Percy was in an air plane for the first time since he was carrying around the most destructive weapon ever made in his back pack when he was twelve. He never use to fly in air planes because hid of the whole Poseidon and Zeus thing but since he had saved the world (twice) he had gotten a little lenient on his grudge when it came to Percy. Even thought he knows the plane wouldn't blow up in the sky he wouldn't be riding it right now if he absolutely had to. He had fallen asleep in his cabin in Camp-Half Blood and woken up in a homeless shelter in Detroit, Michigan with a plane ticket back to New York. He figured that a god was just screwing with him so be just went to the air port and started the process of getting on the plane back home. He was just glad that no one asked him how he had gotten to Detroit on the first place. He got on his plane and went to his seat which was in first class ( he really needed to thank this god when he got back home). His seat was on the isle with another one beside it next to the window and sat down. He waited for the person to the seat next to him to show up but they never did so when the plane started to take off he flipped the armrest in the middle up and laid his feet out on the seat next to him. a few minuets after the plane took off the stewardesses started to come around and started offering people food and drinks on one of the stewardesses came over to me she said "Would you like some peanuts sir" Percy didn't understand her the first time because he was too busy looking at her body she had on a whit button up shirt that couldn't up all of the way because her DD boobs were to large so u could see her red bra and coming out of her skirt were tow very long well toned legs and long blonde hair. She repeated her question when he didn't answer and he stammered out a yes as she turned around to get the peanuts she "accidentally" rubbed her also well developed ass on Percy's shoulder. When she turned back around and handed Percy the nuts then she continued down the isle with her cart. As they flew the same stewardess kept coming by him and also kept rubbing her butt on his arm. The last time she came by Percy had moved to the seat by the window in hopes to get more comfortable and she asked him if he wanted some water and he said yes. She bent down and this times showed Percy her black thing under her white skirt and before Percy could stop himself he already had but his hand on her butt and started to rub it while his thumb slightly dug into the fabric that covered her very moist and warm pussy. Instead of yelling at him she instead pushed back on his hand like she wanted his thumb deeper in to her pussy "I was starting to think you we're never going to make a move".

She turned around and sat in the seat next to him. As she sat down her body blurred and then she came back to focus but looked a lot different. Her skin had gone from tan to very pale. She kept the same toned and shapely body with a big set of ass and titties and also her had had gone from blonde and to the middle of her back to brown and to her shoulders. As Percy took in all of these changes he realized who's ass was just being rubbed on his shoulder "Hecate, what are you doing here and who where you looking like that." She grinned and started to unbutton her shirt "why I was looking like that is easy" she stopped and held out her hand and flames rippled between them "Magic is just so fun to use." She went back to unbuttoning her shirt and continued to talk "I'm here because I never got to thank you for saving the world. So I started to think about what you would like and the answer was pretty easy to come by. Percy might not be the sharpest knife in the weapons shed but he caught on to what she meant but he noticed a probably with that "Won't everybody notice us fucking" he asked as he rubbed his hand on her thigh. "Goddess of magic remember" she threw her shirt across the isle hitting an old man in the face but he didn't seem to notice it. With that she leaned down and unzipped his jeans and pulled down his pants and underwear and began stroking his phlasid cock. She leaned in and kissed him on the lips "Are you ready to join the mile high club" he pulled her head back in for a kiss and groped her breast. After a while of making out she pulled back and leaned down and engulfed his cock. She slowly went up and down on him as his cock hardened. When she got his cock hard she started to go faster until she was practically slamming her face in his waist and the head of his penis was hitting the back of her throat. Percy leaned back and enjoyed the blow job. He put his hand on her back and ran down her back and went to her skirt. He flipped her skirt up pushed her thong aside and dove a finger into her hot, wet pussy causing her to moan which sent vibrations through his cock and gave him a lot of pleasure. When he shot his thick load of cum down her throat trying to swallow it all she came also and drenched his hand in pussy juices also.

She pulled off of his cock and turned around in the seat so that her nice jiggling ass and glistening pussy was in full view of him her chest was hanging in the middle of the isle with her breast swinging but nobody seemed to notice. He grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart and dove his tongue in to her nice puckered hole causing Hecate to moan loudly "That's right Percy fucking eat my ass I loooooove it" Percy kept licking and exploring her ass while he took one hand and started rubbing her cunt and slowly added fingers into her hot core and he played with her clit also. Hecate kept moaning and began to move forward and backward pushing Percy's face further into her ass. Percy stopped licking her ass, but left a finger to tease it, and moved his mouth to her pussy and started to like her sopping folds and Hecate started to moan louder and hump his face harder. Percy could feel Hecate's pussy start to quiver more and ore and he knew it wasn't long before she would cum. He sped up his licking and rubbing and before long Hecate screamed out his name as she came and squirted her tart juices in to his mouth and Percy lapped it all up.

As soon as Hecate stopped squirting Percy held her ass in place and got on his knees on the seat behind her and aimed his rock hard cock at her pussy get ing ready for doggy style. She turned her head around and asked "You ready to join the mile high club" In response Percy rammed his cock in to her pussy and buried it all the way to the hilt and Hecate yelped as she was filled up with cock. Percy kept his cock buried in her for a few minuets for Hecate to get use to his considerable girth before he started to saw in to her. Percy couldn't believe how tight her pussy was, he grabbed and milked his cock in a very pleasing velvety way. Percy went slowly so he didn't hurt Hecate but after a while he began to speed up until there was a loud smacking from where their hips kept slamming back together. While he was pounding on her he looked around and it finally hit him that he was fucking in a crowded airplane and if it weren't spell every body would see them and that really turned Percy on He bent down and grabbed her boobs and used them as leverage to get more power in to his thrust. "THAT'S RIGHT PERCY POUND MY PUSSY HARD. YESSSSSSS! JUST LIKE THAT OHHHHHHHHHH YEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" The entire time he fucked her like this she never stopped screaming until she orgasmed and held her mouth open in a silent scream. When she hit her orgasm her pussy clamped down on him and drenched his cock and balls in her juices.

Percy puled back exhausted and sat back down on the seat and Hecate sat on his lap. "Are you tired" "Yeah a little" " Then let me do the rest of the work." She planted her feet on either side of Percy's hips and aimed his cock and sat down with his cock sliding all the way up her ass. She let out a long moan as she sat down and her breath came out in short small breaths.. she sat there for a few seconds to get use to him in the new hole and started to go up and down on his shaft. The motion of her fucking her self with his cock made her breast bounce up and so Percy captured one nipple in his mouth while he manipulated the other with his hand. They didn't last long in this position and before long Hecate drenched his waist in her juices again and he fired off a load deep into her ass. She collapsed on his chest and said "That was great I cant wait for next time" she got dressed and went back to being a flight attendant and Percy wondered when next time would be.