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Silena Beauregard

Percy was walking through Camp Half-Blood looking for something to do….or someone. He thought the best way to laid was to go to Aphrodite cabin (aka Slut cabin). He knocked on the door to see if anyone was home.

A girls voice came from inside and asked who it was "Percy" he was told to come in. he walked in and was immediately hit by the thick smell of perfume. He looked around to see who he had talked to and saw Silena Beauregard bending over to pick something up. That would have been okay except all she was wearing was a G-string and her double DD bra which was still tight on her O sized breast.

Percy thought that this was going to be easier than he thought. He came over and gave Silena's firm, shapely ass a squeeze. Silena yelped and said "I didn't expect that but I wouldn't mind if you use a different part of your anatomy for that, if you know what I mean" and with that she gave her ass a little wiggle and that's all Percy need to go to full mast.

He pulled down his pants and unleashed the beast. He pulled down her G-string and, without warning, rammed his cock in something so tight he didn't think he could pull his dick out. "Fuck, Percy, give me some warning it's been a while since anyone's been back there and you're probably the biggest I've ever had from the feeling"

Percy smirked and started to go in and out at super-sonic speed without letting her adjust.

"OHHHHH Gods your so fucking huge. You barley fit i side me. Your dick fells so amaz- AHHHHHHHHHHH!" she cummed and could no longer speak

He was hitting her so hard that she had to brace herself on the bed and was screaming her head off. I reached forward to muffle his little slut but she stopped him "Don't do it, the whole cabin is sound proof and even if it wasn't I like to be vocal now get back to fucking me."

They kept going for hours until Percy came in that very womanly ass. He pulled out and collapsed in a bed. Siena pulled herself off the floor and kneeled next to him on the floor. "Oh no, it appears that your 10 inches of cocky heaven is all dirty, I need to do something about that" she held her head over his half erect cock and engulfed all she could.

Percy wasn't novice to blow jobs. Annabeth had given him the best BJ until she dumped him. That was true up until now, Silena could suck a cock. She used every part of her mouth and both of her hands since she couldn't fit it all in her mouth. She used her tongue to wrap it around, her teeth to lightly massage it, and hummed the back of her throat. Once she got him stiff she got off the floor straddled him and started to ride him.

She started slowly at first, but once she got use to him she started to speed up. Her beautiful orbs where flying up and down by this time and he realized they had been completely ignored so far so I decided to fix that. I reached up and started to massage them they were so soft and firm that just touching them made him feel harder. She kept going for half an hour and laid down on me after she had cummed a few times, but I hadn't yet. I started to pick up her hips and made her fuck her until I finally released my load.

Silena smiled at me "We might have to that again sometime but mow I'm tired lets sleep" Yet Percy still wanted to fuck. He picked her up and put her on he hands and knees on the floor and got behind her. he positioned his dick at her pussy and started to fuck her doggie style. she started to moan and yell. She worked her pelvis muscles to put a vise grip on his dick. He started to spank her ass and he soon came he came. He picked her up and laid down on the bed, he put her on top of him and re-inserted him self again.

With that Percy fell asleep with Silena still on him, he still in her and his face buried in her glorious breast.