Raven's Story:

The Journey to Young Justice

I still can't believe Conner and I have been a couple for about a month now...Its almost surreal. But it's definitely a happy thought. We still haven't told Nightwing about it. To be honest, I haven't heard from him in a couple of weeks. Conner said if he hasn't called my cell phone then he hasn't talked to him either. Hmmm...Wonder what the former "Boy Wonder" is up too... I wish I knew a number to call him. He always calls me from a restricted number so there is never one I can use to call him back. I think that's stupid, but I guess that's just me.

But Conner and I have been filling our time with each other's presence. We have gone out on actual dates, like normal people. I no longer think of the Superboy as my body guard, he is my boyfriend. Wow. That's still a weird word to say...But it's true. And I love it.

"Rachel!" Conner yelled from the kitchen.

"Yeah?!" I yelled back.

"Looks like we need to go to the grocery again." He answered as he walked into the living room.

"I don't even remember the last time we went, so yeah I guess it is about time that we go again." I said, giggling.

"Wanna hit the showers and then we can go?"

"Yeah, sounds like a plan."

"Okay," he said before coming over to kiss me.

I kissed him back happily and then got up and made my way to my bedroom. Hmm...What to wear? We were only going to the grocery store, but I still wanted to look presentable considering I would be with Conner. Ugh. When I turn into the typical young woman and actually care what I looked like?! Oh wait. When I got close to Conner, of course.

I went rummaging through my drawers and the wardrobe and came up with dark black skinny jeans, a shiny silver tank top, and a black dress jacket with silver flats. After picking out my clothes, I quickly took a shower and got out. It didn't take me long to get ready anymore, because I started using magic to help me. While I finished getting dressed, I would let my magic take care of my hair and make-up. I decided to curl it loosely and then put it in a ponytail. I then slipped on my shoes and ran out to the living room to go and wait for Conner. Who, of course, was already waiting for me.

"I'm sorry. Did I keep you waiting long?" I asked him.

"No. I've only been out here for a few minutes." He answered quickly.

"Is everything okay, Conner?" I asked him, a little worried.

He comes over to kiss me sweetly and simply replies; "Everything is fine."

I give him a look and raise my eyebrow. It was my 'I don't believe a word you just said' look. Of course he knew the look and responded accordingly...

"Rachel. Everything is fine. I promise. Are you ready to go?"

"Yes, I'm ready. Let's go."

Conner takes opens the front door for me and let's me out first. He then closes the door behind us, grabs my hand, and we walk down the street to our favorite market. The place is full of fresh fruits and vegetables. It even has fresh pasta noodles and food from around the world. We always just go through and look at everything before we even go to pick out what we want. After all, you never know what you're going to find. And I certainly didn't expect to find what we did...

Conner and I were about half way through our initial walk through when we ran into a couple of people... More specifically, we ran into Nightwing and he had a girl on his arm. Could this girl be Zatanna...?

"Well hey there, Conner!" Nightwing yelled.

"Hey!" Conner yelled back as he tapped my shoulder and pointed him out to me.

I couldn't help but smile at the sight of the person who was basically my childhood best friend. I was excited to see him. I was starting to really miss him. There was always something about him that just...made me feel safe. Made me feel cared about. I used to think that he was the only one who could make me feel that way. Until Conner came into my life.

"Rae!" He screamed over at me.

"Hey there!" I yelled back over and ran toward him.

"Hey there Rae." He said when I reached him.

"Hey yourself stranger." I said. "Where have you been? You haven't even called. I'm surprised."

"With Conner watching over you, I didn't feel the need to call over there. I felt that you would be fine... Was I wrong?"

"No, no, no! Everything is fine. It just surprised me, that's all. Don't worry, it's all good." I said, slightly panicked.

Conner walks over at that point and the girl that Nightwing had with him joined the group as well. She was decent height, slightly tanned skin, dark black hair, and blue eyes. I could sense that she was a very intelligent girl. She was also quick on her toes and had a scary side to her. Hmm...I might get along with this girl.

"Hey there, Z. How ya doing?" Conner asks the girl across from us.

So. That is Zatanna. I wonder if Nightwing has talked to her about his feelings yet. I obviously can't say anything or ask him about it right now. But it has been about a month since I have talked to him last. And the last time I talked to him was when he told me about his feelings for the daughter of the great Zatara. Normally I would part ways and not worry about anything that wasn't my business. But when I felt how high his respect was for the girl that he had such intense feelings for, I knew I would want to see him achieve what he wanted. And that was to be with her.

"I'm great. Thanks for asking Conner." She said, sweetly. "And you must be Raven." She said, looking at me.

"Yes, I'm Raven. What's your name?" I asked.

"Rae, this is Zatanna. Zatanna, this is one of my best friends since childhood." Says Nightwing, smiling.

I couldn't help but smile at the fact that he obviously thought of me, the same way that I thought of him. It made me feel happy to know that he and I were on the same page. We knew what we meant to each other. And that is always important.

"Nice to meet you." Zatanna said with a smile.

"Nice to meet you, too." I replied.

"How about we all go and get lunch together?" Asked Nightwing. "My treat."

Conner and I looked at each other then. And I knew that we were both looking for each other's approval. When we both realized what we had done we busted out in laughter and it took us a few minutes to stop. By then, Nightwing and Zatanna were watching us, giggling along. When Conner and I had finally calmed down enough to give an answer, we were out of breath and red faced.

To be honest. I was wondering how I was able to give off so much emotion around someone new, without breaking or shattering something near me. I could feel the magic swirling inside me, but it wasn't wanting to come out. It just acted like it wanted to go and investigate. It was really odd... Conner answers yes for the both of us and we all walk out of the market to go and pick out something to eat. We decided on a local place and went to the park to eat it. We sat at a picnic table next to the shining fountain. I watched it closely, as I ate my food. This is kind of like the park that Nightwing took me to about a month ago. But the other one seemed to be a little more peaceful, even in the middle of the crazier side of the city. Hmm...strange...

"So am I allowed to assume or...?" Nightwing started, which made me turn around.

"What do you mean?" Conner answered, practically reading my mind.

"That you two are finally together and I can quit wondering at night" He answered, laughing.

I smacked my forehead with the palm of my hand and made some facial expression that even I couldn't describe. Then I felt eyes on me and looked up to see Conner looking at me for an answer. He was wanting to know if he had my approval to tell them that we were indeed together. I just smile at him and go back to looking at the fountain, letting him take charge of this one.

"Well...?" Nightwing asked, sounding curious.

"Curiosity killed the cat." I threw in.

"Well I'm not a cat, Rae. I'm a bird." He replies laughing.

"And cats attack and eat birds." Zatanna said, jumping in.

"Yep. I like her." I said, giggling a little.

"Nice one, Z." Conner said, jumping back into the conversation. "But yes. We are together."

I look over at Nightwing and find him smiling from ear to ear. He looked genuinely happy to hear that Conner and I were a real couple. I wonder why that fact made him so happy... For whatever the reason, the happiness was certainly showing all over his face.

"You two make an adorable couple." Zatanna said, honestly.

"Thanks." I said.

Conner reads my mind again, well, figuratively of course and asks, "So what about the two of you? Are you two back together yet?"

I hold my hands up in the air, excited, laughing. "Thank you!" I scream.

Zatanna laughs and says, "Yes, we are. Finally."

I look at Nightwing then and smile. "Happy now?" I ask him.

"More than you could ever even believe, Rae." He says, looking from me to Zatanna.

"Double date!" Zatanna shouts, which makes me laugh.

"So..." I say, looking at Nightwing. "How did you two get back together? Hmm...?"

"Oh, let me guess. Your turn to drill me?" He asks.

"You got it. Now, spill." I reply.

"Yeah, I want to know, too." Conner says, agreeing with me.

"Okay, okay. Actually...It was the night I left your apartment, Rae. Remember the advice that I gave you? Well...I decided to take my own advice for my situation. I sat Z down and just told her the truth. I told her how I really felt about her. That I never stopped having feelings for her, even after we broke up. I told her that I couldn't really explain why I had the feelings. Just that I had them and that I didn't want them to go away. When I finally made myself shut up and look at her for a reaction, well, she had tears in her eyes. I was afraid that I had done something wrong. That I had upset her, in some way. But she looked at me and smiled through her tears and just hugged me. I knew then, that I had made the right decision." Nightwing explained.

As he was telling his story, I felt chills go up my spine. I could tell that all of this was real and genuine. Not that I had any reason to doubt that it was, his emotions were just so strong that I could feel them pulsing as he told us what happened. I was impressed with him. I was happy that he had gotten up the courage to do something that he had been wanting to do for a long while. Now he has Zatanna back and he seems to be gleaming with happiness. To be honest, even though I care about my friend, the light coming from him was almost annoying. But I replied differently, of course.

"Are you trying to make me shatter something?" I ask him. "Cause I swear, I am about to cry after that."

"Let's not do that." He says, chuckling. "But there you go, that's the story. You guys are actually the first to know. So, hush okay?"

"Why doesn't anyone else know?" Conner asked him, curious.

"Because...If a certain someone found out..." Nightwing started.

I didn't need him to finish. I knew EXACTLY what he was about to say and it sent me into rage mode. I could feel my magic pulsing through my body, in my veins, in my blood. I could feel my face getting hot from the anger pouring out of me. I tried my hardest to hold in any more emotion so that I didn't cause a scene and scare any of the normal citizens. It was hard, very hard, but I was able to hold on until I Conner calmed me down...

"Rachel, it's okay." He whispered in my ear. "Everything is alright. He isn't here. You are safe." He laid his hand on my shoulder and the anger was gone.

I opened my eyes to see a shocked, but...impressed, Nightwing. He was looking at Conner, at first. But then he looked over to me and just stared for a moment. Like he was waiting for more or waiting for me to actually shatter something this time. But I was calm again, thanks to Conner.

"Still nothing, huh?" I asked aggravated.

"I know, I know. It's nerve-racking. Especially since we now know that you are not the only target..." Nightwing answered.

"Oh no..." I said, feeling panic crawl on my face.

"What is it, Rae?" Nightwing asked me.

"Raven...?" Zatanna asked, joining in.

"Has he targeted anyone? Anyone other than me and Zatanna?" I asked in a rushed voice.

"No, just the two of us." Zatanna answered.

"Don't you see?" I asked, looking at them all. "He is targeting MAGIC."

The group was stunned at what I had said. I don't know if it was because they were trying to comprehend what I said, decide if it was true, or trying to come to grips with it. Either way, they all looked extremely excited and worried at the same time.

"Rae's right." Nightwing whispered. "She has to be. Lagoon Boy has come into contact with all the other girls on the Team and on the League. Magic based is the only ones that he has had any type of responses too."

"And Raven and Z are the only magical girls he has come into contact with..." Conner stated, jumping in. "She is right."

At that moment, I looked at Zatanna worriedly. She looked nervous, too. But it's like she didn't know how to act after that emotion had set in. I didn't really know what else to do either. But at least I knew that I wasn't going through it, alone.

"There needs to be a trading of places." Nightwing said. "Conner, I want you to come back with me. Not permanently. But just for a little while. And Z, go home with Rae. We need to keep you girls as far away from Lagoon Boy as possible until we sort some more of this out. Until we do, we know that he cannot be trusted and I don't want anything happening to either one of you..."

I could feel Conner's emotions spike at Nightwing's words. I look at him and place my hand on his shoulder. He looks at me then, slowly coming to a state of calm. I was waiting for more of a reaction, but I had a feeling that I wasn't going to get one.

"Conner. He's right and you know it. Maybe with you back and giving a new perspective, they can find something else out. You never know. Just listen to him and go. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. You saw what I did to my room, do you really think that I need someone to watch over me all of the time...?"

"I know he's right. And I understand your point. But that doesn't mean that I want to just up and leave you." He answers me. "I know that you are more than capable of taking care of yourself if you need too, but that doesn't make me feel any better about the idea of leaving. I'm still going to worry like crazy, you know that. I know you do."

"Yes, I know. But everything will be alright, okay? It will. Just go with him. It will all work out just fine."

"And she won't be alone." Zatanna says, chiming in. "He is sending me back with her. So it's not like she will be left completely by herself. This way both she and I are away from Lagoon Boy and neither one of us is alone. It actually makes me feel a little better knowing that I am not alone in this."

"Same here." I say, looking at Zatanna. "I have a feeling that this is going to be the start to a beautiful friendship."

"Agreed." Zatanna said, looking at me with a smile.