Rags and Rubies

Margaret cleaned Princess Belflower's room every day, and every day it was the same. Make the bed, dust the cabinets, sweep the floor... But this morning she found something amiss. Though they ought to be lain in a drawer when they weren't in use, today there was a bejeweled necklace sitting out upon the princess' vanity table.

Margaret glanced to the door and listened carefully. There was no one, at least not anyone loud, in the hall. She set down her feather duster, and with the thumb and forefinger of both her hands she plucked the precious item from the table.

She slipped it with practiced ease over her head and laid it around her neck. She set her hands on her hips as she examined herself in the mirror. The ruby might have complemented her better were she wearing something more presentable than a chambermaid's rags. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful piece.

The door opened her then. Margaret turned with a start, though had she not she might have been able to see the approaching figure in the mirror.

"Hello, Margaret~" The princess smiled her coy little smile as she strolled in without a care.

"Princess Belflower!" the servant exclaimed, "I'm so sorry!"

The princess' lips dropped from that courtesy smile into a tiny, open O. Her bright eyes studied Margaret. The servant willed herself to turn away, but that would have been discourteous - not to mention the mirror behind her would showcase her trespass regardless. She could feel the shame flush in her cheeks.

But then Belflower smiled. She glided through her room in that effortless royal step, put her gloved hands on Margaret's shoulders, and turned her back around to face the mirror. At the sight before her, Margaret could only stare.

The princess met the gaze of her chambermaid's reflection, and her smile grew. No longer a courtesy, her cheeks filled with genuine mirth. "It suits you."

Author's Note

It was supposed to be an ask ficlet for a friend on tumblr, but it's well over the character limit. Review if you feel like it. Thank you for reading~