The Beginning:

Billy Batson was a happy young man of 10 years. He aspired to become a fearless pilot like his Father, as well as a hero in the spirit of superman, his other idol. His mother, a quiet archaeologist, disapproves of Billy wanting to be like his father, fearing that the both of them would die in the cockpit.

After Billy's parents begin to return to Fawcett City after an archaelogical dig, their plane is suddenly downed by a bolt of lightning. Billy falls unconscious from the shock of the possible death of his parents, his spirit appearing within a dreamworld with a more bizarre version of the plane, his Mother and Father dressed in a strange red uniform with a familiar lightning bolt: They explain all along, they had been members of a secret society known as the Shazam Corps, and that Billy was considered by the one known as the Grand Wizard Of Time, and his allies, the once unnamed superbeings, who adopt the names of famous historical figures, such as Solomon, Hercules, ETC.

Billy is granted a strange tool from his father called ring of infinite marvels: A tool that allows him to channel the magic lightning in any way he sees fit, primarily to become a Marvel Corpsman, though in this case, to become an older version of himself to conceal his identity, and gain the powers his father had been bestowed, speaking the oath of the mystic corps:

"We shed light on the dark things, gifted with these rings,

to spread the teachings of Solomon,

and the courage of Achillies, however far our reaching.

This is our fight to ensure the right of life.

May The Dark Things Walk with strife,

To protect what is held near and dear. Hear the cry of...