Author's Note

I see not many people are enjoying my first fanfic, Total Black-Out Invader Zim Edition, so I'm just going to start this one. I have been planning this for a month now and I think I'm ready for it to be open to the public. I really hope that you will like it and well, as everyone says on here, Read and Review... I think that's what R&R means: P Disclaimer: I sadly don't own Invader Zim, if I did, Lord knows how many new episodes I would be throwing at you. Invader Zim belongs to Nickelodeon.

Just to warn you, this first chapter is sort of an introduction that explains certain stuff, for those who are just getting in Invader Zim, if you don't like reading stuff you already know then go ahead and go straight to Chapter 2 (if it us up).


(Unknown's POV)

Far beyond the reaches of outer space is a planet named Irk, home of the Irkens, well at least to the few who weren't Invaders or Elites. Beings of supreme knowledge of technology, Irkens used this as an advantage over other planets near and far.

Forgive me for reflecting too much but you must read this to understand. The droning will end briefly.

Anyways, Irkens were born and raised as militaristic, snack-devouring, greedy dookie-bags that only took over innocent planets for the most stupid of reasons. The Irkens who took up these posts were called Invaders as mentioned in the first paragraph. The name explains all, they are given a planet to invade and conquer, and that's it right? All they wanted was more power like most races? (Cough. Humans. Cough) Wrong. They weren't in for the power, no, something more idiotic, just for the joy of seeing the people bow to them at their mercy. Then the once useful planet would be blown-up and made into an intergalactic mall planet or a parking-structure/

Disgusting, huh? Keep reading.

Can you guess what races of aliens choose their leaders by their height and not their leadership skills? If you said Irken, spot on smart one. No sarcasm intended. The Tallest were the Irkens' leaders, based on height but over-looked on their absolute stupidity. The Tallest that caused the War were, Red and Purple. The Red one stupid, the Purple one; exceptionally stupid. Not to mention distracted. Very distracted. Half of the time they just ate junk food and sat in chairs as their workers piloted the Massive, their ship that they didn't even build. When they did regard their Invaders, risking life and limb for their respect, it was for meaningless puppet shows and RARELY on conquering status.

It's about time I tell you that this is being written by an Irken herself. Yes, I am a she, my name is - well I'll keep that secret. For now.

Before I continue I have to warn you if you think any of this is ringing a silent warning bell then stop reading immediately you are now in danger and should never utter 'alien' or 'irk' again. But if this all seems like SyFi crap to you, good, read on.