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Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!

Is it wrong of me for wanting to drop-kick those kids? Yes? Oh.

I had my feet up on the coffee table, re watching the last episode of Game of Thrones, with Alice's legs slung over my lap. Three years ago Alice came to New York from Mississippi and I met her on the first day back at high school. Actually, I saw her on the first day but really met her a week later in detention. I was in the mini prison for fighting – I didn't start it, honestly – and she was there for talking back to Mr. Holcomb, her English teacher. Just under a year later, we were officially sex buddies. We've been doing this for some time now I'm sure there's a law somewhere that makes her my common law wife or... mistress.

"Is Daenerys more beautiful than me?" Alice still held a tint of her Mississippian accent. She looked away from the screen and up at me from the other end of the couch. I glanced between her and the TV several times.

"Well... yea, but I'd rather shag you instead." I grinned at her. She snorted and kicked me in the shoulder.

"We both know that's a lie." I narrowed my eyes, playfully.

"So, I'm a liar now, am I?" I grabbed one of her feet and started tickling the sole of it. She began laughing hysterically, trying to jerk her foot out of my grip.

"Stop! Please stop! I swear to god Bella, if you don't stop I'll kick you in the face!" Her sentence was interrupted by her laughing. I grinned and lessened my tickling before stopping completely, dropping her foot back in my lap. Alice took several breaths. Her foot shot up and hit me in the jaw. I groaned loudly in pain, clutching my sore jaw.

"What the fuck, I stopped." I rubbed my cheek. "I tickle you and you kick me in the face?"

"I told you to stop."

"Still, isn't that abit of an overreaction?" I opened and closed my mouth a couple times, rotating my jaw. "I think you kicked a tooth out."

"Now whose overreacting?" I was going to say something incredibly witty but heard keys slide into the door's lock; Jasper was home.

"Jasper, Alice's beating me up." I whined.

"It's always the small ones." Instead of hearing the Texan drawl, I heard a deep, clear voice, chuckling. I quickly turned around and saw Peter, Jasper's brother – tall, broad chested, slightly grown out crew cut and fur growing over his jaw – standing in the threshold. I leaped up, nearly knocking Alice off the couch, and threw myself at him.

"Holy shit, you're alive!" He's been overseas in Mosul, Iraq for the past twelve months on a tour of duty. He grinned down at me and I saw he had deep circles under his eyes, his cheeks more hollow than the last time I saw him and noticed he had small, almost most healed, cuts on his arms and hands.

"Of course I'm alive. I've got to keep an eye on my little brother." Peter shifted my ass onto his other hand and ruffled Jasper's tousled hair. Jasper shoved his hand away and smoothed his hair back, like it made much of a difference.

"Hey, quit hogging the solider, I want my hug as well." Alice came up behind me and pinched my ass. I huffed and slid back down to the floor, letting her take my place. I followed Jasper into the kitchen and took two beers out of the fridge.

"Why didn't you tell us Peter was coming home?"

"He wanted it to be a surprise." He turned around with a cup of coffee in his hand. I saw him glance disapprovingly at the bottles in my hands. "You have any plans for today?"

I shook my head and used the bottle opener to pop open one of the caps. "No, not really. First thing we're gonna definitely do is take Peter to Rose's place for some food; bugger doesn't look like he's eaten for months."

"Between tryin' not to get shot or blown up, I don't think he's had time to go and eat the local food." He looked down at his coffee then looked back up at me, smiling slightly. "Apparently jokin' about a situation lightens the mood and makes it easier to deal with."

"And? Is it working?" I took a sip out of the bottle.

"No. I still worry that my big brother won't come back, and scared that he does in a wooden box." I saw his fingers tighten around the mug he was holding, his knuckles turning white. I placed both beers on the counter behind me, gently took the mug out of his hands and gave him a hug.

"He'll always come back alive, Jasper. And you're not that funny. Me on the other hand, can turn any dark situation funny." I pulled back, smiling and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Is that so?"

"Of course, I'm fucking hilarious. Example; if someone told me they had a pink rabbit that takes batteries, my first thought wouldn't be the Duracell bunny." Jasper took his coffee and walked out the room without saying anything. "See? Funny, you just don't want me to be right." I took the beers and followed him out. I threw the unopened bottle and bottle opener to Peter on the couch, who caught them agilely.

"You're never right Bella, accept that." Alice had picked up her discarded bowl of Lucky Charms and flicked a marshmallow clover at me.

"I don't like the marshmallows, you know that." I tried to catch it and flick it back but missed it by a mile.

"You drive me insane by taking them out of the box. I sometimes want to shove them up your nose." I took a seat on the armrest of Jasper's chair and leaned my forearm on his shoulder.

"I'm surprised you haven't already."

"You don't stay still long enough." Alice looked passed me and raised her eyebrows. Two hands gripped my wrists and pinned them to my thighs.

"Oh, you treacherous homo bastard! Peter, help me!" I squirmed about, kicking my feet out, trying to get away from both of them. Peter got up and instead of helping me, he grabbed my feet and pinned them to the floor. "What the fuck, guys? Alice, I swear to god if you shove that up my nose I'll never sleep with you again."

"We all know that's not going to happen." Alice gripped my chin and shoved a star up my nose. "Hold onto her," She took her Iphone out her back pocket and took half a dozen pictures. "There, pretty as a picture."

"I fucking hate you all." I wrenched my hands from Jasper's and slapped Peter on top of his head. "Let go or I'll shave your eyebrows off while you're asleep." He raised his hands in surrender and went back to sitting on the couch. I blocked off my left nostril and blew. The star shot out and skidded to a halt in front of Alice's feet. "I'll make you eat it next time."

"Bella, you never follow through your threats; you're all bark and very little bite." She leaned forward and pecked me on the lips. "You're a cuddly teddy bear."

"Please don't call me that again." I begged. "Come on," I grabbed my worn leather jacket and my keys. "We're taking our soldier to Rose's for food."

"Okay, cuddly teddy bear." Jasper walked passed me, pinching my cheek as he went.

"Fuck off homo." I grabbed Alice around the waist and pulled her flush against me. "You know he's going to call me that forever now, right?"

"Sorry." She didn't sound sorry one bit.


"Look at you; you must take better care of yourself." It surprises me everytime Rose's mother instincts come out, since one of the first things you think of with Rose is bitch or icy, sometimes icy bitch. "You need to shave and freshen up, go into the bathroom, you can use Emmett's razor." She went up the three steps to her kitchen, and started making Peter a sandwich.

"You don't need to fuss around me, I'm perfectly healthy and I'm thinking about keeping the sideburns." Peter absent-mindedly touched the hair growing down his jaw.

"A week later and you'll look like Wolverine." I was sitting on the couch with a handful of Em's stash of gummi bears and Alice on my lap, feeding her the red ones.

"You're only jealous."

"You're completely right, I long for the day of having a beard, I toss and turn at night imagining the feel of one." I chucked a yellow bear at him.

"Hey! No throwing food in this house." Rose glared at me. I raised my free hand in surrender and continued offering Alice gummi's.

"You're feedin' Ali food?" Jasper came down from the kitchen and sat in the leather chair off the side to us. "What next, peelin' her grapes while lyin' on a couch, naked and body glistenin' with olive oil...?" He trailed off.

"You put abit too much thought into that, didn't you?" He said nothing and picked up a newspaper. I swallowed the last bear and curled my arms around Alice's waist and rested my chin on her shoulder. "Bet you think about me all naked and oiled up." I nipped at her earlobe.

"It's all I dream of." She turned her head and caught my lower lip with her teeth.

"I'd say something but I'm far too turned on to do anything." Peter was sitting in the other chair next to Jasper, staring at us.

"Thank god the army didn't turn you gay... no wait, that's prison isn't it?"

"When's Emmett's shift finished today?" Alice quickly changed the subject.

"Not until 11pm." Rose handed Peter a small pile of cut up sandwiches and sat next to me. "I think he and his boss have been feuding, Emmett's been on the late shifts all week."

"Doesn't that go against union or something?" I asked. I subtly shifted my left hand so it was blocked from everyone's view, and slipped it under Alice's shirt, stopping when I hit the bottom of her bra. She shot me a dirty look and pinched my thigh. I grinned and snapped the strap.

"You two stop gropin' each other and listen to this," Jasper spread the newspaper flat on the table and pointed to a property description. "Two storey log cabin; spacious livin' room with fireplace, kitchen, bathroom on second floor, master bedroom with en suite, second bedroom, located in woodlands with river a mile away..." That sounds familiar. "Forks, Washington."

"Are you fucking with me?" I took the paper and brought it closer. There it was, my childhood home up for sale. "Shit... shit, I've got to call Charlie."


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