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Percy had been drug to a spa by his mom and Nancy, I know 'we hate each other' but after that night Percy had fucked her they started to like each other and his mom wanted him to date a 'nice mortal girl'. He didn't even want to go him but they said they would make for it but they wouldn't tell him how and they got a free certificate to go. They went to the front booth and talked to the attendant who said men couldn't get massages with women and they told Percy to go to a separate room. He was told to put the cucumbers on his eyes and strip and lay down on the bed. After what seemed like hours the door opened and a female's voice that sounded familiar and said "Well, Percy are you ready for your massage" Percy nodded and she started to rub his neck, which made Percy feel great. She moved down to his chest and Percy started to feel his dick hardening, he tried to hide but he was completely naked and lying on his back. She got to his stomach and said "Oh it looks like you have a big knot here do you mind if I get on the bed for some leverage." Percy said okay and she got on top of him and straddled his stomach. Every time she pushed down she grunted a little and made the unstable bed squeak. She moved down and massaged lower.

Percy was day dreaming when he realized he felt something on his dick that was extremely tight and wet. Percy's hands flew to his eyes and threw off the cucumbers, what he saw blew his mind. He was fully inserted in someone's pussy. He saw the woman had long, slender legs as well as a slim waist. He kept going up until he hit large DDD-sized boobs that had small, cute, rock hard nipples. He looked her face and saw whose pussy he was in.

"Circe!" Percy exclaimed. He hadn't seen the sorceress since the bitch had tried to turn him in to a guinea pig. "I thought Black Beard had killed you. And why are you trying to fuck me you hate me for destroying your home." "Oh silly boy, did you forget that I am a Minor Goddess of magic. He did destroy my home but I escaped. I realized that you are a worthy person, even for a man, so I decided to see how worthy you are. That is why I came here and gave your mom the certificate. It was all planed to get you in bed" She started to bounce on his dick which made the bed squeak every time she came down. Percy saw her breast bounce up and down and decided to give her a massage them. He found them soft to the touch and he started to suckle on them. "Ahhh yes, Percy you are worthy to fuck me. You just fill me sooooooo good. Yes yes yes yes yes yes, watch as you glide in and out of so well it turns you on even mo- FUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK!" She came down on last down which made them both cum at the same time, but unfortunately it made them bed break and the rolled to the ground with Percy on top.

He smiled down on her "Oops, sorry Percy." She gave Percy a long kiss in apology. Percy spread her legs apart and put his knees in between them. He took his dick in his hand and rubbed it on her pussy lips. He suddenly pierced her with his triton fast and muffled her shouts of pleasure and pain with his lips. He started to thrust in and out slowly at first, the slowly he speed up. Percy looked down and was mesmerized. He was fucking a beautiful woman with long brown hair, a beautiful face that was contorted in pleasure. He watched as he breast jumped up and down, in synch with his thrust and he decided to suck on them. He kept thrusting until he gave one last big one and spewed in her. Percy rolled off of her and looked at her, still panting.

Circe got up and started to blow his semi-hard dick. Percy relished the feel of her mouth on his dick, it felt warm and wet and she kept humming the back of throat. She was moving her head up and down fast and was massaging his balls. "I'm about to cum" She sped up and, right before he unloaded, she deep throated him so much the goddess was looking him in the eye and he unleashed himself in her mouth. She came up and hugged him "Well my goddess what do you want to do now" "Well you still have an hour, I think we could come up with something to do" So they kept fucking in a few different positions and Circe's magic made Percy have enough fuel to keep going.

When they left Circe looked at him and said "I hope I did a good job" She winked at Percy and she left. After she left Nancy took Percy's hand in her hand and gave him a puzzled look and asked "What was that all about." Percy gave her a kiss and said "She was the who gave me my massage and she wanted to make sure she did a good job". She asked him if she did do a good job. All Percy could do was smile.