Ch.5: A Nightly Visit and the Beginning

A short while later, the ninja and their two animal friends returned to the dojo with Malcho and the Sais of the Four Winds. The bad news is Kai still has to run laps around the dojo. The good news is that dinner will be ready by the time he's done.

While Kai was jogging, Pam took Malcho to the dragon den under the dojo and introduced him to Hydro Dragon.

"I hope you two don't mind sharing a den together," Pam then said them. Since the dragons combined as one, the walls of the den's stables have been removed so that Hydro Dragon would have more room. As a result, the den is large enough to hold the four-headed dragon and a roommate or two.

The dragon simply purred to Pam as it shook wings with Malcho, who smiled at him with friendliness. Pam simply smiled, knowing that these two will get along just fine.

A while later, it was time for dinner. Unfortunately, it was Cole's turn to cook, but all that jogging had made Kai work up such an appetite that he gobbled up his dinner like his life depended on it. Pam, of course, thought that Cole's cooking was fine and enjoyed it more slowly and calmly. Throughout dinner, the ninja told Sensei and Nya what had happened to them at Howling Wolf Mountain. The whole story about Pythor being alive and romantic with Pam truly shocked the two. However, Sensei stayed calm before giving them his response.

"I had a feeling that he would survive."

"You knew he's still alive?" asked Lloyd.

"Actually, I felt in my bones that if I survived the Great Devourer, Pythor must have survived as well. It could be possible that he used his invisibility powers to hide himself after the Great Devourer was destroyed, explaining why we never found his body."

"I hate forgetting about his stupid invisible thing!" Lloyd snapped, slamming his fist into the table to make the plates rattle and Julien jump with surprise. "But no more than I hate Pythor."

"True, he's gonna be a bit of a problem for us," Pam stated, "but I gotta admit he's a good kisser for someone with scales."

"Eww, Pam!" Jay cried with a shudder. "We're trying to eat here!" Pam just ignored him as she then turned to Sensei.

"Sensei, call me crazy," she then asked her new mentor, "but will any good come from Pythor pursuing me?"

"It is hard to say, Pamela," he answered, brushing his hand down his beard gently in thought. "However, your question sounds somewhat reasonable. If Pythor had not shown himself at Howling Wolf Mountain, Zane would not be able to get the chance to test out the new Ice Shurikens Kowalski had built and designed for him."

"And Pamela wouldn't have gotten to fight with her sais," the Nindroid added.

"And both weapons worked like a charm," Cole said, high-fiving Kowalski. "Nice work there, Kowalski."

"I'm just glad one of my inventions got to be tested with good end results," the penguin said with a smile.

"All I be saying is if dis Pydor guy be of de kissing of Pam again," Julien said, "I shall being of de ballis-y-tic level." Everyone just laughed in reply, but the ringtail was not amused.

"Aw, c'mon," he said. "I am being of de seriousness here." Despite her smiling, Pam is frowning on the inside. Pythor will not be giving up on her so easily now that they all know that she's chosen to become his wife. Sure, she hopes that someone will fall in love with her, but why did it have to be a snake? She loves snakes, of course, but this could be bad in her new friends' opinion. She can only hope that some good will come from letting nature run its course.

Later that night, Pam turned in for the night while Kowalski, Julien, and the other ninja played some video games. She has so much on her mind right now that she needed some rest to clear her head. As she laid in her bed, she thought about Pythor. His fuchsia eyes to her are like a pair of rose rubies in the light. The black markings with bits of yellow gave an exotic look to his violet skin that would shame a garden of irises, Pam's favorite flower. His fangs are large and sharp but also dazzling white like the purest of ivory. The gems on his forehead and chest make him look rather regal and mystical. And that accent of his…hoo-baby! Makes him sound so…dashing…

Oh, knock it off, Pam, she scolded herself. This is no time to think about how cute he is. But still, Pythor's is just…wow…She then shut her eyes and tried to get some sleep, despite her thinking about her new feelings for the Anacondrai.

A few minutes after she has fallen asleep, her window slowly opened up, but no wind was blowing outside. Slowly, in the pale silver light of the full moon, Pythor became visible as he slithered into Pam's room and quietly over to her bedside. Seeing her sleeping peacefully like a fairy goddess, the Anacondrai smiled softly as he brushed a loose strand of her hair from her face. He then shuddered with ecstasy as she moaned softly to sound like a soothing lullaby his mother would sing to him. How he wanted to claim her so badly, to hold her in his arms and gaze into her eyes, to kiss her lips softly and passionately…

But he knows that he must wait. Her friends need her to help them master their weapons, including Lloyd, and she has to master her sais and reach her true potential. Once they do, then he will make his move and win her over. In the meantime, he will toy with her a little with his flirting and making a move on her. She's just so cute when he gets her all flustered. As he does so, he will set off on a personal quest of his own.

But first, Pythor will leave her a small gift, a small bouquet of six irises. Gently, he placed it by her pillow. Tied to the string holding them together is a note:

This is only the beginning, my love, but do not fear. I know you are quite the strong fighter from our first encounter, and I will look forward to when we will meet again.

Forever your number one,

Pythor Prometheus Chumsworth

Pythor then turned to Pam's face once more and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead before turning to leave, only to stop when he heard her mumble.

"Pythor…" He then turned to see her still asleep and smiled. It may sound crazy, but Pam might have feelings for him as well. He just needs to give her more time to think over her feelings for him.

"Until next time…my Golden Angel of the Winds…" he whispered softly before becoming invisible again and slithering out of the window and closing it behind him. He is right; this is only the beginning.

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