Bryce's POV

I sigh and button my tuxedo. It's the 8th grade graduation dance, and no, Juli is not going with me. I heard she's going with Jon Trulock. Serves me right. I feel a little sick in my stomach. What type of idiot am I anyways? It took me 6 freaking years to finally realize that Juli was a gem. Too late now. Isigh and walk out my bedroom door.

"Who are taking?" Lynneta shouts from downstairs.


"Well at least ask a few girls to dance." This time it's my mom.

"I will," I lie. Honestly I can't like a single girl when I have Juli on my mind.

I sigh and look at Chet. He's the only one who can understand me. He nods his head and goes back to reading the newspaper.

"Bye Mom!" I shout as I walk out the door.

"Honey don't you want me to drop you?" There's a little bit of motherly concern in her voice.

"It's okay Mom" I call back. I think I just need some fresh air. I close the door and walk out. I look at Juli's yard and see the sycamore tree I planted. Of course it's still really small, but one day I'm going to climb it, and see what Juli saw.

One day.

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