Harry Potter was never brought up with the Dursley's like the way it's told in the book. He was taken away from their door step of Privet Drive by a mysterious figure, even though Dumbledore placed him there for his reasons on that historic night. Harry was found by two purebloods who were at a certain squibs house on the same street. They heard Harry's cries and then took him to a magical orphanage and was adopted by the same pure-blood family, the child had captured their hearts. Harry was adopted by Reikhman's. Harry grew up with his new family, even though Dumbledore had to minipulate with said adoption. It was decided by the Court that for his safety reasons, Harry would have to stay six months every year in the protection blood wards of the Dursleys.

Harry had learned the heartrending fate of his mother and father when his new parents believed he had come of age. Instead of going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry was sent to do his education at Durmstrang Institute. The school was not only old and prestigious, it taught its pupils the use of the Dark Arts, and the secrets to controlling the elements around them with wandless magic. Wormtail had been captured and Sirius was freed. His godfather wants Harry to stay with him, but does Harry really need him? Along the way to saving the Wizarding World, Harry Potter will make some interesting friends.

He has entered his 6th year and Harry has been chosen to go to Hogwarts to attend the famous Triwizard Tournament. How will people react when they finally meet The-Boy-Who-Lived? Will Dumbledore put his nose into his business and intervene? Will a certain Potions Master fall in Love? Will Harry be forced to stay at Hogwarts for 7th year? Will his trust worthy Highmaster Die?

Different tasks will be harder than the last.

One Thing for sure is that, The Fallen will rise again.

Are you Ready for a Adventure?

By Puzzle Me This

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