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Percy had gotten summoned to the Underworld for some reason. He was standing outside the throne room building up the courage to go in there and after a few minutes he walked in. The room was deserted and he saw a piece of paper on the floor. He walked over to the piece of paper, read it, and read it again to make sure he wasn't mistaken. It told him to sit in Hades' throne and it was signed by Hades himself. He had seen what the God of the Underworld could do so he did what he was told. He went to the throne and as soon as he sat down he felt some pressure on his wrist and ankles and he couldn't move and he was naked. A few seconds later Persephone stoop in front of him completely naked. Percy drank in the beautiful sight of her pale body. She had smooth perfect skin, a hairless pussy, and large, firm breast. Through sheer willpower Percy maintained eye contact instead of staring at the two obvious things that he wanted to look at. "Wh-Whats going on L-Lady P-Persephone?" Percy managed to stammer out. He was pretty sure Hades didn't want him seeing his drop-dead (Ha-ha) gorgeous wife in the nude. "Well Perseus, my ass of a husband has decided to go out and fuck some cheap slut. I decided to use you to get back at him since he hates you and just for good measure in his throne. Now that I don't think you will run away I will release you." She waved her hand and the pressure disappeared.

Before he could get up she dropped to her knees and licked his limp cock. She liked him from base to tip and back again and jerked him while she did it. When she got him hard she engulfed him and bobbed her head up and down on his dick. She rolled massaged his balls in her hand, rhythmically squeezing them a little. Percy leaned back in the throne and realized that for bone fused together it was actually very comfortable. It had soft, comfortable leather that was white so it blended in to the white of the throne made of bone. He didn't bother making her speed up. Her mouth felt good on his dick and he wanted it to last. It took a half hour before he needed to come but he didn't tell her because it would make her speed up. When he needed to release he leaned forward and grabbed the back of her head and pulled her head down and fired off thick ropes of cum down her throat, making her swallow it all. When he was done he slumped back in the chair.

Persephone climbed up Percy and hugged him around the neck and kissed him hard. The kissed for a long time before she finally pulled away letting him breath. "Let's have some more fun." She pulled back a little more and reached down and gripped his still hard dick and positioned it right below her entrance. She slowly slid down on him, put a fierce look on her face so she wouldn't cry out and rapped her arms around his neck tightly. When he was fully sheathed inside of her she fell forward and started to pant. "Fuck Percy I know you're big but I didn't think you could be bigger than your uncle." She took a few minutes to get use him before she started to move again. She moved her hands to his collar bone and did a test bounce and winced but didn't let anything out. She started to ride him slowly. Her bouncing made her breast jiggle so Percy reached up and cupped them both. He sucked on one of her nipples and tweaked the other. After ten minutes she sped up her bouncing. She was now riding her hard and fast. Before that she was quiet but no she was screaming and moaning "YES PERCY,FUCK, YOU FEEL SO GOOD. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK YEEEEEEESSSSSSSS YOU'RE SO BIG!" She kept screaming and yelling things like that until she came and had to hug his neck to support herself. An hour later Percy was about to cum again "P-Persephone I'm a-about to cum. Can I c-cum in you?" "Yes Percy I want your tasty cum in my pussy." She sped up and they both came again. They were both exhausted and panting and she collapsed on his chest.

"That felt great Percy want to go again?" "Of course I do but I have an idea. You want to make Hades angry right." She looked at him and nodded "Well let's do it in your bed you share with him." She squealed in delight and the transported them to bed room. Before she could do anything he already had her on her hands and knees and was massaging and spreading her firm ass cheeks and smacked them a couple of times. They didn't jiggle which meant she worked out and had a muscular ass, which meant it was going to be tight and this got him excited. He placed his dick to her hole and asked "Are you ready?" She nodded and he slowly entered her ass and was right, she was very tight. He went slowly because he didn't want to hurt her. He got all the way in and waited until she nodded. He went a little faster than she should have and her screaming some very vulgar things "THAT'S RIGHT PERCY POUND MY ASS LIKE YOUR WHORE YOU BASTARD. SLAM E HARD WITH YOUR HUGE MEAT STICK. YOUR SO MUCH BETTER THAT YOU'RE ASS OF AN UNCLE." Percy kept slamming away at her until he fired off more loads in her ass. Percy had just enough energy to lie down and pull her up so she was on his chest

"I didn't think you had such a bad mouth. Anyways I better get going before Hades get back for his whore shouldn't I" "Your too late Percy, I felt my husband's presence enter the palace right when you blew your load. He's already on his way up." She saw Percy panic and hushed him "Don't worry I'll protect you." When she said this Hades burst in, saw them and stood there dumbstruck. During that pause Persephone snapped her fingers and vines shot out from the walls and made a wall around them that was semi-transparent. Persephone smiled at him and said "All done with you slut honey it doesn't matter. Look what I brought and guess what Percy and I are going to fuck each other right in front of you." By this time Hades had blasted the wall with dark fire but it didn't make it through the wall.

Persephone got up and mounted Percy and slammed down on him and screamed. She rode him hard and very fast "YES PERCY YOU SO MUCH BETTER THAN MY GOOD FOR NOTHING HUSBAND AND HIS 1 INCH DICK. MOM WAS RIGHT HE IS A HORIBLE HUSBAND!" The both came at the same time and she screamed loudly. She collapsed next to him, hugged him and whispered "I'm sure glad I chose you for this. We need to do this again some time." She raised her voice so Hades could hear her "You're so good at fucking Percy we need to do it again but for now let's rest." She tucked his head in between her boobs. They kept resting and fucking for a few days while Hades watched still trying to kill them both until he wore himself out and passed out from exhaustion. Persephone told him that he would be like that for a month then he would get better and try to kill him again so they would need to do this again. Percy liked the idea and he finally fell asleep with his head in between her boobs.