The Choice

Okay, I love Red Dead Redemption. It was one of my favorite games.

And this idea just came to me. I hope you like it.

This is my first RDR fic and my first M rated one.

Rated M for:

Strong language

Use of drugs/alcohol



Yeah... you're average M rated fic XD

Written by a teenager mind you.






Alternate ending. John lives and he is faced with a choice. Stay at McFarlane's Ranch with his family and risk them being attacked. Or leave so that they would be safe but he would never see them again.

I hope you enjoy this :)

~Storm from The Storm-Mist account~


I don't exactly remember the words that were said in the game so sorry... :P

And note: I'm not the best writer.

Jack heard the gun fire behind him multiple times. He swallowed and pulled the reins of the painted horse that he and his mother were using to escape. The thought came to his mind, he just knew that it was his father who had been shot.

"What was that...?" His mother asked, her voice cracked with worry.

Jack fought to find his voice, "Let's go back and see..." He yanked the reins around, causing the horse to turn. One strike and they were racing back to the small ranch. When they got back the soldiers were gone.

Jack's face paled as he saw who was laying at the entrance to the barn. His father, John Marston, lay in a pool of blood. He wasn't moving and Jack feared the worse.

"Oh no..." His mother slipped off the horse in complete sobs.

Jack jumped down from the horse, running after his mother. He grabbed her arm, "Stop," He whispered, "They may still be around."

All she did was nod and he slowly made his way to his father's limp body, fighting back the tears that were trying hard to come out. As he got closer his heart skipped a beat at what he saw. His father's chest, it rose slightly.

His father was alive but barely.

"Mother," He turned back to her, "Ready the wagon. We need to get out of here. Father, he's alive but he needs help!"

End of the prologue.

I always make them short. Short with a cliffhanger at the end. It pulls the readers in XD

Anyway, please review and I ask. No flames. If I made a mistake then please tell it in a nice way.

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