I felt like writing a Green Arrow fanfic one day, but I was too impatient to set up the action.

The sky was heavy with rain that day.

The air was muggy; as humid and rancid as air could get. G.A. felt the moisture cling to his shoulders and down the small of his back. But he trudged on.

A branch whipped his face as he pushed his way through the forest. This wasn't his normal way of moving-trampling through the underbrush-but he didn't have time. And the little time he had was driving him to make mistakes.

And to think, he had just asked her hand in marriage just minutes before.

He moved quickly through the muck. His boots sloshed through the knee-high marsh. His heart pounded.

Then all at once, he broke into the clearing.

It was a small one, just a slight break in the torturous landscape. But in the middle of it lay Black Canary.

"Canary!" He shouted, unable to hold back any longer.

Almost instantaneously Green Arrow heard the soft click! of a device go off to his right. He widened his eyes, realizing what it was and knew it had been voice activated…by himself.

He ran for Black Canary and jumped, protecting her.

The bomb erupted.

Green Arrow's earplugs blew out and the trees around him shook from the impact of it. All life held its breath as the very muggy air flew past the couple.

But then it was all over.

G.A. slowly rolled off his girlfriend. He was afraid of crushing her suddenly. Like a bird with shattered wings, she lay fragile and broken on the ground.

He coughed some, trying to shake the explosion off. But he felt the burn down his right side that had taken the majority of the blow.

Green Arrow heard her hand uncurl slightly. He looked over, hope swirling in his eyes.


Quickly and painfully he lifted her head so that it lay in his lap. Her blue eyes opened weakly and she put a hand on his.

Her smile curved beautifully.

"My answer is yes."