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After some minutes of continual running and walking (depending on the type of neighborhood) Dib and I finally made it to our destination. It was admittingly way more sanitary than the super-market. In fact it would of probably been a very enjoyable experience. The only thing wrong was there was zero air condition.

Now I know you're thinking, 'Wait, you're Irken. How does an alien get hot?'. Want to know? Well, here it is. Us Irkens have the almost exact body temperature of an adult human. Add on a few more though just to be sure. So yes, we can get hot. That's because your stupid star is so mind-numbingly hot. Sorry for insulting your sun.

Other than no AC we had quite a bit of fun messing around in the party shop. Dib took me by the wrist and dragged me over to the hat department where there were odd-looking large and 'cartoony' hats lining the walls. He grabbed one that was shaped like a space-ship and planted it on top of my head.

"Haha. Space-ship. You're so hilarious." I mocked and slipped the thing off my head, observing it. It was purple and made with a shiny fabric that glistened slightly under the bright florescent lights under us. I then frowned.

"And why do humans always portray space-ships like this. If you honestly think any of us would be as so stupid and lacking the technology to build this junk then I have no hope for you guys actually finding us. Which I'm not very sure is good or bad." I ranted.

"Every day you start sounding more and more like Zim." Dib mumbled, "I've said that a lot."

"He was logical like me?" I ignored the last part on purpose.

"If logic is calling everything that is human, 'stupid' than pronounce him the most logical being ever to live." Dib joked, causing us to laugh a little bit until he picked out a hat for himself. It was a wolf looking hat, just the ears and it was covered in blueish-gray faux fur.

"Hm, funny how our hats say something about us each." I said finally, adjusting my own on top of my head again.

"I'm a disgusting hairy beast and you're a sci-fi freak? Hm well that's harsh but okay."

I rolled my eyes letting out an amused huff.

"You don't happen to have a camera in that advanced alien backpack of yours, would you?" Dib asked gesturing to my PAK.

"It's called a PAK." I explained but he cut me off before I could finish.

"Yeah I know, Zim's told me that plenty of times before." Dib held out a hand signaling for me to stop, "Do you have one?"

"Of course I do. I can't be a journalist if I didn't." I said as I pulled out a silver camera device.

"I thought you said you were a writer." he shrugged.

"Same difference." I waved my hand.

"Take a picture." he ordered.

"Of you?" I asked.

"No, of my amazingly large head, of us. Can you do that?" he asked.

"It is pretty large isn't it?" I cocked my head to the side.

"Oh shut-up and just take the picture." Dib grabbed me by the arm as I set the camera to auto.

"Wish your mediocre cameras could do that, huh?" I teased.

"Uh, actually they can." Dib smirked.

"Shut-up." I growled and allowed the camera to hover on itself.

"Now they can't do that." Dib pointed at the floating device.

"Hm. Victory I guess?" I shrugged as he did as well.

He suddenly struck a pose like he was going to pounce on me any minute, a crazed and animal-like look on his face. I shuddered.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

He stopped and gave me look, "For alien beings that have built a better camera you don't know what a pose is?"

"I know what a pose is. But why would you do it for this? Poses are for close-ups." I said slightly offended by his comment.

"Not all are. The one I just did was for fun. You can pose for fun. It's normal." Dib reasoned and then turned to the camera, "I'm surprised that thing hasn't gone off-FLASH-yet.."

I giggled and re-set the camera, "We weren't facing it long enough."

"Oh. Well. Anyways, strike a pose. It's fun. Like, since your hat is a UFO then I guess strike a pose like you're looking at a space-ship lift off." Dib suggested.

I gave him a flat look before giving him an even flatter response, "Oh. Look. It's one of the millions of spittle runners that I see everyday... whoo frillen' rah?"

He glared briefly before sighing, "Act like you're seeing one for the first time then."

"There you go." I tapped my head repeatedly, "There's the right wording I was waiting for."

"Just pose." he snickered and remained his previous posture as before. A wild beast lunging at me. I gave out an exasperated sound before I thought of the best reaction I would give at an oncoming UFO. I struck out a pointed finger and my eyes were locked in a surprised but amused, because of my smile, look of shock on my face.

The camera flashed after several more seconds in our postures and we eased immediately after the flash of bright white.

"Let's see it." Dib jogged over to me and held up the camera, he grinned, "Pretty good for your first one."

"Thanks." I then stored the thing back into my PAK, "So what were we in here for in the first place?"

"Oh right!" Dib exclaimed like he forgot something very important and once again took me by the wrist and whisked us off to another isle. Once he slowed down enough for me to run on my own without tripping I piped up about it.

"You know, Dib, I can run just as fast as you."

"I know that. But I'm so used to doing that with Gaz whenever we would go Bigfoot-hunting or something." Dib apologized (in a way).

"That's alright. Hm, what are those?" I asked as something shiny caught my attention.

"Oh those? Those are party horns." he snatched the golden plastic-wrapped package and held it up, "I can't actually demonstrate to you how it works because that would be unsanitary so if you're really interested I could buy them for you and show you. Plus, it's just us, Skoodge, and GIR anyways we won't need much and this has plenty. They remind me of the one's we use on New Years."

He then looked at me, "So, uh, do you want them?"

"Sure." I shrugged, "If it doesn't bother you or anything."

"No, it doesn't. Plus, with the free food we got from the supermarket I have plenty of money to spend here." he explained and tucked the package under his arm, "Let's go. There's plenty more to get and look at."

He then started walking towards a long isle of color-coordinated plates, forks, etc.

"What are we doing down here? It's not like there's going to be a lot of us." I pointed out.

"We can pretend, can't we?" he smiled and grabbed some green-colored plates, "What do you think should be the next color?"

"I don't know, purple I guess?" I suggested.

"You can get the Irken off of Irk, but you can't get the Irken off of the color purple." Dib cocked an eyebrow at me and reached for the smallest packet of purple spoons.

I ignored another one of his comment but laughed, "Yeah. Okay. With that said. Red."

"You sure?" he hesitated before snatching some red forks.

"Positive. Plus. If we aren't asleep right after we can snap them both." I offered.

"Sounds enjoyable." Dib agreed and asked, "How about the napkins?"

"Uh... black?" I really didn't care.

"Black? That's not very festive." he said and thought for a moment, "How about blue?"

"Blue's cool." I nodded, "Don't you think we'll need a basket for all this?"

"No. We're about done. We just need cups and a make-it-your-own banner." Dib shook his head and we headed further down the isle.

"Here we are." he announced and we were once again faced with endless rows of different colors.

"Magenta?" was my answer this time.

"I see a 'Zim' pattern going on." Dib raised an eyebrow, and grabbed the package. This seemed to cause some trouble for him.

"You need help?" I asked, ready to take some in my possession.

"No. I'm fine. Just one last thing." he took off, barely seconds in his flight he dropped the bags of spoons and forks. He stopped and looked down, "Oops."

"Here. I'll take half." I said and gathered the spoon and forks in a single arm. He handed me the party horns and I tucked them in too.

"Alright. That's better. Now let's get that banner and we can get going." Dib nodded once and we again ran towards a different isle. I remember thanking God several times in that trip that not many people were up at this time. It would have been very awkward seeing kids run around in a store.

"Got it!" his voice snapped me out of my thoughts and I saw him hold up a long package. "Let's go."

After that we paid for the stuff and left the party shop, which was once again pretty fun, and headed back home... wow... home. I never really imagined myself thinking of Zim's old base as a home.

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