Jeanette thought mostly happy thoughts as she

walked on her way from the school parking lot.

Here lately she is so happy her walk has developed into

some kind of cheerful dance. because of this people wonder what is making Jeanette so happy, normally when approached with this question

she replied with something about birds, but, normally thats not the reason. I mean sure, she loves the graceful, winged creatures, but here lately

shes been enjoying something or should i say someone way more.

That someone is Mr. Charlie Tuttle teenage science genius. Of whom she has been hardcore crushing on for about two years and it seem two years of stalking eh crushing has finally paid off. they have been hanging out everyday after school! Just seeing him makes her happy and leaves a smile on her face every time.

turning around the corner Jeanette decides to take the route closer to her locker, the back entrance.

The back entrance is mostly polluted with teenagers that fight each other for no reason.

normally Jeanette would avoid them at all costs but seeing that she was already running late, she traveled there anyway.

Jeanette soon found herself lost in her thoughts of charlie. So lost she didn't notice where she was going.

She didn't start paying attention again until she ran into the backs of one of the fighters.

The other girl is quick to push Jeanette down.

Jeanette yelps out an apology and frantically scrambles to her feet.

When she was about halfway up a girl kicks her stomach. An instant bruise forms, and Jeanette is back down. The girls quickly form a circle around her joining in in beating the snot out of her.

A kick here a punch there, it was nothing new for them. It is their job to make sure that the dorks don't think they have the right to go through "their" door or bump into "their" backs, i mean seriously what has gotten into the dorks here lately?

The girls continue to wound Jeanette until Vice Principal Tolken turns around the corner and breaks it up. not wanting to change the way high school is he leaves Jeanette there broken and wounded.

Noticing she is alone Jeanette tries again to get up. Pain Strikes throughout her entire body, causing her to fall again. The pain is almost too much to bear. with another failed attempt to get to her feet, Jeanette blacks out from the pain.