Title: Un Ange

Character: Fleur Delacour.

Notes: I literally just wrote this in the past few minutes - yes, I know I should be working on Blank, I Solemnly Swear, Sunset, and every other thing I've got going - but I had inspiration for Fleur! I couldn't turn down this opportunity! I hope you enjoy.

Translations: "An Angel" - "I am not an angel, Mummy!" - "My Gabrielle, my sister-" - "That's life, right, Gabrielle?"

One day, Fleur Delacour would break.

Because who was she, apart from a pretty, empty girl to stare at and not talk to? Who was she, but a perfect Greek statue, locked with the same smile and closed up throat, her lips forever made of stone?

She was Fleur Delacour, a beauty to be gazed upon, but never touched.

She was part human, part Veela, and a teenager who didn't belong in either world. Fleur was made of icicles; empty, frozen, and oh so charming, but what did it matter? She wasn't going anywhere; she wasn't going to be anyone.

They said her mother was beautiful - they said she was too. They thought she was just like Mother, in fact; pretty, perfect, and empty.

They told her she was lovely Fleur, charming Fleur, beautiful Fleur, darling Fleur - what if she didn't want to be? What if she just wanted to be Fleur?

"Je ne suis pas un ange, Maman!" And they said only angels could fly.

She was just the poster-child - "perfect leetle Fleur, non?" and maybe this poster-child wanted to fight back! She wasn't some shallow little girl with heart to spare; she wasn't some porcelain doll for them to patch up and paint over.

She was Fleur, just Fleur, and maybe she could learn to feel.

But Fleur wasn't going to break if they touched her, so she said, "Just reach out; hug me, comfort me, like I'm not an ornament that must be maintained, kept in a box, a china doll to be admired, but never played with! I'm not going to break, Papa!"

Gabrielle - her darling little sister, "Ma Gabrielle, ma soeur, oh, Gabrielle, hush-" Fleur broke her, tore her apart, let loose the green eyed monster from under her bed. "C'est la vie, non, Gabrielle?"

And Bill; he would break too, would fall off their mantelpiece and shatter. He had scars and cracks from last time it happened, but no quick Reparo would help them now.

Maybe he could save her, though.

Because Bill was all fire; and maybe he could melt her icicle exterior, and see what lay beneath. Maybe he would leave her after he saw her broken, weary, and not so beautiful heart, or maybe he would take a needle and thread - in, out, there we go - and patch it up, then kiss it better.

In the end, though, who was she, but just Fleur Delacour, the girl who was pretty, perfect and empty, before Bill Weasley came along, and taught her to feel.