The Masaki house was finally calming down after a normal day. Every one started getting ready for bed as Ryoko laid staring at the stars just as she started to drift off to sleep she saw something flying in the sky it appeared to be a ship being chased by what looked to be galaxy police ships but just as she stood up all the g.p. ships exploded and the other ship flew towards Masaki shrine.

"what the hell" Ryoko thought to herself as she went to go get Tenchi to investigate.

But when they arrived nothing was there.

"A ship huh" Tenchi said

"there was a ship I swear" Ryoko said frustratingly

"okay okay lets just go back now" Tenchi said

"okay" Ryoko said as they headed back to the house.

The next day as every one started getting up they heard a knock on the door

"I'll get it" Sasami said happily as she went to go open the door

When she opened the door she saw a tall man with glasses standing there

"hello" the man said kindly

"Is the man of the house in" he asked

"yeah I'll go get him" she answered as she went to go get Tenchi

"Tenchi" Sasami said loudly

"yes" he replied

"there is a man asking for the man of the house" she said

"OK I'll go see what he wants" he replied as he walked towards the door

"yes" said Tenchi to the man

"hello I'd like to ask you a question" he replied

He explained he was lost in the forest and was looking for a place to stay for a while he offered to pay for every night he stayed there Tenchi said it was OK and they agreed on a fair price and the man agreed to take the couch so Tenchi invited him in.

"Everybody this is ... uh wait I never asked your name" Tenchi said

"Travis" the man said

"okay well he'll be staying with us for a while" Tenchi told every one

"hello I hope I can get to know all of you" Travis said to everyone

"what are the princesses of jurai Sasami and Ayeka jurai, the worlds greatest scientific mind in the universe Washu Hakubi, the space pirate Ryoko Hakubi, her ship Ryo-ohki, and first class detective Mihoshi Kuramitsu doing under the same roof" he thought to himself

"oh by the way Tenchi since there are so many people here I'm going to pay you twice as much as we agreed" Travis said

"what that's a thousand dollars a week" tenchi said

"yeah that sounds fair" Travis replied

"well okay I'm going to finish the field work for today" Tenchi said

"hold up I'll go help you" Travis told him

But after they left Ryoko couldn't help feeling that Travis had something to hide and she was going to find out what it was.