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Percy was walking through the Argo II out of boredom after his fight with Annabeth about what they should do after they had left Atlanta. Percy wanted to turn around and free the sea creatures and it Annabeth argued that they needed to get away from make to and Phorcys. Everybody agreed with Annabeth which made him storm out. So here he was trying to clear his head. He headed to his cabin because it calmed him down just like his cabin at camp hailed blood. He walked in, closed the door, and immediately was knocked on the floor. He felt a blue high shoe land on his chest with so much force he couldn't move. Percy stared at the shoe and wanted to see who was attacking him and went up starting with her leg. It was pretty pale and smooth, followed the leg up to a blue skirt, then a white blouse with to bulging aspects divided by a sloppy put on tie around a slender elegant neck. Percy was starting to like being attacked but the face with glasses and two long pony tails going falling down her sides scared the hell out of him because he had just wrecked her aquarium. "Keto what are you doing here" The goddess of sea monsters, which he was sure had crept on to the ship to torture and kill him, smiled mischievously and started applying more pressure to his chest "Well after that stunt you pulled back in Atlanta I have had to deal with a bunch of bullshit from my idiot of a husband because I got knocked out so now I'm going to get so retribution and who better on than the person who led the particular expedition which caused me so much grief" Keto had applied so much pressure while she was talking so it felt like the high heel was about to stab him through the heart. Death by high heel really wasn't the way Percy had thought he would go. He shut his eyes waiting for the end but it didn't come, instead she removed her foot.

Percy looked up and saw her feet on either side of his shoulders. He looked up and saw that underneath her blue skirt she wasn't wearing a thong. "Perseus Jackson you are going to fuck me until I am satisfied." She quickly dropped her cunt on to his face and started humping and grinding on to his face her skirt covering his face. Percy was fast to react and started eating out the goddess of Sea Creatures peach. He ran his tongue along her slit teasing her only grazing her clit not giving her the joy she wanted frustrating her. Finally he slid his tongue in and started exploring her fleshy folds. The he remembered something from heath class. A woman's uterus was filled with fluids so he controlled the water in side of her and shaped it into a whirl pool which caused her to scream out in pleasure and increase the speed of her humping "That's right Percy li-li-lick my quivering pussy make me squirt all over your cute face, Uhhhhhhhh. She let out a long low moan releasing some of her salty and delicious taint but not all of it and Percy was determined to get some more of it. Percy moved his hands under her skirt to her two lower orbs of flesh and started squeezing massaging and finally slapping them enjoying the sound of her tight ass clapping back together. The extra ministrations sent Keto careening over the edge of her orgasm making her scream out loud releasing all of her salty juices which Percy quickly licked up and fall over on her side and land on her back.

Percy wasted no time, he quickly took off his clothes revealing his cock and climbed on top of her, pulled her skirt up to around her waist and set the head of his engorged and ready cock to her pussy lips and looked down at her "Are you ready to be fucked bow legged" She grabbed his head and pulled him down in to a deep wet kiss and released him "Yes Percy fuck my needy pussy hard and fast until I can't walk" Percy quickly pulled back and thursted all the way down in to Keto and he felt his balls against her ass. She was so tight and unused that Percy seriously doubted he would be able to pull back out of her twat. He looked down to see if it was okay to continue, and after a few minutes of Keto trying to get use to his length and girth she gave a weak nod and Percy slowly pulled out and slammed back in hard and did this over and over again trying to draw out the feeling of Keto's velvety vice like grip on his cock eliciting a squeal every time he did. Finally Keto had enough "For the love of gods Percy hurry up and fuck me senseless" Percy smirked and started speeding up his thrust making her moan louder and louder. Percy looked down at his quivering fuck ball and saw that her bouncing breast confided by her blouse and decided to fix that he ripped open her shirt to allow her breast free but not all the way so it still stayed on. Her nice sized C cup breast burst out of the tight fabric and Percy attacked them with his mouth latching onto her nipples and sucking hard. Percy got bored with this position he pulled out put her ankles on his shoulders and went back to fucking and which allowed him to go farther in to her pussy and get more power in his thrust. Percy fucked her for a while in this jackhammer position before he felt his balls start to tighten "I'm gonna come" "Fuck me Percy, com inside me and paint my walls with your warm jizz" Percy did not want to disappoint so he did a couple more thrust before he did one final powerful thrust and spewed all inside the goddess under him. He pulled out of her dripping wet cunt and stood her up and walked her over to the wall.

"Put your hands on the wall and bend over" She out on a puzzled look but did what she was told "Why, what are you going to do next" She sounded a little panicked. Percy stroked her hair and jut told her to relax. He put the head of his cock between her ass cheeks. She tensed and tried to squeeze her cheeks together to keep him out. "This is going to hurt so try to relax so it won hurt as much" Percy felt her ass cheeks loosen but not much so he started to slowly push in to her he pushed in one inch and pulled out half an inch. Percy was glad he had just fucked her pussy because now his cock was covered in her juices so it helped a little but not much. Keto kept moaning the entire time, louder when he pushed in and quieter when he pulled out and for the first time Percy wondered if anyone could hear them outside of the room but he decided to find out later. Percy kept slowly working his cock into Keto's ass until finally he got all ten inches in her. He leaned forward and said in her ear "Get use to me and tell me when I can get started". He waited for ten minutes before she turned her head around and said "A-A-Alright you can start f-f-fucking my ass." Percy slowly pulled out until only his bulbous head remained in between her cheeks and pushed back in making her moan louder. He kept doing this ever so slowly speeding up his thrust until he was going lightning fast. He reached forward and grabbed her pigtails and pulled them back along with her head and used them as hand holds. Keto kept wailing at the top of her lungs until finally her ass cheeks clenched down on his cock signaling her orgasm and Percy blew his load deep in to her bowls.

Percy pulled out of the goddess's ass and stumbled over to his bed and collapsed. Keto turned around and started walking over to him while she sexually stripped off all of her clothes until she was finally bare ass naked. She got on the bed and crawled up Percy's body until she got to his face and they make out again. She ran her hands all over Percy's chest and he would have played with her chest but he was drained by the amount of energy it took to fuck her. While she made out with him she gripped his cock and positioned it under her sopping wet hole and plunged down on it and kept slamming her hips down on his cock at the speed of sound and Percy could hear her moaning. After a while her fucking herself on his dick Percy finally got some energy and started playing with her tits making her moan more adding to her pleasure. Half an hour later of her riding him they hit their orgasm together and she pulled away "I'm really tired do you mind if I sleep here tonight" "Sure." Percy fell asleep with her on top of him, her breast in his face and her ass in his hands.