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Percy been invited to a party on Olympus so he was having the time of his life. Olympian parties were always the best because they had the best and loudest music played by The Nine Muses. They had the best food prepared by Hebe. Also, if you knew where to find it, they had a back room where you could get your cock sucked by Gods of Lust and their brothels. Apparently the Gods of Lust got their best prostitutes together during parties to service the guest. If you were a god you got the whole treatment which meant fucking one of the gods, if you were anyone else all you got were BJ's. Percy was currently getting sucked by some girl call Delilah. She knew how to suck cock because even though Percy had gotten a blow job many times by many girls she had Percy about to cum fast. When he came in her mouth he asked her if she wanted to go back to his place but she just asked for the next person.

Percy went back to the party and started to flirt with Aphrodite. She was dressed sluty as usual. She was dressed in a hot pink back less dress that went so low it showed her ass crack. It was skin tight and showed off the swell of her hips. The front was the best part, it showed so much of her breast and was so low cut that it was basically two straps that just barley covered her nipples and went around her neck. They really hit it off and started to make out. Aphrodite had soft lips and Percy put his hands on the back of her head. He let his hands slide down and almost touched her ass, but she pulled away. "I'm a lady and I am not that loose, Percy we haven't even gone a date" Before he could say anything she sauntered away. That was the second time in one night Percy had been shot down so he just left and wandered around Olympus to pass time.

Without realizing it was midnight and he was outside Aphrodite's palace. He heard moaning coming from inside the palace and wondered what was going on. He went in and saw the entire place was pink and had smelt the strong smell of expensive perfume. He kept going until he could hear a voice that kept repeating his name but he couldn't make out anything else. He got to a huge door and assumed it was the door to Aphrodite's room; he quietly opened the door and saw Aphrodite on her bed facing away from him, but it was pretty obvious what she was doing. She was tweaking her breast with one hand and thrusting a dildo in her pussy and was masturbating to Percy. He was turned on by this and got hard. He silently slipped in and snuck up behind her. When he got behind her he reached around her and cupped her large breast and said "I thought you were a lady and last I checked the-" Percy couldn't finish his thought because she snapped her fingers and he blacked out.

Percy came around naked and tied to Aphrodite's bed. He looked at his arms and legs and saw he was fastened to the bed with what looked like steel and celestic bronze. He heard the sound of boots on stone and looked out the door and saw Aphrodite 15 ft. tall. She had nothing on except a cowgirl hat on and boots. She popped her hips from side to side and each step made her large F-cup breast sway side to side and Percy's cock started to grow. She had a dagger strapped to the inside of her thigh really high up on her leg only a few inches down from her clean unshaven pussy which scared him. She got next stood next to him and stared down at him with cold angry eyes "So you think its fun to spy on people." She didn't give him time to answer "You need to be punished for this." She pulled a gag out of thin air and put it in Percy's mouth and took out her dagger. She got on top of him and straddled his chest and placed the dagger on his neck and applied a little pressure. Percy freaked out and tried to get away but couldn't make the chains budge and scream but all that came out was a muffled shout. She smirked and dragged the dagger down his chest cutting him, but shallow enough that he didn't bleed and stopped right above his dick. "Now you will serve your punishment." She reached down with her left hand and forcefully gripped the top of Percy's dick and with the right started applying more and more pressure. By this time Percy was bucking against the chains and was screaming his head off but he was unable to stop what was happening.

Aphrodite looked at him, let go of his dick, and took off the hat and threw the dagger at the wall and made it stick in the wall and got off of him and got on his side. "That was for coming in on me while I was masturbating, and this" she lightly gripped his cock and put her head over it "is because I have wanted to for years." She licked his tip and plunged in on his dick and started to bob her head and Percy realized where her daughters got there gift for sucking cock from. She was even better than the one he had gotten a few hours ago by the whore and he was surprised he wasn't already cumming in her mouth. Her BJ was mind blowing and he tried to put his hand on the back of her head to make her go his pace but the chains wouldn't allow him. She sucked him for an hour than he finally elt the urge blow his load "I'm about to Aphrodite" she got up and said impatiently "I know Percy I have been holding it off for the last fifty minuets" she started to go again and soon Percy jizzed in her mouth with her swallowing it all.

She released his dick and gave him a long kiss "If you liked that then just wait for this." She gave him one last kiss and straddled his cock. She lined up his cock to her already dripping pussy and she slammed down on him and she gasped "You're so much bigger than all of the other gods, trust me I know I have fucked every single one of them, and you are absolutely gargantuan compared to them." She didn't give herself time to adjust and she just kept slamming down on him and kept kissing him to keep her shouts of pleasure down. Before either of them could cum Aphrodite turned around and continued to ride him in reverse cowgirl position. Percy stared at her ass as it bounced and jiggled with what little fat she had and Percy couldn't stop himself and he smacked her ass so hare he could see the golden had print on her bare ass. She yelped in surprise and stopped for a second and went faster "AHHHHH YES PERCY DON'T STOP HITTTING MY FINE ASS, NO ONE EVER DOSE THAT DO IT AGAIN PLEA- AHHHHHH!" She came and slumped a little but kept going. Percy decided to oblige and continued to spank her until she was a nice shade of gold. She rode him for hours every now and then she would turn around and kiss Percy or allow him to spank her. "This is taking for-AAHHHH-ever, why are-OOOHHHHHH YES-you not coming. I will just make you-FUUUUUUUUCK" She snapped her finger and they both came at the same time and collapsed on top of him and almost smothered him with her boobs.

She lifted her head and asked "are you ready for another round Percy." "I don't think I will be ready for another year after that good of a fucking." "Don't worry about that my little fuck beast" she reached down and jerked him once and was immediately ready to go again "I would go again but I am still chained to a bed by my little whore." "Oh that's easy all you have to do is suck on my breast hard enough."

Percy went right to sucking on her breast, but after ten minutes he want free so he bit her nipple. She gasped and he was free and before she knew it he had her on her hands and knees with her ass up in the air. Percy starred at the glorious thing then he rammed his cock in it and she screamed. He was certain that he heard and felt a tear and it was confirmed when he pulled out and he saw Ichor on his cock but he didn't care he just kept plowing away. Aphrodite kept yelling and shouting "FUCK YES FUCK ME LIKE A SLUT! YOU FELL SO GOOD, I HAVEN'T BEEN FUCKEDD LIKE THIS IN MONTHS! JUST KEEP PLOWING!" Percy kept going for what felt like ad with one last thrust he let out his biggest load of the night. He fell over backwards in the bed and Aphrodite cleaned off his dick slowly. When she got done she slide up Percy and laid down on top of him. "So Percy did you learn your lesson?" "No" Well that just won't do we need to fix that."

They continued to fuck for the rest of the night and non-stop for the next two days. They would have would have had to wait to rest in between fuck sessions, but with Aphrodite's magic and skill they didn't have to wait. After the days of sex even Aphrodite had to rest and Percy fell asleep in her breast.