~~~~~~~Charlie's POV ~~~~~~~

Charlie, being the leader of the AV club also carried the responsibility to watch the school security cameras, as the AV club took turns.

Charlie walked in the computer lab and noticed a group of guys gathered around a computer.

someone was about to get busted for watching youtube during school hours. I mean seriously what if something happens!

Charlie walks up to the computer and froze at what he saw. Jeanette...his Jeanette was lying on the ground being poked by a little kid. The AV club was just sitting there LAUGHING!

"how did this happen?" he stated calmly

the whole club turned around quickly and tried not to look guilty.

"Well?" charlie said

"HOW DID IT HAPPEN?" charlie yelled demanding an answer.

the club looked around guiltily

chester gathered the courage to speak first

"Umm... Jeanette took the back entrance and ran into a bunch of girls and they didn't like her...and.."

Charlie cut him off

" did you guys just sit there and watch this?"

chester looked down

"yes." he stated with shame

Charlie looked so angry and like he was about to cry at the same time.

"let me see the video to see excactly how dissappointed i am in you guys.

They quickly got the video up for charlie.

he saw everything he saw jeanette run into them, to the part where vice principal tolken just walked

on by.

charlie was way beyond pissed now. He had to find her.

~~~~~~~~Jeanette's POV~~~~~~~

"Do you think its okay?"

"Yeah its fine just leave it alone"

(It?) Jeanette thought

"NO don't poke it!"

Jeanette woke up with the feeling of a persons finger on her face.

she jerked up and immediatly regret it.

pain overwhelmed her.

she opened her eyes and saw that she had scared away the person that awaked her.

Jeanette started to think about what they had said.

They had adressed her as an "it" not a her, and "it"

it was like what she was is a mystery.

Jeanette felt horrible and not just from being beat up, which did hurt very much,

she felt like no one cared. and she knows she's right. hot tears form in her eyes

as she thinks about how stupid she must be to think someone actually cared.

she thinks "here she is bruised in the middle of the back entrance and had been there for who knows how long

and she can't even find someone to care

Maybe those girls were right. maybe she doesnt have a right to be here. maybe she should just give up.

maybe she would.