Title: I'm Gay

Date: 6/01/12

Summary: Conspiracy story from Munch turns out to be worth the argument. Crapy summary but the story is good I hope first fanfic story ever so be nice please

AN: This came to me when I was backstage waiting to go on for my performance and my friend Ethan inspired me with this little thing.

AN2: This is my first story so please read and review and tell me what you think, but don't be too harsh.

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I'm Gay

"Hey Liv where are we on that Ian Tate case?" asked Elliot as he got up to refill his coffee cup.

"I just got word from the ME that Tate isn't the killer but someone genetically close." Olivia said as she took another sip of her coffee. The squad room's coffee tasted just as bad as a sweaty gym sock but it did have a good energy boost to it.

Walking in to the squad room noticing the detectives smiling ADA Alex Cabot set her brief case down beside Olivia's desk and was about ready to ask where they were on the case, when the voices of detectives John Munch and Odafin Tutuola could be heard arguing in one of john's conspiracy stories that he probably dished out in a matter of seconds.

All I'm saying is that if having an unstable relationship with your parents makes you gay well then why am I not gay?" "Munch I agree with you can we drop it please?"

"Whoa you agree with him" came the voice of Alex although she looked surprised to Fin and munch; Olivia saw that she was a bit offended.

"Well maybe Munch you chose to be heterosexual but for some people they feel forced."

"Oh so homosexuality is a force now." Said Alex. At this point her face was about as red as the mercury in a thermometer.

"I'm sure Elliot didn't mean it like that Alex he was just saying."

"Oh so now you agree with him." Said Alex as she got up from her usual perch on the side of Olivia's desk.

"No Alex I'm not agreeing with him—"

"Look to settle this let's just say that you can tell a gay person by the way they look." said Fin as he got ready to drink his coffee.

"So now gay people have a look too."

"That's not what I'm saying Alex—"

"So what exactly are you saying huh? That all gay people look the same to you huh, huh?"

"ADA Cabot I'm starting to think you are getting a bit defensive is there something you want to share with your fellow co-workers?"

"Can it Munch." Said Alex as she realized she was at the point of no return.

"I'm just saying not one person gets that upset about the topic of being gay unless they are gay."

"Alright fine I'm gay."

"I don't believe you." Said Munch. He really did believe her he just wanted to see how far she would go to prove it, and maybe it could help clarify why Olivia had been talking to herself and smiling even when they didn't have a case and everyone was bored out of their mind.

"Do I need to prove it?"

"Well it sure would help."

"I can't believe I'm doing this." Stepping closer to Olivia who somehow ended up standing in the middle of this dispute was caught by surprise when a pair of smooth lips landed on hers. Struggling to think she just finally gave into the kiss and stood there for about ten seconds until they heard the clearing of a throat behind them.

"What the hell?" asked fin. "Munch you stupid or something?"

"Well I didn't think they'd go that far."

"Well you wanted proof you and that's what you got." And with that said Alex grabbed her things and headed for the door, but turning to look over her shoulder and said, "See you at home Liv." And laughing as three mouths dropped.

"Liv shut off her desk lamp and grabbed her things while calling over her shoulder at three still shocked men, "see you tomorrow boys!'