Humming cheerfully, Yamamoto shifted the bags in his arms, trying not to drop them as he unlocked the apartment. He was looking forward to a night of spaghetti, wine, and seducing his grumpy boyfriend, and then a lazy morning in bed with his lover. After a moment of fiddling with the key, there was a click and he pushed open the door, closing it behind him with his foot.

"I'm home," he called out. There was no response, but he hadn't expected one; the only sounds in the apartment was his locking the door and the faint sound of the fan turning in lazy circles above his head. He kicked off his shoes and deposited the grocery bags on the counter, then started down the hallway.

The apartment wasn't some posh retreat—a shared bedroom, an office, one bathroom, and furnished mostly with stuff bought from yard sales or salvaged from street corners or free-for-alls—but it was in a part of the city that the police didn't patrol regularly. It was also close enough to the Vongola Mansion that they could get there quickly if there was an emergency. That was what counted. Yamamoto would admit that he saw the appeal of a penthouse in a classy hotel, but in his line of work, drawing attention to himself was the last thing he wanted.

Plus, the neighborhood was colorful and the residents of this particular apartment were well known as Vongola; no one would dare try to rob them, and anyone who tried would find themselves on the receiving end of a vicious backlash from the neighborhood. Many of them depended on the Vongola Family for protection and safety, and wouldn't allow that to be threatened.

He found Hayato at his desk in the office, going through a pile of reports. Yamamoto folded his arms and leaned against the doorway, watching his lover with a soft smile. Mmm, he thought, admiring his lover. All this time later and Gokudera was still drop-dead sexy. His hair was shorter and he'd gained a few more scars (then, so had Takeshi), but he was still Yamamoto's angel.

It had been five years since the warehouse incident and the events surrounding it, and despite all the odds, they'd managed to stay together. They were a match made in hell; some days one wanted to kill the other, and some days the other Guardians wanted to just knock them both out, lock them in closet together and throw away the key. Gokudera was difficult and infuriating, and Yamamoto wouldn't trade him for anyone in the world, and he hoped Gokudera felt the same about him.

Gokudera knew he was there, but didn't acknowledge him and continued to sign off the paperwork; Yamamoto doubted he was even reading them. After a few moments, Yamamoto crossed the office they shared and wrapped his arms around Gokudera, kissing his temple.

"Mmm," he hummed. "You hungry, love?"

Gokudera made an uncommitted sound, not looking up. Takeshi sighed and put his hand on Gokudera's, extricating the pen. He kissed him again, this time on the side of his mouth, and nuzzled soft hair. "C'mon, Hayato, call it quits for the day," he murmured.

Gokudera hmmed and looked up at him; Yamamoto met him with a kiss. It was simple and chaste with no tongue, but their lips moved against each other out of habit; the sparks were still there, even five years later. After several moments, Yamamoto pulled back, grinning down at his lover. With that stupid grin still on his face, he leaned down and scooped Gokudera up into his arms.

"Oi!" Gokudera exclaimed in indignation, squirming. Yamamoto laughed, carrying his lover bridal style out of the office. "Maa, maa, Hayato. The paperwork can wait until tomorrow. Let's have dinner," his eyes twinkled, "and we can have some fun."

Gokudera stopped struggling and wrapped his arms around Takeshi's neck, pressing an open-mouthed kiss to Yamamoto's throat. "Or," he purred, "we can skip the dinner, grab the wine, and go straight to the fun."

Takeshi grinned and slid his hand up Gokudera's shirt, stopping briefly in the kitchen so Hayato could grab the wine and two glasses before heading to the bedroom.

"That is an excellent plan, Hay-a-to."


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