Title: The Truth of It
Rating: PG
Summary: Each and every new thing she encountered caused her eyes to brighten in excitement.

Lit Up

Since leaving Winterfell for King's Landing, Sandor had taken to watching Sansa Stark. Her flaming hair, pale skin—they drew him in like bees to honey. They, however, were no match for her face. Not her beauty, which was undeniable, but the light behind her eyes.

Each and every new thing she encountered caused her eyes to brighten in excitement.

He'd thought that she'd tire of the traveling after a few days. But her amazement was never-ending. Even the smallest of things-a nod from the Queen, a particularly tart lemon cake-would cause her face to brighten.

About a week into the journey, Sandor discovered what it took to extinguish the light behind her blue eyes.

Ser Ilyn Payne stood before her, silent and glaring.

For the first time Sandor approached her alone, instead of in Joffrey's service, going so far as to place his hand on her shoulder. He'd made a jape, asking if it was himself that had frightened her. It had been a shock to see her face devoid of the happiness he'd become accustomed to in such a short time. He'd ended up turning his attention on Ser Ilyn and she'd listened raptly to the story of the other man's silence.

For a few moments, her attention was focused solely on him. Her face wasn't bright, but she was caught up in him rather than desserts or the frivolity of the Queen. And even though he was loathe to admit it, there was a tiny part of him that would have stayed with her, telling her anything she wanted to know… if it hadn't been for Joffrey.

The second she'd heard his voice, Sansa had spun to face her beloved. Sandor had dropped his head in slight bow, thinking of her face and how it must have lit up for Joffrey.

He didn't care though because, for a time, she had been his.

Squeeka Cuomo's Notes
- This fic was written for the weekly drabble post at sansan_got. The theme was "faces and gazes."
- Thanks so much to simplyprologue for the beta. :)
- Reviews are love.