He puckered his lips around the end of the cigarette, his mouth creating a ring around the thin, long stick of chemicals. So terrible for you, but so delicious on the tongue.

Slowly, almost tediously, he drew in a long breath, inhaling the smoke from the cigarette. He leaned his head back onto the brick, exterior wall of McKinley High, and almost gracefully, he blew out the smoke. The stiff wall dug into his leather-clad back, and he watched the smoke drift towards the sky. Smoking was terrible for you, yes, but anyone who was walking by at the time would have to admit that it looked kind of cool.

It was literally Blaine Anderson's first day at McKinley, and he was already skipping class. He had just transferred from Dalton Academy, a private school for boys only. Blaine always thought it was funny, though, because what would a guy like him be doing in a private school? It wasn't like he even needed school, anyway. As far as he knew, he could probably out smart everyone in this whole goddamn town. As soon as he was finished this last year of school, he wouldn't have to deal with teachers always up in his face, shouting "you'd better straighten up your attitude, Blaine."

That always made Blaine burst out into cruel laughter, because he was just about as straight as a hula hoop. Sexually speaking, anyway. It wasn't a huge secret, and Blaine really didn't care who knew it. It didn't stop him from being able to get any girl he could get, though...after all, sex was sex. The gender really didn't matter to Blaine, even if he usually preferred boys. It was really just a matter of getting off, for him.

Outside in the foggy parking lot of McKinley, Blaine felt...calm. Tranquil. If an airplane were to crash and explode right there in the parking lot, it wouldn't faze him. Usually, being alone like this was the only thing that could make his life feel just a little bit less dreadful. Blaine stared at the mucky gray sky, threatening to release rain any second now.

Blaine took another long, slow drag on his cigarette. He held the smoke inside of him for a few seconds before releasing it in the direction of the parking lot. He loved the feeling of the smoke filling him up, surrounding him inside and out. He loved it because he was empty on the inside, so even having something as useless as smoke bottled inside of him made him feel a little better. Most people are made out of flesh, bones, organs, arteries, blood...well, Blaine was just a shell, hollowed out from the inside. He felt nothing most of the time.

With one last breath, Blaine exhaled and threw the cigarette butt on the ground, squishing it with his shoe and crunching it into the cement ground. He had no idea what time it was at the moment, and he left his beaten-up cell phone in his locker, so Blaine sighed. School interrupted his brief moment of peace, so he just ended up walking back into the school, just before the rain started to fall and hit the pavement.

The thing with Blaine Anderson was, you could never quite pin point what type of person he was. Most people took one look at his disheveled, menacing appearance and comprehended the hint to stay away from him. No one ever really gave the kid a chance, but at the same time, he never really gave anything else a chance, either. So being alone was really the best option.

The only time where Blaine could truly feel like there was something worth in his insignificant life was when no one was talking to him. When he could be alone on days like today, where he could smoke and look up at the sky in peace. He could turn into a rock, shutting out everything unimportant to him and simply think about nothing.

It was an art, really. Not many people could master the art of losing themselves.

Some adults could almost feel bad for Blaine, thinking he was a lost puppy or something who was misguided by his parents or fell into the wrong crowd. But even though there was some truth to that, the real reason was that Blaine just didn't have anything to care about or to believe in. So what was the point of wasting his time with annoying Lima-losers?

AN: With the end of the quite disappointing season finale of glee and the hiatus to go through, I thought I'd might write another story. Yes, as you can clearly see, it is a badboy! Blaine fic. Also, this entire fic was based off of the song "Born To Die" by the lovely miss Lana Del Rey. If you haven't heard the song, I highly recommend listening to it before you read this story. Her voice is quite a dream, and the lyrics just made me want to get at my laptop and write. I know it's been done, but I had to give it a try for myself. Also: Les Miserables trailer! Preview of the Land of Stories!