So today's my mom's birthday and I wanted to write something for her. So I did some super-human brainstorming and came up with this. Hope y'all like it.

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Dedication: To my own wonderful mommy...

Sally Jackson

Sally Jackson started as she heard a crash from upstairs.

"Percy! You okay?" she called.

"Fine, mom."

There was another bang. Sally shook her head and headed upstairs. The only people more clumsy than kids, were demigod kids. She arrived upstairs to find her china vase in pieces and Percy holding Riptide.

"Sorry?" Percy said with a sheepish smile.

"Percy, no more deadly weapons in the apartment."

Maria DiAngelo

"Nico, Bianca! Come on!" Maria glanced back at her two children. Bianca, at five, was already being a big sister. The little girl was pulling her younger brother away from a shop window. Nico was staring at something clearly entrancing inside.

"Bianca, what's your brother staring at?"

"It's just some weird game, Mama. Nico! Come, on!"

With a sigh, Maria walked over and picked up the three year-old Nico.

"Mama, look." The boy pointed at a brightly colored window display of trading cards.

"Nico, what in the world is Mythomagic?"

Lilian Grace

"Jason, get down from there!"

Lilian frowned at the racket her daughter was making. She put down her bottle of nail polish and hollered,"Thalia! Stop yelling at your little brother!"

"Mom! Just look at what he's doing!"

Kids these days...

Lilian arrived in her daughter's bedroom to find her two year-old son hovering five feet off of the ground. Mrs. Grace screamed.

"Hi mommy."

You'll notice that I had to come up with Mrs. Grace's name. It's never mentioned in the books, so I just went with Lilian.

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