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I HATE HISTORY Percy thought for the millionth time for that year. I mean come on, who cares what some random farmer used to water his crops. The worst part was that bitch Ms. Netha, she absolutely hated him. Whenever something bad happened she immediately pointed the finger at Percy. The only thing Percy liked about her was that she always dressed trashy and somehow got away with it. Today was particularly bad, they were leaning about Mesoamericans and how the farmed. Percy crumpled a piece of paper and threw it at the trash can when she was turned around but before it made it in it veered off and flew towards her. She turned around just in time for the ball to hit her large DD boobs and hard enough to make them jiggle. She bent over to pick it up in such a way that her already short dress hiked up even further so Percy could see the bottom of her ass and her thong. She stood up and stared right at Percy and the chatter stop dead, it was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. She slowly sauntered over to Percy who was in the front row. She bent forward put the ball on his desk and her hands on either edge of his desk. When she bent over he could all over her breast, but he had to keep his eyes on her face he focused on her glasses that he could tell she didn't need and her blonde curls that curled around her neck.

"Why would you do this Percy?" she gestured at to paper ball on the desk. Percy just kept staring at her face and didn't answer. "Come one, answer me Percy you're not so stupid that you can't answer me, are you? Well since you aren't going to answer me now you can have detention after school to figure out how to talk again." She turned around and walked back to the board, with her wide hips swaying side to side, and continued to teach. When the bell rang for the next class Percy hurried out of the door and waited for his torture to begin

3:16 that afternoon

Percy slowly exhaled and knocked on the door to Ms. Netha's room. The door immediately opened and behind it stood a very pissed off looking bitch. "I told you to be here immediately when school let out, you are one minute late. That means you have an extra hour of detention you incompetent boy. Go sit down." She pointed to her chair and instead of arguing he just sat down. She stood by the door and watched him sit down then after a few seconds she came to stand in front of him. She looked down and said "Oh crap my strap came undone." She got down on one knee and fixed the strap on her high heeled shoes. She slowly got up and eyed Percy's cock "My, my look what you brought me." Without warning she pulled down Percy's pants and boxers and was examining his dick, slapping it from side to side to get it hard and placed it between her tits and squeezed them together and went to and down to get him harder. Then she engulfed it "Fuck, Ms. Netha, what do you think you are doing" she gave him a 'shut the fuck up before I bite your dong off' look. Percy decided to take the advice and tried to put his hand on the back of her head but she slapped it off. Percy got angry so he reached down and gave each of her boobs a hard squeeze through the fabric of her blouse. She didn't seem to mind and hummed the back of her throat to really get Percy to try to get him to cum and sped up her head bobbing. When Percy felt the familiar sensation that he got from BJ's that meant he was about to cum. He grabbed the back of her head and forced her down on his cock and fired thick, hot streams of cum down her throat and made her gag but she managed to swallow it all.

She pulled her mouth off his dick with a loud popping noise and looked at him "That wasn't very nice. You better not make me angry, it would be very bad." "Or what, slut, you'll fail me, I was going to fail anyway." "You really don't recognize me do you? Maybe this will help." She snapped her fingers and her face started changed and Percy almost, metaphorically, jizzed in his pants. The person who had made History class hell for him and just gave him a mind blowing blow job was Athena, Goddess of Wisdom his ex's mom. Percy almost jumped out of the chair but Athena held him to the chair "I don't think so, I had to listen to mom bitch of a daughter whine and moan about how you dumped her and I just couldn't see why she was so upset so I decided to see what all the fuss is about."

She snapped her fingers again and the chair he was in turned into a wide cushioned chair and both of their clothes vanished. Athena climbed up on Percy letting her large boobs slide across Percy's cock and chest and put her feat on either side of his knees and she started to make out with Percy while she used her other extremely soft hand to stroke him back to life. When he was she detached herself from Percy's lips and said "Are you ready for the best experience of your puny mortal life?" in response Percy trusted up and was surprised to find that for an eternal maiden she was lacking a hymen. He looked at her quizzically and she answered "Do you really think I was going to stay a virgin forever, I lost it millennia ago. No one ever found out because I killed everyone I ever had sex with." She stared to bounce will Percy tried to forget about what he had just heard and tried to lose himself in the feeling on his penis which wasn't hard, Athena could work he pelvis to clamp down on his dick. "OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK P-P-P-PERCY, YOU F-FF-EEL SOGOOD YOU FEEL MEUP SO GOOD YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE I'M ABOUT TO BURST! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Percy had to support her by clamping one hand one boob and the other on one ass cheek because her orgasm's convulsions almost made her fall off of him. In her convulsions her pussy camped down harder and made Percy cum.

Athena looked at him "I can see why Annabeth was so upset. You are absolutely huge." "Let's try something else" Percy laid her across his knee and started to spank her. He hit her slowly and softly at first then sped up and hit her harder. He kept going until her fine ass was golden (golden ichor). When he thought she was sufficiently gold he picked her up and made her face the table and bent her over it. Percy got behind her and kicked her feet out and massaged her ass. He slowly entered her ass just to tease her until he was to the hilt of his cock. He quickly pulled himself out and slammed back in so hard that it made Athena scream and he pushed the table half a foot but Percy didn't care he kept going like that until he hit the wall. "Ahhhh fuck Percy you feel so good but don't make so much noise. Your pushing the table will let the whole school know re-AHHHHHH!" She came and could no longer talk which made Percy al the happier, even though he was fucking her he still hated her Since the table had stopped moving he could hear the desk creak and he knew he had to finish soon so he sped faster. When he came he slammed her the hardest yet and released deep in to her ass. Unfortunately that last thrust broke the table and he picked her up and took her to the chair, he sat down and set her in his lap.

"Well did I serve my detention my little sex teacher." Athena narrowed her eyes "No Mr. Jackson, I believe you need two more weeks to fix your attitude problems and aim" she winked and Frenched Percy who couldn't stop smirking.