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The ride to the hospital was quiet nobody wanting to break the ice just wanting to take what all happened in and trying to cope with the situation in front of them. Megan seemed fine, she didn't remember anything but the blow to her face, but she could tell how upset the team was, they felt it was their fault. They felt if they hadn't took her to the bar, none of this would've happened. But Megan didn't want them to feel bad, she already told each and every one of them it wasn't their fault. But since they cared for Megan they still felt that way.

"We're here," Kate said, walking towards Megan to see if she needed any assistance.

"I'm fine," Megan said pushing Kate's hand away.

"Okay," Kate said, she was obviously hurt by the comment, but somewhat understood Megan. Since she had been working with Megan over three years she understood her coping method. She would usually go to the bodies, the victims; as Peter would say. But the only victim in the ambulance was herself, so she no other way to turn.

A week later-

A lot had changed since the incident. The team had stronger bonds, they were always there for each other, no matter what. They had also caught the rapist, his name was James Thorne, one of Megan's ex-boyfriends, there was a fight with James and Peter, as Megan was furious, cause he threatened to kidnap her. And Megan just watched through the paned window glass that separated her and her rapist. She watched, and worried. She knew that James always kept his word.

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