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Percy was in his cabin with nothing to do. He had finished his chores and training for the day and it was winter which meant almost nobody was there. He looked around his room and saw his picture of Aphrodite and he got excited. The reason he got excited was because it a picture of her bare ass naked except for cow girl boots. He went over to it and was about to start jacking off when Rachel barged in and told him that said he needed go to Hera's cabin ASAP. He grumbled about having to go and trudged off towards Hera's cabin. He didn't bother knocking since he thought there no one was there. Boy was he wrong.

In the middle of the room as the Queen of the Universe in a white bit of lingerie bending over to wash her arms in the water on the floor and from Percy's vantage point he could see the moon. He cleared his throat and blushed "Sorry I forgot to knock Lady Hera I will just go out and wait for you to get done" he stated to turn around but found that he couldn't move his feet. All he could do was keep staring at Hera's ass with nothing covering it up after a few minutes Hera turned around and walked up to him "Well Perseus what do you think" she held out her hands and did a spin. Her hair flew around her as she did this, and his eyes were pulled to her fairly ample bosom that was at least Ds if not bigger. She stopped spinning and looked at him "now let's see what you have to offer" she snapped her fingers and his clothes disappeared reveling his growing cock "Well it seems you approve of the way I look now let's get to business."

She came over, got down on her knees, and started to give Percy a hand job "Wait, why are you doing this. Your suppose to be faithful to your husband, unlike your husband. Another thing is; why me you have always hated me" She didn't answer for a while then said, while still jerking him "That's the point, my husband runs around fucking any mortal he can get his hands on and I am suppose to stay faithful to the bastard. Well I said hell no so I decided to break my vow and see how he likes it. The reason I chose you were for a few reasons. First you have always seemed like an amazing demigod and I have always liked you, so I never hated you. Second Zeus really and truly hates you, so me fucking you might really piss him off." Aster she said this she started to lick his dick she started at the top and worked her way down the back up while she massaged his balls. Percy couldn't believe he about to have sex with the Queen of the Gods and the only going threw his mind were: how was Zeus going to kill him and how did he compare to him. A cold feeling down there brought him out of his thoughts "Zeus won kill you and you are much bigger than him even if he is 20 feet tall" then she continued to blow hi until he blew his load her mouth and she swallowed it "Now what Lady Hera" she walked over to the bed and laid down on her back "Come here, have a surprise for you" Percy went to her and got between her legs and positioned his dick to her entrance "Are you sure you want to do this" Yes and don't be gentle I want be use."Percy did what he was told to do and rammed into her and hit something harder than 10 hymens and just barely got through. As he went through this thing Hera let out the biggest scream/moan he had ever heard. He raised his eyebrows "What was that Hera? I thought you weren't a virgin" she smirked "That was immortal hymen only gods can break it or at least they were supposed to be the only things that could. What I was doing early was the bath I take every year that restores my virginity that I use to give to Zeus every year as a sign of my love for him. I decided to give it to you this year because right now I love you more than him. Now get back to fucking my pussy." So Percy started to go super fast and he actually started to move the bed they were on. Hera kept screaming and moaning her head off no matter how much he tried to muffle her with his lips. "OHHHHH YESS PERCY FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK ME. LOOK AT YOUR MAGNIFICAN COCK GLIDES IN AND OUT OF MY CUNT. AHHHHHH" I buried myself in her to the hilt and we both came at the same time and fell in each other's arms and rested for a while.

"Well that was fun let's try something else" she flipped them over. She went down to his dick and put her breast round his dick and squeezed them together and went up and down. She went kept going until he was hard again then straddled Percy. She bent down and gave Percy a long French kiss with each of their tongues wrestling for dominance he let her win and she whispered in his ear "Get ready for the best ride of your life" She sat up and positioned her hole above his cock and slowly sat down to re-adjust to him again when she had she started bounced on his dick and sped up, but before he could she got up "Don't worry, Zeus has never let me do this before and I have always wanted to" She turned around and put her ass in front of him. Percy couldn't resist the urge, he slapped her ass once "No no no, not now Percy" she positioned her ass above his member and sat down hard. It felt great for him, put as she had sat down she let out a scream of pure pain and Percy heard something tear "Are you okay my Lady?" "I'm okay it's just you're a little too big just give me a minute." Percy let her heal and started to massage her ass cheeks. After a few minutes she started to bounce, and then she sped up. The feeling her ass had on his dick put him in Elysium. It was tight and warm and her ass squeezes on his dick in the right way s that made him want to stay like that forever. After three glorious hours he finally came in her ass.

She got up and laid down next to him and Percy started to massage and tweaked her nipples he took her left orb in his mouth and sucked on it then did the same to the other "So Lady Hera, how was I" "Absolutely amazing I might have to call on you again when Zeus pisses me off or" she gave him a deep kiss "maybe every five minutes. We can continue later but right now let's rest." Percy fell asleep using her boobs as pillows and a smile on his lips