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Piper McLean

Percy was chilling on his bed in his cabin aboard the Argo II after his shower to get the smell of sex off of him from Keto. He loved it in his cabin because it could change itself to how ever he liked right now the entire on side was on big speaker system and Percy was rocking out to some Fall Out Boy and Shinedown. It was late and he was about to shut the system down and go to bed when the door banged open and Piper came in sobbing and sat on the edge of his bed. Percy quickly shut down the system and sat up "What wrong Piper" She buried her head in her hands "J-J-Jason cheated on m-me. I walked in on him I-I-iris messaging R-R-Reyna talking about how they had almost had sex while we were in New Rome, and if it weren't for Leo blowing stuff up they were going to reunite" She cried even harder and buried her face in Percy's chest and he gave her a hug trying to comfort her. Percy was angry at his friends being hurt "Next time I see Jason I am going to kick him in the balls he won't think of having sex in a long time." Piper let out a half laugh "I already beat you to the punch." Percy was happy she stopped sobbing for a second but it didn't last. She pulled away from Percy and looked down at herself "No wonder he wants Reyna. She's so confident and pretty and I doubt myself all the time and I'm ugly. Some daughter of Aphrodite I am." She put her hands in her face and started crying again. Percy couldn't believe what she was saying. She was one of the prettiest girls he had ever met, maybe even better than her mom. He liked the tom boy look of her. He grabbed her hands and pulled them away from her face and looked deep into her eyes and told her "Don't say that. You're the most beautiful and funniest girl I have ever met. Any guy would be lucky to have you." What happened next freaked Percy out. They started making out. Percy at first was caught off guard but soon started kissing Piper back. He put his hands on her hips and she ran her hands up his shirt feeling his chest. Percy rubbed his hands on her thighs over her skirt and went back to her hips and kept going up to under her shirt and her flat stomach and rubbed circle on it. By this time Piper had his shirt over his head and off, barely breaking lip contact, and was fumbling with the button his shorts. Percy mean while had found her supple breast and was massaging her breast through the fabric. As soon as Piper had his shorts and underwear off Percy had her clothes off. She was stroking his dick and he was rubbing her smooth hairless snatch already feeling her wetness. Percy started to push her down on her back and he started to push into Piper's extremely tight cunt until he met the barrier which was her hymen. That snapped him out of his lust craze. He pulled back some but Piper wrapped his legs around his lower back and her arms around his neck "No Percy, don't, I want you to be my first time I planned it to be Jason but you're a better man than him. Please Percy." He looked down at the beautiful girl beneath him and he couldn't resist "Alright but this is going to hurt" She bit her lip and nodded. Percy quickly slammed into Piper burying all of his length in her making her scream and wrap her legs and arms around him tighter. Percy let her ride out her pain and tried to comfort her by rubbing her shoulders and boobs. After a while she finally said "Okay you can go ahead." Percy started with slow hard thrusts in to her sopping pussy making sure Piper was okay. Percy loved the slapping sound his hips made as they slammed against Piper's. Piper kept on moaning loudly as he fucked her and he only made her do it louder by dipping his head and sucking on her nipples. Percy could feel Piper barrel into her orgasm so he sped up his pace until he was wildly slamming into Piper until he felt her pussy quiver and squeeze on his cock as she hit her orgasm which made him spew his load in her pussy. When he got done cumming he rolled off of Piper and laid down next her.

She in turn rolled back on to him and started to make out with him. "Thank you so much Percy for making me feel better let me return the favor." She got up and kneeled next to his dick which was covered in a combination of Percy's cum, Piper's cum and a bit of her blood from when he popped her cherry. She grabbed sensitive rod and licked it all cleaned off all of the juices with one long deep throat. She pulled back off and straddled his rock hard pole and slowly slid down on him. It was much easier this time because she was well lubricated from just getting fucked. She spread her legs wide both giving him more pleasure from the added tightness and a good view of where his cock pierced her smooth caramel colored skin. As she was bouncing Percy noticed her perfectly round boobs bouncing and clapping back together so he reached up and massaged her boobs adding to her pleasure. She sped up her bouncing but they were both still very sensitive and soon they orgasmed together. Piper fell forward and the fell asleep in each other's arms.