to handle anymore.


"You're right I don't understand. But I want to be here for you, like you are for me. So let's watch this damn chick-flick." He grabs the ice cream from her and presses play on her laptop.

She looks at him in shock, as he takes a spoonful of ice cream and shoves it into his mouth.

"What are you staring at? Trying to watch When Harry Met Samantha here."

After a moment she breathes out, and smiles. Jackson Avery was full of surprises.

"Sally," she corrects and steals the ice cream back from him, in which they continue the swap until she falls asleep on his shoulder.

After he wakes up from drifting off himself, he tucks her in gently with her favorite blanket that is draped over her desk chair.

"Adorable dork," he thinks before leaving her room for the night.

Today she feels like a million bucks, she is ready to take on the world. She packed her favorite pudding, baked some cupcakes for the residents, and even managed to get a haircut earlier that morning. Jackson really made her feel better, and she knew that Karev couldn't get to her.

Well, maybe the whole situation is still in the back of her mind but she was a solider.

Jackson still is unsettled by his nightmare, but at least he loves night shifts. Another reason to avoid the darkness. Day nightmares managed to plague him as well, but working with Lexie would get him through the night. Maybe he would even be able to open up to her about-


He turns around to see an exasperated April Kepner.

"You're never going to believe this. These two fifteen year olds-

"I'm busy April," he interrupts her as he eyes Lexie beckoning him down the hall. He walks away from her, not even looking back.

"O-kay then," she sighs disappointed in search for another resident.

She can't stop grinning, Bailey talking about her maiden voyage. Bailey talking about her "Ben." It was too good. She had to tell someone, it couldn't wait any longer- "Yes!" She thinks as she spots Jackson walking towards her.

"Oh my god. You're not going to believe this-

"Fifteen year olds again?" Jackson says, somewhat annoyed.

"Jeez what is your problem-

"Avery!" Lexie calls him from the service desk.

"Gotta go," he quickly mutters distracted.

Once again she sighs, but still can't stop grinning at Bailey and her "needs."

She sits with a glowing smile reflecting on her night with Bailey's voice clouding her mind,"You take your maiden voyage with a nice boy, a kind boy. A boy who loves you. A boy that you love so much you wanna superglue yourself to him. You wait."

April didn't need to feel guilty about her faith anymore, by the time she met her "true love" it'd be perfect. He would understand why she really waited, and he would whisk her away on their honeymoon night. No pressure. She didn't need to reform some bad boy to make it okay for her to have sex, it would happen naturally in the way she intended to-

"Why are you still up?" a groggy voice interrupts.

Her daze is broken, and Jackson stands before her. He is without a shirt and wearing dark pajama pants. A signature Avery nighttime outfit, that even makes her look twice.

She scoffs, "Now you want to listen to me?"

He looks at her bewildered, "What?"

"You ignored me the whole night. I was trying to tell you something-

"I was working on a case, April."

"I hate when you do that," she says quietly.


"Talk to me like I'm annoying or an innocent kid. You were so sweet yesterday, I don't get it. One minute you treat me like a friend, then...I don't know."

His face softens and moves closer to her, "I'm sorry. I was distracted tonight - I shouldn't have treated you that way. I really trust you April, more then anyone here. And, well that's a little scary for me sometimes - I push people away. I lose control."

They are in close proximity, breaching an intimacy they haven't experienced before and the rest of Bailey's words come flooding through her ears, "You hear me? Keep your knees together. And believe me, even though you haven't met your Ben yet, you will meet your Ben. Not my Ben, but your own Ben… who might or might not be called Ben."

Could Jackson be her Ben?


Her daze is broken once again, and she smiles at him. "I care about you too. I'll always be here for you Jackson, just let me in too okay?"

He nods, "Done."

A mischievous look spreads across his face. "Guess who made progress with Lexie tonight?"

"Oh boy. No wonder you were distracted tonight, what happened?"

Jackson looks like an excited teenager, as he reveals his bonding moments with Little Grey. She is happy to see him smile, and hopes this works out for him.

Though Bailey's drunk persona still dances in her head, she shuts down the handsome, experienced Jackson Avery as her possible Ben.

"You wait," the voice persists.