Howdy! Another story is being made! I may not work much on this one due to other projects, but I still want to do it. Plus, I've had a huge obsession with IMPACT Wrestling lately and a love for Ed Edd n Eddy. So, without further ado, enjoy!

Oh, and Sarah (my OC) belongs to me.

Chapter 1: Ed's Wish and Idea

It was eight o'clock on Thursday night and the sun was still up in the town of Peach Creek. Just a few seconds ago, fourteen-year-old Ed Alba was running down the basement stairs at his house quickly. His friends, Eddward "Double D" Duling and Eddy Verra followed him. All three of them were holding bowls of popcorn and cans of soda.

"Hurry guys! It's going to start!" Ed yelled as he quickly sat in front of his TV in his room, almost spilling his popcorn. He immediately flicked on the TV and switched it to channel sixty. His favorite pro wrestling show, IMPACT Wrestling, was on tonight, and he wasn't going to miss this episode! (This was actually the last episode of it being called TNA.)

"We're going to find out who the network executive is!" Ed said excited. Just then, the intro for the show started. "Yay!" He was jumping up and down. Eddy and Edd just stood there. "I wonder who the network executive is." Ed wondered. "Maybe it's Dixie Carter, or maybe it is actually Ric Flair! Or Goldberg!"

"Who cares, Ed? I watch WWE!" Eddy said. He obviously wasn't interested in the show.

"Eddy, this show is just as good, and I admit it. Even though I'm not a huge fan of professional wrestling." Edd explained.

Eddy sighed, "Why am I here?"

"Because, one, Ed invited us to watch this episode, and two, you said you had nothing to do."

"That's because I couldn't think of a scam!"

"Shush!" Ed hushed them. Just appearing on the screen, Jeff Jarrett and his wife, Karen, where coming out. Ed booed. "Booooo!"

Edd and Eddy went ahead and sat down next to him and watched.

Two hours later (or one hour and fifty-seven minutes to be exact), the main event match was close to ending. The twenty-five man battle royal was now down to two: Bully Ray and Mr. Anderson.

"Come on, Anderson!" Ed cheered on. "Beat that big meanie! Go! Go! Go!"

The other two Eds were now interested in it; well, at least Edd was.

"I wonder who will win this." Edd wondered.

Suddenly on the TV, Bully Ray was thrown over the top rope and fell to the ground. Ed jumped up with excitement.

"The winner of the twenty-five man battle royal, and the new number one contender, Mr. Anderson!" The ring announcer announced.

"YEAH!" Ed shouted. Eddy covered his ears.

"Yes, 'hooray' indeed." Edd agreed.

"That was an AWESOME episode!" Ed shouted again. He then leaped at the TV and hugged the screen.

"Uh, Ed?" Edd asked.

The lovable oaf hummed as he slowly laid down on the floor with a huge smile on his face. "Pro wrestlers are so awesome, especially the ones on IMPACT. I wish I was one."

"Pro wrestling's overrated!" Eddy butted in as he stood up from sitting on the floor. "I may watch WWE, but who would want to wear really tight pants or leather underwear and fight inside a square-shaped trampoline with ropes anyway?"

Edd went into the conversation, "That's beside the point, Eddy."

"But Eddy," Ed spoke back, "they can fly in the air by jumping off the turnbuckles, hit people with stuff, do really cool moves, and win championships!"

Eddy said in a mockingly tone, "Oh, they must be so famous!" After Eddy said that, his face turned from bored to happy. "Hey! Famous?"

"Yeah, Eddy!" Ed replied. "Just think if we were on IMPACT."

"Now gentlemen." Edd commented.

Ed continued, "We could join Fortune and defeat the evil Immortal!"

"Along with that, you can get a lot of fame!" Eddy added.

"Uh, gentlemen…" Edd tried to speak.

"I know!" Ed started to jump up and down. "And the crowd is cheering for you, that is if you're a good guy. If you're not, the crowd boos at you."

"And all you have to do is wear tights and punch people!"

"Alright, alright." Edd stopped their talking. "You know, being a professional wrestler isn't as easy as it looks."

Eddy looked at him. "How do you know, Sockhead? You're not a wrestler."

Edd replied, "No, I'm not. But I do know that it's not easy being one." He began pacing. "Before wrestlers go into the ring and perform for the crowd, they have to go through weeks, months, or maybe even years of training. Professional wrestling is all based on a storyline, but people can actually get hurt."

Ed went over to Edd and wrapped his arm around him. "Ah, don't worry about it, Double D! I'm tough enough, Eddy's tough enough, and you've gotten tougher since Season 1." There we go, fourth wall break.

"Hey! How about we get on a plane to Orlando and ask whoever owns the company to let us in?" Eddy suggested.

"Let's fly to Orlando, fellas!" Ed yelled.

Edd stopped them. "I hate to burst your bubbles, but there are two problems with this idea. One, plane tickets cost about four hundred dollars a piece. Two, if we did happen to go into IMPACT, they would probably laugh at us because we are too young to wrestle this kind of wrestling. I've heard that the youngest wrestler ever was the age of eighteen."

Ed groaned.

"Darn it!" Eddy said disappointed. "If only we could make our own wrestling company." Just a few seconds after he said that, a light bulb lit up on the top of his head. "That's it! If we can't go into an already existing wrestling organization due to our age, we can make our own!"

Ed gasped, "I LIKE IT! I LIKE IT!"

"But Eddy, we need-" Edd tried to speak again, but was interrupted.

Ed started talking, "We can create championships, make teams, and have it put on TV!"

"Guys-" Edd was again interrupted.

"Good idea, Ed!" Eddy agreed. "And we can find a place to have the wrestling, give it a name, and-"

"GUYS!" Edd shouted. Ed and Eddy were now quiet. "I appologize for the outburst, but in order for us to make our own wrestling organization, we'll need some adult help."

They thought for a minute, then Ed suggested, "What about our friend, Sarah? Not my sister Sarah, but the sixteen-year-old Sarah?"

"Sarah?" Eddy asked. "Why suggest her? She's not an adult."

Ed smiled, "Her brother is twenty-two. He can help us."

Edd got it. "That's not a bad idea. We'll have to ask her, though."

"Alright then." Eddy announced. "Since summer vacation is here, we can go and talk to her tomorrow."

Edd agreed. "Tomorrow is best. We'll some time to think this over." He looked over at Ed's clock as it read 10:04. "Well Ed, I guess me and Eddy better head back to our homes."

"Yeah. My dad is going to kill me if I'm not home by 10:15." Eddy said.

As Edd and Eddy walked up the basement steps and out the front door, Edd said to Ed, "Thanks for letting us watch wrestling with you."

"And don't forget, we got planning to do for our organization tomorrow!" Eddy added.

"Bye!" Ed waved as he watched his two friends head into their houses. He closed the door and walked back down to his room.

As he was walking down the steps, he sang, "We're going to become wrestlers! We're going to become wrestlers!"

That's when he got ready for bed.