Jason Jenks never expected to see Jasper Hale unhinged.

Jasper Hale was a calm and cool collected individual that carried an air of superiority about him. No, Jasper Hale had never meant to become unhinged and Jason Jenks never thought he'd see the day when it did happen but the most unexpected things do happen on certainly normal days.

Life was not average that day for Jason Jenks but it had started out that way. He woke up at promptly seven thirty that sunny wednesday morning, took a fifteen minute shower, had a twenty minute breakfast, and promptly left his house at eight fifteen to arrive in his office at nine.

Normal start for Jason Jenks.

He had two meetings that morning, both went well as his company finally agreed to the merge of partners.

Lunch at noon to one.

His secretary had his documents and black coffee - two sugars ready by the time he arrived. His day slowed down then. He only had to schedule a few meetings, work on the final details of the new office in New York and he would have been done.

A perfectly normal day.

His secretary left at five.

"Good day Mr. Jenks, I'll see you tomorrow?"

Last words.

He stayed behind until six. He did had to review a few last resume's, he did not want to get behind on that.

Then at precisely six o' one there was a quick sharp rapt at his office door. His eyebrow arched, he knew everyone had long since left, and anyone would have called him beforehand.

Shivers had traveled up his body.

"Come in."

Jasper Hale was always a presence, he commanded an air around him, this time was no different. His eyes were a dark gold, a his perfect face a slight sneer. Jenks heartbeat spiked.

"Mr. Hale so wonderful to see you, please take a seat."

In a blink he was seated, his long legs resting on his desk.

"Jenks, you've been holding out on me."

His day was no longer normal.

Jenks felt heart stopping fear, "What do you mean?"

A smirk.

"You know perfectly well, history doesn't stop in Jacksonville."

"I couldn't get the other information."

"Don't lie to me, Jenks."

Tension filled the room. He was suffocating in the hostile environment. His insides were turning and twisting around. He was afraid, his heartbeat going faster each second.

"Last chance."

His voice was hard and cold, his eyes inching into a midnight black color. Jenks swallowed hard, he couldn't speak, his body wouldn't let him respond but only with a slight shake of his head.

A roar erupted and shook the frames in the room.

In seconds his desk upturned.

In a blink his back pinned to the wall.

"Tell me."

A shake.

He was thrown against his alcohol cabinet. Fear for once finally flooding his system.

Papers flew around the room, chairs upturned, glass on the floor, and a terrified man pinned to his office window.

Black eyes stared into his face.

White hands clutched at the lapels on his blazer, "Where are the rest of the documents, Jenks?"

The voice was low but deadly, a low rumbling coming from his chest. Jenks could feel his heartbeat climbing, blood pumped through his body, and a new foreign feeling anger with a hint of something else.

Amidst the chaos around him, he almost let out a sardonic laugh. Moments ago he was terrified for his life and yet now, there was something inside him ready to rebel. To laugh in Jasper's face. To say the hell with it all and let himself drown into this chaos.

The cold hand wrapped around his neck, "Last time, where are document's Jenks?"

For the first time in a while Jenks let out a full hearty laugh.


Bella Swan didn't do five in the morning workouts. Hell, she didn't even work out. But after waking up at three AM that morning she had no choice. She worked her body harder and faster on the machine.

Her feet pounding on the treadmill, her legs burning at the extra exertion she had put on herself. She knew her face was bright red and her hair was sticking to her face. But she pushed forward, the events of the past week flying through her mind.

Dates with Riley.

His smile, the twinkle in his eyes as they walked around in Seattle. When they went bowling with their co-workers. Eating dinner with Riley, silly mornings when they had their first sleepover.


His gifts had chilled her to the bone but she kept them in her top drawer, the fang went everywhere with her now. She kept it as a mock necklace tucked under her work shirts. Hell the fang was currently next to her water bottle.

She felt safer under its presence. Protected even.

His gifts had given her a sense of ease but escalated her paranoia of any danger lurking around the corner. His gifts had confirmed a fear that had lurked in her subconscious.


She felt seventeen again, ready to boot up her computer and search for him on google, all over again. But she wasn't that girl anymore, she knew what getting involved meant now, and the consequences. It chilled her to the bone to know what might be in his head.

In his thoughts.

He's borderline obsessive. Bella, they all are.

She gasped for breath as sweat spots appeared on the treadmill, she let the speed and incline gradually fall. Her hand wiping her sweaty forehead. Her stomach churning.

She stood still for a few minutes trying to catch a breath, quell her suddenly nauseous stomach, another man had walked into the gym, they nodded at the other before she went into the women's locker room.

She didn't miss a beat as she threw up in the nearest toilet. Her body collapsed on the floor as she dry heaved, tears suddenly springing up in her eyes. She wanted to pound the floor, upturn the benches, scream at the top of her lungs. But it would be no use, she would still be stuck.

She would still be afraid. She would still be helpless. She would still be alone.

Maybe in retrospect, she should have seen all of this coming for her.

She was Bella Swan - Danger Magnet.

She grasped the fang.

And sent a silent prayer.

Dear God please make me a bird and let me fly far far away...

Blood stained his hands.

He clenched and unclenched at the man's sides. The scent of blood never fazing him, he knew Jasper was watching - his eyes dark with hunger.

Jenks eyes were fading, terrified but fading all too slowly. He knew Jenks could still feel, could still hear everything that went around him. It made him smile to know Jenks would never get the retirement he desired. After all Jenks didn't give him what he wanted.


The name echoed through his mind like honey, it calmed his body. They would be together soon, he had high hopes of that. And when he finally wrapped his arms around her body, he'd never let her go. She'd alway stay in sight.

Near him.

So that he could always protect her.

She'd be his soon.

He looked into Jenks eyes once again. He laughed sardonically at the man's last thoughts.


Please for who, he didn't know.

He didn't care.

Jenks would have no mercy.

He threw the body at Jasper, he smiled at the sound of tearing flesh. Jasper had displayed an amazing ability of self control. Jasper deserved the award.

He looked towards the blank computer screen, everything destroyed by Jenks and Jasper before his own arrival. The pile of documents still in its packet - he knew it wouldn't contain the information he needed, Jenks made sure to keep that squarely away from them. Even with his mind reading abilities, he hadn't been able to read into his thoughts on Bella.

It was impossible, his mind had gone through everything except for Bella. He growled in frustration.

So close but so far my love.

Where do you hide? Did she not want to see him?


She loved him.
She loves him.

No they were keeping her away from him.

The mystery man.

But he was Edward Cullen, he got what he wanted.




Four months had passed, she was still away.

She'd asked for time and he had given it to her dutifully.

He'd always give her what she wanted.

But he needed her.
He needed to see her.
To be with her.
To feel her around him.

What could he do?

Daybreak in and out he'd wait for her at his home, in SeaTac waiting for a hint of her scent, Alice scanned to see her but she'd come up with walls. Was she hiding from him willingly? They'd agreed, he'd give her time and she'd be back.

She'd always be back. Alice would always watch for her.

His heart sang for Bella. But this nonsense was beginning to send him on edge.

Four months had to be long enough, he was tired of waiting.
Of pacing around.
Of worrying day in and out for her safety.

Her scent was beginning to fade away from him. His room had once been filled with her scent but was now fading it made him more anxious. As if her fading scent was a sign of her leaving, of her never coming back.

But she would be back.
She would always come back to be with him.


He needed to get out, the walls seemed to enclose him, run around for a bit - around Forks go to their meadow. They always loved to be there together.


He ran out of the house in a flash, the wind that whipped past his body soothed him, for once he wished to feel the air in his lungs. He knew that his running wasn't normal, he needed her behind him, holding onto him like her life depended on it. He needed her with him. He felt like he had gone in a circle for the past hour.

Circling Canada and Forks over and over. Time and time again. Until he stopped.

He looked up, he could nearly feel her presence, faded but there. Charlie wasn't home, he wouldn't be home for another few hours. He felt a rush of hope, it was like to always leave her window open, almost like she'd be waiting.


He was in her room in an instant. His body instantly calm. Her scent flooded his senses, this was what he needed to know the wait would be well worth it. She wanted her time, he'd give it to her, she'd be back just like she had promised.

He lay on her bed, he hugged her pillow close to him. He was grateful she had left so much behind, a sign she'd be back. As she had promised, as she had always said. Bella would keep her word. He let himself imagine as he lay that she was gone having a human minute, maybe in her bathroom washing her face, maybe getting a drink of water.

But always coming back to hug him for the night. She always did sleep better when he was around. Her being away was her human moment, but she'd come back to him. He closed his eyes in content.

He needed more of her, her scent wasn't enough. He moved, his hand now moving through her clothes hangers. He relished in the feel of her clothes in his hand, he took down one of her tshirts, he held the shirt close to him, he nuzzled it to him.


Soon my love.

He stayed in her room for minutes, hours, it felt like years, but it was never enough. He needed more. He hugged her shirt and pillow to him, he pretended it was her near him.

He didn't hear the cruiser pull up, nor did he sense Charlie until the stepped creaked. His eyes opened in panic, he was up in a flash, the shirt pillow forgotten on the bed. He was nearly out the window when he realized what he was missing.

He couldn't leave her behind. He would never leave her behind.


He rushed in and grabbed her two belongings, a part of her now with him. Wherever she went, he'd always be with her even if he was far away. He ran away from the house, he could sense something wrong, the window he'd left open.

He stopped in a tree, waiting for hte right chance to close it.

A ring.


He knew who was on the other line.


"Dad, hey, how are things?"

"Good Kid, I've been eating at Sue's so don't worry about my health."

His heart soared hearing her giggle.


"But how are things down there in Florida, any boys I need to worry about?"

He growled. Bella was his.

His eyes grew dark. Bella was his. No distance would change that, she needed to be with him not with them.

Not anyone else, she was his.

He growled louder. His shoulders hunched, he was ready to pounce. He needed her there to calm him down, to tell him - she was okay. To tell him that she was his.


He felt movement, the back door opened.

"Bella, I'll get back to you...there's something out here..."

He was down and rushing in a haste, he knew Charlie would try to catch up. He stopped suddenly, he needed to go back to her. To hear her. He prepared himself, he could sense Charlie getting closer.

A vibration.

Wait now is not the time.

He growled.


He could feel the crunch of leaves and twigs behind him. Charlie was thirty step away, he was still.

"Who's out there."

He turned to run. His body buzzing in anger, in despair and agony.

He needed her.

A snap.


"Bella are you alright?"

She shook her head and looked into concerned hazel eyes.

"Yes, sorry Riley, my head has just been everywhere lately."

"Or maybe you're just exhausted."

She nodded her head, "Maybe." She mused.

If was being honest she was worried, her mind had been restless since her early morning workout nearly a week earlier. Everything was seemingly blurring together now, and her mind kept on tossing her conversation with Jake. She hadn't been able to concentrate since.

"But what were you saying?"

Riley grinned, "I was saying that I'm leaving for business in a week for a weeklong trip but the meetings should be over within the first three days...So maybe you would join me?"

She smiled, "Sure, I mean I don't know if my schedule is open."

He laughed loud, "Alright Swan, whatever you say, just get back to me."

She grinned at him, "of course."

She pecked his lips, "I'll check with Miller, I think I can do my advice column even while in New York."

He smiled against her lips, "Good."

They kissed again, "Get back to work mister."

He held up his hands, "Alright."

She let out a laugh as he walked away.

Oh Riley.

He really did make her smile. And a small impromptu vacation would probably do her wonders, if she could convince Miller. She glanced at the clock, it was her lunch break, she had a phone call to make.

She sat staring out the window of the small cafe, her nails drumming on the table. She grabbed the fang as a sense of strength flooded her system, since Jacob had given it to her, she hadn't experienced any headaches.



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