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4 years later…

Bryce's POV

After the 8th grade graduation dance, everything almost seemed… normal. Garret was my friend again, I didn't get harassed in school anymore, Shelly and Miranda didn't like me anymore (Thank god), and eventually my parents had stopped fighting. Everything was perfect except for one thing; Juli still didn't like me. When I tried to sleep, every night, I could only think of the day I planted the sycamore. In some time I'm going to be graduating high school. I've already been accepted into UCLA, and for once I was happy. Lynetta now goes to Standford, and she's also happy.

My train of thought, is stopped when I hear my mother say at the breakfast table, "Hurry! You're going to be late." Snapping out of my thoughts I run out the door. High school was a big change from middle school. First of all, no more school buses. Second, there were a lot more parties. Third everyone in the school had a boyfriend, or girlfriend except for me and Juli.

I barely make it into the doors as the bell rings. I pant, completely out of breath. I crawl over to science.

"Good morning class. Today we will be learning about…"

You know how in Charlie Brown, when the teacher is talking, all that comes out is: "Blah, Blah, Blah…" That's what it felt like. Maybe because today's lesson was extra boring, or that I was too tired from running to school, to understand what he was saying. I'm going with option #1. I laid my head on the table and blacked out.

I woke up to the sound of cheering. Confused, I slowly raised my head up, amazed that the teacher hadn't caught me sleeping.

"What happened?" I whisper to Garret.

"We're having Prom this Friday! Can you believe it?"

I actually feel a little sad. Garret must notice it too.

"What's up with you Bryce?"

I sigh. Then I blurt everything out. "Everyone's going to have a date except me."

Garret's happy expression drops. He always hates it when his friends are a little down in the dumps.

"Well maybe you can find a date, who knows?"

"That's a big maybe." The bell rings for us to go to our next class.

"Well good luck!" I sigh, and mutter, "Thanks."

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