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Thalia Grace

(She didn't join the Hunt)

Percy barged straight in to Zeus's cabin knowing Thalia would be the only person in the cabin and saw her looking at the statue of Zeus Lord of the Sky. She was wearing black skinny jeans and a red tank top. She had a nice pert ass not as wide as Percy usually liked but she made up for it in her boobs. She had the biggest boobs Percy had seen, except Aphrodite's, at least large DD-size. He came up behind her and grabbed her ass one cheek in each hand and sucked on her neck. Thalia screeched "Percy what are you doing I didn't get a chance to cover up dad he can see us!" "I don't give a fuck and I will fuck the daughter of the King of the Sky right in front of him." Percy pushed her against the statue of her dad and undid her pants and pulled them down and did the same for her thong. He squeeze and spanked her ass them without warning he rammed in to her. She was kind of loose but Percy made up for it by being very thick. Percy looked down at his cock in his friend's ass and was glad they had this deal. Thalia had heard Percy had fucked a few girls around camp and she approached him. She had asked him, since she had slept with a few guys too, if he wanted to do some 'stress relief' and Percy had accepted. So for the last month of or so either Thalia would tell Percy goes to her his cabin or Percy would just show up and they would fuck until the other felt good. Today was no different and he was especially pissed off. Percy didn't even give her a chance to accommodate to the new intruder and just started to pound away on her ass. Thalia hugged the statue to support herself against the nonstop assault and Percy grabbed on to her tank top covered breast and he could tell she wasn't wearing a bra. Thalia, who wasn't new to this and she clamped down with her ass muscles which made Percy feel like he was in heaven. Thalia gritted her teeth trying to stay quiet so hopefully her dad wouldn't notice the son of her dad's least favorite family member pounding her in the ass. Unfortunately Percy could stop himself from cumming and it took a good ten minutes for Percy to blow his load in her ass.

Thalia thought he was done but he just threw her on her bed and took off the rest of his clothes and jumped on top of and laid down on her and ripped off her shirt and started to tweak and suck on her nipples. Then he started to make out with her, both of their tongues were fighting for dominance. While they were kissing Percy slowly slid in to Thalia which made her moan. When he got all the way in side of her he quickly pulled out then slammed back in and made her scream. Percy spread her legs a little further apart and got on his knees. He started to slam in to her and make her boobs bounce up and down. Thalia could no longer keep in her screams and started to yell "YEEEEESSSSS PERCY YEEEEESSSS! FUCK ME GOOOOOOD! FILL ME UP WITH YOUR BIG COC- OWWW!" He didn't let her finish because he bit down hard on her left nipple and squeezed the other hard. He could see blood but right now he didn't care Percy just kept slamming away on her while she tried to stay quiet. They kept going until they both climaxed and Percy fell down next to her, exhausted.

Thalia rolled over and rapped an arm around him and asked "Do you feel better, seaweed brain." "Very much, pinecone face." Percy rolled over and reached into the draw next to the bed and pulled out some Nectar. He dribbled some on her bleeding nipple and massaged it in until he saw the wound close. "I'm sorry I was so rough Thalia, I couldn't control myself" She kissed him and said "Its okay Percy, it's not like I did anything worse to you."She put her hand on the two pairs of four long white lines that her nails had left on his chest the last time Thalia needed some relief. After a pause Thalia looked at him and said "Ummmm… you do know my dad is going to kill you, right. I mean you did fuck his daughter right in front of him." Percy smiled at her and said "Your dad wants to kill me, what else is new. Right now I need to sleep, do you mind if I stay her tonight" Thalia laughed and slugged him in the arm. She got on top of him and buried his face in her boobs