Title: Little Bird/Gilded Cage
Rating: PG
Summary: She'd never realized.

Little Bird/Gilded Cage

He wouldn't hurt her.

Even as Sandor said it, the truth of it seeped into Sansa's bones.

How she hadn't realized it before now Sansa didn't know. But as she stood, staring up at Sandor Clegane, at the Hound, it seemed so obvious. He'd been the one, the only one, who'd tried to help her and protect her. He'd kept her safe from rapists and offered her his handkerchief when she was bleeding. But still…

She'd never realized.

Now here he was, offering to take her away from the horror that had become her life.

Away from the queen.

Away from Joffrey.

Away from the fear and abuse and anger.

He was offering to be her salvation. Not a ser, never a ser, but her protector nonetheless.

And even though she knew that she'd be safe, she hadn't been able to say that one word that would open the bars of her cage - yes.

The Hound had realized it before even she had, turning without another word and leaving her to deal with whatever was to come.

As the door shut behind Sandor, Sansa came to another startling realization – she'd just shut herself inside her own gilded cage.

Squeeka Cuomo's Notes
- This fic was written for the weekly drabble post at sansan_got on LJ. The theme was supposed to be choices, but it ended up being more about realizations.
- Many thanks to simplyprologue for the beta. :)
- Reviews are love.