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Chapter Five: Power and Control

Harry sat on the shore of the black lake with an old looking book. Next to him was his Invisibility cloak, which he ran his fingers across while he read. The book had come from one of the Potter vaults, and Harry's eyes had caught glimpse of it floating in the back corner, with a twenty-two inch silver chain that had a symbol on it that Harry was trying to identify. That same symbol was drawn on the inside of the book he had by Beadle and the Bard.

He had read this book when he was five years old and he remembered it clearly, especially the tale about the three brothers. His eyes caught the moving of the black lake, with ripples of water coming to the shore. His mind drifted to his so called date a couple of weeks back with the Hogwarts champion Cedric Diggory, and let himself become absorbed in the memory.

His hands skimmed the old records in the stands as he made his way down the D section of the music shop. Harry had come before twelve as he wanted to browse the shop. He was surprised to see muggle and wizard records being sold at Dominic Maestro's, before he discovered that the owner himself was a half-blood who had won an award in music at Hogwarts 20 years ago. Mr. Maestro was probably part of both worlds.

The shop had different posters on the walls and records floating near the ceiling. Harry could tell the shop was the newest on the street, no doubt about it. It seemed that it had a 70's music feel to it.

To Harry, this was heaven. Music was one of his escapes in life.

His eyes lit up with joy as he picked up a David Bowie Record. He blew the dust off it and coughed as he breathed some in. He beamed at the title of the old record.

The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.

Oh how Harry was at one point fascinated by David Bowie's mismatched eyes. Then his mother had given him a muggle video called 'Labyrinth' where he played a very handsome Goblin King. Harry turned the record over and looked at the bottom corner, and then his mouth dropped in shock as he saw that the record was the 7th one made in the world. He stood frozen on the spot, carefully handling the record. He was in a world of his own and he didn't even notice someone behind him.

"Fan of Ziggy Stardust huh?" Harry turned around to the voice quickly, smirking at Cedric who had read the records title.

"No, I am a fan of David Bowie. His alter ego was Ziggy."

"So what is this Ziggy Stardust person all about then?" Cedric asked, confused as he had not heard of him. Harry gave Cedric a look of shock.

"Ziggy is the human manifestation of an alien being who is attempting to present humanity with a message of hope in the last five years of its existence. Ziggy Stardust is the definitive rock star: sexually promiscuous, wild in drug intake and with a message, ultimately, of peace and love; but he is destroyed both by his own excesses of drugs and sex, and by the fans he inspired." Harry said passionately.

"Righto, er do you know that The Daily Prophet is in Hogsmeade?"

"Yes, they unfortunately tried to follow me. We are probably going be the next scandal in tomorrow's paper. Hogwarts and Durmstrang champion's caught fraternizing." Harry shot a smirk at Cedric as he walked over to the till; he paid for the rare record and was surprised at the cost, only 13 galleons.

"So, where would you like to go now?" Cedric asked.

"I thought you said we could go to the café here? I don't really fancy tonight's meal at Hogwarts. Fish is not one of my favorites; I only like it if it is Haddock or cod battered."

"How do you know it's something fishy?"

"A house elf told me."

"So what is it?"

"Surprise fish pie."

"Oh, right. I might as well eat here then, if that's what you want to do?" Harry nodded and walked to the back of the shop, where the cafe was. Booths were set up in a straight line making the cafe look like an American dinner. A waitress waited at the till, holding menus. She was a very pretty blonde with brown eyes. She looked only 19. Hey eye's snapped up to meet Harry's. She smiled; likely knowing who Harry was so she walked over to Harry and Cedric.

"Welcome to Dominic Maestro's cafe, I'm Karma and I'll be your waitress. Is there any place you prefer to sit?" She asked warmly to them.

"Can we sit in the back corner over there please?" Harry pointed his chin to the last booth in the corner of the place.

"Of course, follow me." She said as she led them to the last booth. She waited for them to sit down and then she handed them there Menu's.

"The Special on today's menu is the Hanger Steak Salad, Hogsmeade Hard Core Troubadour, Lentil and Carrot Soup and HomemadeLasagne. We also have a French selection menu. I'll be back soon for your drinks and meal order." She smiled at Harry then walked off down towards the till.

"Ugh, another one of my admirers." Harry muttered as he opened the menu and read what this place offered food wise. The selection was long and he couldn't decide on what to get. He peeked up from his menu to find Cedric staring at him.


"Oh, sorry Harry. I spaced out there." Cedric mumbled as he looked down at his menu. Harry gave a small laugh.

"So Cedric, tell me a bit about yourself then?" Harry said as he laid his menu down on the table, finally having decided on something he wanted.

"Err ... What do you want to know?

"Hobbies and things like that."

"Well you know I'm in my 7th year at Hogwarts and in Hufflepuff house. I'm Hufflepuff's seeker on the quidditch team and a prefect. I would like to work within the Ministry, though I'm not sure which department yet. I like to read fiction books on mythology, like vampires and other creatures like that. Muggle studies fascinates me, so I'm not like must pureblood stuck up's who hate anything muggle." Harry watched with a smile as the older boy put his menu down. At least he wasn't against muggles.

The waitress came over with what looked like a muggle note pad, but with a quill.

"Are you two ready to order?"

"Yes, of course," Harry said as he gestured his hand for Cedric to go first.

"They do hot Butterbeer here," Cedric muttered to Harry as he puts the menu on the other. "I'll have a hot Butterbeer and the Toad in the Hole please,"

"Hmm, I'll also have a hot butterbeer and the Homemade Lasagne." Harry started to notice that Cedric had moved closer to him. Cedric grinned so innocently, that harry thought the Hufflepuff could get away with murder.

Suddenly, there was a massive bang in the street and the place rattled convulsively. Harry suddenly got up, wand ready, and headed towards the front of the door. Cedric quickly made his way next to Harry.

"What in Merlin's name was that?"

"I don't know but get your wand out at the ready." Harry said quickly as smoke covered the street so that he could barely see the tall black masked figures at the other end of the street. Cedric looked out of the shop window and ran back as every shop window exploded and the blast caused Cedric to fall on the floor. Harry made his way over to him, noticing the tiny bits of glass in Cedric's skin.

"Harry look up at the sky." Cedric said in a pained tone as he pointed. Harry swore under his breath. Harry got ahold of Cedric's wand and gave it back to him.

"That's the fucking death eater mark. We need to get out of here Cedric, immediately." Harry helped the boy up and went through the now open door and into the smoke. Harry held onto Cedric's left arm and ran towards the opposite end of the street.

"There you are Potter!" A death eater laughed in delight in front of him.

"Reducto!" Harry yelled, and a beam of light hit the Death Eater in the chest, making him fly across the street and through a window. Screams and pleas echoed everywhere and Harry felt something sharp pierce his calf, and he held back a scream, biting his tongue. Harry pushed Cedric against the wall around a street corner as he felt someone else nearby.

"SHOW YOURSELF POTTER! DON'T BE A COWARD, WE KNOW YOU'RE HERE. I WANT MY DAGGER BACK!" The figure laughed and went past them into the darker smoke towards the other end of the street that was closer to the other death eaters. Harry knew that laugh. He tried to look around and he found an alley a couple of doors down. Harry felt blood running down his leg slowly.

Cedric started coughing as the smoke thickened and Harry pulled Cedric and limped towards the alley and they quickly entered the back street of the shops.

"Expect Patronum!" Harry quickly muttered as he watched his green eyed puma patronus shoot out of his wand. "Take this message to the first Professor you find. Hogsmeade is under attack by Death Eaters. Students and townspeople alike are injured. Hurry!" The patronus nodded and vanished away.

"Shit Harry, your leg!" Cedric muttered as he knelt down.

"Leave it; we need to get out of here first. I need to get us to safety."

"Trust me Harry; you need to get that out." Cedric said as he wrenched the dagger out, causing Harry to hiss loudly. Harry felt a trickle of blood flow from his thigh as he bit his tongue really hard. Cedric muttered a spell on Harry's leg.

"That should stop the blood for now." Harry nodded. His eyes narrowed as he saw 4 people enter from another alley way. One was carrying someone and Harry noticed it was Viktor. He limped towards them and Viktor looked relieved to find him.

"Harry, Death Eaters!" Viktor managed to get out. "Hermione was hit and she crashed through a shop window."

"What spell was she hit with and who else is with you?" Harry waved his wand over the girl.

"It was a non-verbal spell. Looked like an Expelliarmus. There's three other Gryffindors, Neville Longbottom, Ron Weasley and Lavender Brown, with me. I made sure no one else followed us." Viktor stroked the girl's hair.

"Where's Lucifer, Viktor?" Harry raised his voice in concern.

"I don't know, he was with us twenty minutes ago. You don't think his brother..." Harry cut Viktor off.

"I swear if his brother has laid one pathetic hand on him I will hunt him down. I think he was the one who threw a dagger into my leg. I recognized his laugh. Hermione on the other hand has a concussion, 2 broken ribs and a badly twisted ankle. We need to get her and the rest of you out of here. Do you guys know a way to get out of this alley?" Harry asked Cedric and the Gryffindors.

"If we turn right and go straight down we should end up near the shrieking shack." The Ginger haired boy spoke up, he was holding the other girls hand.

"Ron, Right? We need you to lead us..." Harry broke off as he saw figures heading towards them.

"Shit, run!" Harry said as he grabbed hold of Cedric's hand and started to run the opposite direction, until a figure apparated in front of them.

"We're trapped!" Lavender Brown shrieked. Harry looked around franticly to see another way out. But the figure came forward with its wand pointed at them. Harry pointed his wand at the figure and was going to send a stunner until the brown haired boy next to him spoke up.

"Wait, its Professor McGonagall!" Neville said as he looked at her and turned his head so he could look behind them to find that the figures behind him were Mad Eye Moody, Nympahdora Tonks and Kingsley Shacklebolt.

McGonagall took on a shocked and horrified expression as she looked at each bloodied student. Her hand came over her heart as she studied all of them.

"We need to get you all out of here, immediately!" Professor McGonagall whispered, "Now, quickly as you can. Follow me."

They quickly made their way down the alley, coming out at the end of Hogsmeade only to bump into another masked figure.

"Ah, got you now Potter, with your little posse. Equuleo!" The death eater laughed as the spell hit Harry causing him to fall to the ground. Harry withered in pain as the spell took effect. He screamed in pain as his veins started to feel like they were on fire, running through his system. It quickly spread and Harry fell into darkness as the dark curse was somehow lifted.

Harry could hear voices as he slowly came around. They were distant and detached, but Harry swore it was a male's voice arguing with a female voice. Harry twitched his hand as his eyes started to open and he could finally make out what they were saying.

"His leg need's attending to Poppy, and he was also placed under a Dark Curse. I need to check if his brain has been affected." Snape snapped at the healer.

"Severus Snape do not snap at me! I have checked and he is in a deep healing sleep. I have done everything I can for him. His leg is healing."

"Minerva said the boy was under the curse for less than 2 minutes, but it's twice as bad as the Cruciatus, Poppy. You should know that as I was affected by it years ago."

"Severus please take your leave or help the other students, I have told you that I have done everything I can and I have other patients to help." Poppy said as she went to another bed, wondering why the Potions Master cared for the boy.

Harry stirred. Immediately, Severus looked through the curtains and quickly made his way to the boy as he turned around. Harry looked up slowly and his eyes met Snape's.

"Finally awake Potter." Snape mused; glad the boy had finally woken.

Harry finally realized that he was in the hospital wing. His cubical had its curtains drawn, but he could tell that the hospital wing was full of students as he could hear their moans of pain.

"Anybody dead? How long have I been out?" Harry asked. His voice sounded really husky so he knew he had been out for a while. Snape ignored the question and pointed his wand at Harry's temple and muttered a spell. Snape sighed in relief and sat down near Harry's bandaged leg.

"Can you tell me your full name and date of birth Mr. Potter?" Snape asked suddenly. Harry's brows came together in confusion.

"Harry James Potter, 31st July 1980. What's with the questions, Professor Snape?" Harry asked.

"You were tortured with the Equuleo for less than two minutes. I needed to see if that pretty head of yours was in full working order." Snape said as he started to unbandage Harry's leg. "Feeling any pain Potter?" Snape asked as he held out a potion for him. Harry nodded and took the potion, nearly choking on it as the taste was horrid.

"I think that there are other people who need more attending to, sir, don't you think?" Harry spat out. What was with Snape's attitude now?

"Would you like to lose your leg Potter?" Snape looked at the wound and then reached out for a balm on the table near Harry. He scooped some up with his fingers and put it on the wound. Harry hissed as he felt the potion sink into his wound; it smelt rotten.

"No sir," Harry hissed out. His hands tightening.

"Then shut up for once." Snape got his wand out and traced the wound as it started to heal slowly.

"Have I done something to offend you Professor?" Snape ignored the question and wrapped Harry's leg with a new bandage.

"You need to rest Mr. Potter" Snape stated.

"Sir, did anyone die? And how long have I been out?" Harry needed to know as he watched Snape get up.

"No, nobody died this time Mr. Potter. You have been out for 4 days. Rest, I'll be back in another hour to give you your next dreamless sleep potion. " Snape said with a nod and went through the gap in the curtains. Harry relaxed in his bed; He needed to know how his friends were.

"Harry!" Said a voice from the other side of the curtain. The curtain moved and Harry found Lucifer on a bed with Viktor sleeping on a chair next to him.

"Lucifer! What happened to you, and where the hell did you go?" Harry demanded. He looked at his best friend, seeing his left arm bandaged, along with his chest.

"I was in Honeydukes when the attack happened, seems my brother wanted me to join him. He knocked me out and took me into the cellar, he tried to brand me," Lucifer said as he pointed his chin to his left arm. "But he didn't, he broke a couple of my bones and ran out of the building. What happened to you Harry? I was so worried. Viktor told me everything. He just joined me an hour ago; He's been with Hermione Granger."

"I can tell you your brother has a sick sense of humor. Elliot threw his dagger into my leg. Snape say's I was out for 4 days. I was tortured with the Equuleo curse." Harry muttered.

"Shit, Harry that curse could have..." Lucifer cut off as Madame Pompfry came over.

"Mr. Lector you should be asleep. I will force a sleeping draught on you if I have to." Poppy warned and Harry waved at Lucifer as he rested back against the bed again. His mind going back to what happened.

Slowly and silently, Harry was interrupted by foot's steps. A dirty blonde haired girl was waltzing around near him. She came near him, smiling and her eyes widened. Harry had seen her around Hogwarts this past month, and knew that most of the school's population called her loony Luna. They talked about how crazy and weird she was. Harry returned a smile to her. He wouldn't judge her based on other people's rumors.

"Hello Harry Potter." said Luna; her voice was very dreamy and Harry found that it was quite soothing.

"Hello Miss Lovegood, how are you today?"

"Feeling a bit fuzzy. Must be the wrackspurts floating around the lake today."

"Yes, you must be Right Miss Lovegood. Not many students are out around the lake." Harry had to agree with her. He knew those creatures weren't real, but he wanted to be friendly with her. He noticed that the girl didn't have any shoes or socks on.

"Where are your shoes Miss Lovegood?"

"Professor Trelawney has them. She said something about making a prediction with shoes." Harry's eye brows rose curiously. It seems that Professor Trelawney is a crazy seer of sorts.

"You must have others to wear surely?" Harry asked.

"I did, but my housemates have hidden them for a bit of fun. I would like them back eventually though. The ground is a bit cold today, but I like to connect with nature." Luna waltzed over to Harry, sitting next to him. Her blue eyes traced Harry like a telescope. She smiled as she picked up the necklace that Harry had put on the book.

"I didn't know that you believed in the Deathly Hallows Harry Potter." Luna's face lit up as she let a finger trace the necklace.

"The Deathly what?"

"The Deathly Hallows. That is what the symbol is. You see the Three Brothers got a special gift from Death in the story and those gifts make the Deathly Hallows. The triangle means the Cloak of Invisibility, the circle is the Resurrection stone and the line is the Elder wand." Luna got hold of the chain and placed it over Harry's head.

"My father has one like that you know. He believes in the Deathly Hallows. I bet he would love to talk about it to you Harry Potter."

"Your father sounds very interesting Miss Lovegood."

"Oh, he definitely is, we think he's getting his spark back. It's been hard since my mum's death. She had an accident in her potions making, but he's getting there."

"I'm sorry to hear that."

"It's ok Harry Potter. It happens. She was an incredible witch, especially with her potions work. It's sad that it was one of the things she loved that killed her in the end." Luna said as she got up. "See you later Harry, I need to go to choir practice." She waved and skipped away. Harry shook his head and waved back. He got up and walked slowly back up to the castle.

On the night before the first task, Harry made his way under his invisibility cloak to the Prefects bathroom. Highmaster Karkaroff had told him and a couple of other prefects that they would have to patrol the castle, but in return they had privileges like the prefects bathroom. He made his way to the fifth floor, towards the statue of Boris the Bewildered which Hermione Granger had told him about.

Harry had to look for the right door, but found it very quickly. He leant close to it, and muttered the password, "Strawberries and cream!" just as Hermione had told him.

The door creaked open. Harry slipped inside, surprised to hear a voice singing. He bolted the door and shrunk his cloak then banished it into his pocket. He moved with a slight look of awe on his face: this wasn't a bathroom; it was a freaking swimming pool with a diving bored. Harry spotted clothes on the floor in a messed up pile, and the robe had a Hufflepuff badge on it. The singing started again and Harry found it was coming from the Hufflepuff who was in the white marble rectangular pool. Harry quietly moved towards the bath, realising that it was Cedric who was singing a soft tune.

"I thought I would have been alone, obviously not." Cedric jumped slightly at the voice. Water sloshed around as Cedric tried to bring more bubbles to him. Harry laughed at the boys antics.

"Don't worry Cedric, we are both men. Nothing to be embarrassed about." Harry smugly watched as Cedric blushed heavily on his cheeks and neck. He looked very vulnerable.

"What are you doing here Harry?"

"I would like to ask you the same question? My answer is that I couldn't sleep. Not surprising with the first task taking place tomorrow, well today actually seeing as it has gone past midnight."

"My answer is the same of course; I just needed to mull things over for today's upcoming events."

"Do you mind if I joined you, it seems that I do need to relax?"

"Sure, why not." Cedric murmured and turned away to face the portrait of the mermaid. Harry went over and knelt down to turn the taps on for fresh hot water, and was slightly amused as each tap poured different colours out. He quickly took his robes off, leaving him in his boxers. He quickly shrugged them off, not bothered if Cedric saw anything. He slid into the water, moaning at how good the water felt. The bath like pool was very deep, but Harry's feet easily touched the bottom of the tiled pool.

Harry clicked his fingers at the taps, which quickly turned off. He noticed that Cedric had moved a bit closer towards him as he moved across to the edge of the pool, resting his arms on the tiled edge.

"It seems that you have a lot of advantages for tomorrows task Harry." Cedric quietly admitted.

"Not that many Cedric, you're a year ahead of me in spells and such," Harry saw the nervous tremble of Cedric's hand as he ran it through his golden locks of hair. Harry made his way over to Cedric, making the water ripple, and placed a wet hand on the boy's shoulder, squeezing it softly. "Relax, your nerves will over power you and it won't do you any good. I take it that this school doesn't offer the basic lessons in Occlumency?" Harry asked as Cedric lifted his head and met Harry's eyes.

"No, I take it that your school does?"

"Yes, and it certainly helps in situations like this. Right, do you think that you can empty your mind of all thoughts so it's totally blank?" Harry asked. Cedric nodded and Harry continued. "Right close your eyes and do as I said. Then I want to you to think of something peaceful, like a waterfall or whatever tickles your fancy." Harry watched as Cedric's eyes fluttered closed. The Hufflepuff took a deep breath and Harry let go of the boy's shoulder.

He watched as Cedric's hand suddenly stopped trembling and a small smile suddenly crossed his face. Cedric's eyes snapped open looking at Harry.

"Felling a bit better?"

"Yes, thank you." Cedric said as he leaned closer. Harry noticed the spark in the Hufflepuffs eyes, just like he did when they were in Hogsmeade. His eyes snapped to the boy's pouted lips that were a bit open.

'Tempting, might as well even though he isn't my type.' Harry thought as he leaned in to capture Cedric's lips with his. They both moaned as Harry suddenly pushed Cedric into the baths wall. He wrapped his arms around the Hogwarts champion's waist, bringing their bodies together making wonderful friction against each other.

'What in Merlin's name are you doing Harry? Do not carry on, trust me you will regret it!' A voice said at the back of Harry's mind. He let go of the lips which he was tugging at with his teeth. Harry simply pulled away, shaking his head which made Cedric feel confused.

"What's wrong Harry? Was I doing something wrong?" Cedric said in surprise. Harry's eyes lingered on Cedric's swollen lips.

"No you didn't do anything wrong. I just know this can't happen right now. Not with what's happening at the moment Cedric. It complicates so many things." Harry said suddenly. He watched as the Hufflepuff's face dropped a bit.

"Yeah you're right ...errrr..." Cedric shook his head.

"Don't get me wrong, I do like you Cedric. Maybe when this tournament finishes, but I remember clearly now that someone told me that you are committed to a girl called Cho Chang?" Cedric didn't say anything, he just got out, wrapped a towel around his waist with his back to Harry, totally ignoring his question.

"Cedric ... I'm not going to make you choose. You're undecided on your sexuality, I can see that. Just stick with a girl; it would be so much easier." Harry said as he watched the older boy turn around to face him.

"Harry you're right, I have to admit that. I honestly don't know what else to say." Cedric shrugged, holding tightly to the towel.

"Maybe friendship is what we should stick to." Harry said truthfully.

"Yeah ... maybe for the best. I'll leave you to it then. See you in the morning Harry." Cedric said as he put his clothes on quickly and went out of the prefect's bathroom with Harry watching slightly sad. He sighed and closed his eyes as he went under the water, sitting on the tile floor, trying to relax.

Harry didn't get to bed until three o'clock that morning. His restlessness caught up with him and he looked a bit on the ragged side, but he covered it up with a glamour. Occasionally he drifted in and out of nightmares of his death by a dragon. He was on high alert when he entered the Great Hall for breakfast. The atmosphere in the school was one of great tension and excitement. Lessons were cancelled for the day and most were pleased.

Harry had crumbled into himself and hid away in one of the empty dungeon classrooms after breakfast. Everyone was staring at him and he let his nerves over run him for the first time in a long while, and he slipped out of the hall.

He had placed himself on one of the desks in the old classroom, with his legs crossed. He had been meditating for a least half an hour, thinking of nothing. He hadn't even heard the door open and close, followed by footsteps.

"Shouldn't you be preparing for the first task Mr. Potter?" Harry opened his eyes to see Snape standing near the front desk.

"Professor Snape. What a pleasant surprise. Long time no see." Harry muttered as he uncrossed his legs and let them dangle from the desk. He totally ignored Snape's question.

"I'll ask again then. Shouldn't you be preparing and not sitting in an empty dungeon classroom?" Harry felt Snape's intense gaze as he looked up into black, never ending depths.

"I am preparing actually. I have been meditating and clearing my mind. It helps in upcoming dangerous situations." Harry says in a sarcastic tone.

"Well Mr. Potter, the champions have to come down into the grounds. Unfortunately your Highmaster is in the judges' tent and can't bring you down." Snape said.

Harry snorted and left the deserted classroom besides professor Snape. Harry found that in potions lessons Snape never showed his true emotions, but Harry though he looked a bit anxious right now. They both kept quiet as they walked down the stone steps and out into the cold morning. They walked on down to the edge of the forest, where the arena was situated. The noise that was coming from the tall Arena was quite loud. They both stopped near a tent that was joined onto the Arena.

"Good luck Mr. Potter, I will be watching." Snape said as he walked off, his robes billowing behind him. Harry watched for a moment and then entered the tent.

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