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A -"His bones are…shrinking? Just what the hell kind of Jutsu is this?" Apparently, it was the type to turn a fully grown teenager into a kid. A ridiculously cute kid with eyes like a freaking angel. The parental vibes ran through Kakashi like a disease. He wasn't entirely sure that was a good thing. Daddy!Kakashi, Cute!Naruto.


B- Naruto was cute enough when he was a rambunctious teenager- so what would happen if a forbidden Jutsu turned him into a four year old boy? He'd have everyone (especially Kakashi,) wrapped around his adorable, chubby little fingers. That's what. Daddy!Kakashi, Cute!Naruto.


C- "Kakashi, Naruto, is h-he?" Sakura couldn't bear to finish her question. "Well, he's not dead." Kakashi winced as a collective sigh of relief- and more than a few sobs- ran through the waiting room. "…But he has spontaneously transformed into a child." All eyes turned towards him. "Wait, what?" Daddy!Kakashi, Cute!Naruto.

A/N: I'm not sure what I'm doing about timeline. I might make it just before the fourth Shinobi war and just make my own turn of events. I kind of want most of it to be in Kohona, you know, Naruto leading the childhood he's never had with Kakashi (fangirl squeal) as his surrogate daddy. I want it to be filled with cuteness and emotional jazz3 (providing I can write emotionally.)

I've definitely made it after Pein's defeat. So he's the lil hero of Kohona still I might make the completely new course of events- I hate the way Sasuke has turned recently. Besides, I think the fact Naru would turn into a four year old would make a biiiiiiiiit of an impact.

Thoughts and opinions? Tell me what you want to happen! I'll take it all into account! TY3

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Chapter one- Well, he's not dead?

He wasn't sure if he could put up with the searing agony for much longer.

Is this death?

He was more than terrified; the voices screaming around him seemed to agree.

I'm…so scared…

"What the fuck's happening, Tsunade?"

Is that…sensei?

"Pin him down! Shizune, give me the damn morphine!"

He screamed against the restraints; the comforting hands smoothing down his blood-sodden hair did nothing against the panic and pain.

I'm dying…I don't- I don't want to go!

Tsunade shakily sighed with relief as the morphine started to run its course through his system. She glanced at Kakashi; the normally reserved and aloof Jounin was practically shaking with worry. His breath caught in his throat as a clammy hand weakly grasped his wrist with urgency. He looked up to see his student's pure blue eyes boring into him, a sense of betrayal and desperation clear in their depths.

Help…help me, sensei...I-

He held the eye contact until the blonde's eyes fluttered closed, he breathed in a long awaited breath that he hadn't even realized he'd been holding. His beloved student was now in a medically induced coma. Kakashi had seen many things whilst he was ANBU; things that would make the strongest of men feel absolutely revolted. He was an ANBU for double the recommended time, he was never affected by normally sickening sights- yet, he had the feint suspicion he was going to throw up any second.

"Hokage-sama." Kakashi eventually choked out. The disrespect from the heat of the moment was seemingly forgotten. He almost gagged again as he felt the bones cracking and grinding underneath his hand, where he held Naruto's wrist gently. He stilled and wrenched his hand away from the wrist as if he'd be burnt. The bones were re-arranging and compressing. "His bones are…shrinking? Just what kind of messed up Jutsu is this?"He was ushered away from Naruto's side by Shizune. The hospital's best medics were gathered in the emergency room, doing their utmost to save Naruto's life. Kakashi felt utterly useless, he hated the feeling. The last time he'd felt the same emotion was when Obito had died, and that almost destroyed him.

Tsunade was feeling the same. She'd worked hundreds of cases in the course of her life; but with one of her precious people on the surgical bed, the pressure felt like it was slowly killing her. Naruto was her surrogate brother, she do anything for her little 'gaki'. Everyone in the room felt the same choking tension; the hero of Kohona lay dead still on a steel surgical table covered with his own blood, his features were being pulverised from within. They were all cringing- and thanking Kami that he was unconscious. After they made sure his vitals were secure, Tsunade finally spoke.

"I think…I have an idea." She shook her head; it was such a ludicrous theory. "You said the attacker cast some sort of Jutsu after Naruto struck him down?" Her upper lip curled with disgust. Akatsuki, or what was left, hadn't ceased hiring a number of forces to capture the boy. Kakashi sharply nodded.

"I didn't see it. One second Naruto had taken him out and the next…they both were on the floor, the other Shinobi was dead and Naruto was…writhing. He was a missing-nin from the Mist; I know that much from his Hitai-ate. He was extremely skilled." He paused and scowled beneath his mask. They had just finished a mission. It was easy enough, delivering scrolls to an outpost just outside the village. Sakura and Sai had been busy; it was just the two of them. So close to Kohona- they're getting bolder.

"The missing nin- how did he die? Did he die straight away?" The silver haired Jounin eyed Tsunade curiously. Where was she going with this?

"Yes. As soon as he hit the ground." Tsunade's expression darkened.

"In your own opinion, should he have died that quickly from his injuries?" Kakashi didn't hesitate in answering; he'd thought it was strange as well.

"No. It would have taken several minutes for him to bleed to death."

"So, in theory, he could have cast a Jutsu on Naruto and given his own life, effective immediately?"

"I-Yes." Kakashi still didn't see what relevance this had- in his defence, he had never heard of the Jutsu she was considering. I want to know what the hell's happening to my student!

"I don't think this type of Jutsu had been cast in my lifetime, well, until now. By the way his bones are...crushing themselves and re-forming, it can only mean one thing. His aging is reversing."

"He's becoming younger? How the hell's that even possible?" He quickly glanced at Naruto, the only distinguishable feature being his whisker marks and the shock of blonde hair. The rest of him was mush.

"I've only ever heard stories of this Jutsu. They used it in the mist for their leaders- not recently either. It was supposed to be some type of immortality technique; unfortunately it's rather…unpredictable." Her head was beginning to throb with pain. The only reason she knew of this technique was from her immortality-obsessed former teammate, Orochimaru. The thought made her feel sick. Damn, I could kill for a drink.


"Hm. It completely reverses aging, meaning if you kept casting it on the same person, they'd stay young forever. The caster's dies though; it's too much for their body to handle."

"Alright, so what did you mean by unpredictable?" Kakashi still wasn't totally convinced; but he had heard weirder things. He also didn't like the way it seemed to click into place. Tsunade's expression became grave.

"You can't control how young they become. There was one case that was recorded in a poem; the person apparently vanished into nothing." Her brows furrowed and she looked at the blonde worriedly. Kakashi swore.

"We can fix this, right?" Tsunade shook her head.

"I can try, but I have no idea where to even start. I don't know what seals were used, the nature of the Jutsu, absolutely nothing!" She felt the urge to punch something, but withheld it.

Their conversation ceased as Naruto's body started to convulse. Tsunade barged past the staff to Naruto's side, Kakashi grudgingly stayed at the back of the room out of the way. The feeling of uselessness started to creep back in.

"Kami, I don't believe it!" Tsunade was in awe. All the personnel watched with morbid fascination as her theory proved to be correct. It was entirely different from just talking about it; the boy was transforming right in front of their eyes. Skin and bones shrunk and reformed, his limbs grew shorter and his face became less defined. A soft green glow covered his body as his skin seemed to rejuvenate, all signs of battle disappearing from his body. A violent tremor of alarm ran through her, she ripped his shirt off with a copious amount of strength, not bothering to hold back the loud sigh of relief as the seal was revealed to be perfectly intact. After another five minutes of violent convulsing, Naruto lay still.

Tsunade checked him over. She wasn't entirely surprised to find he was perfectly healthy, in fact, he was perfect. His skin was practically glowing and his lips were soft and moist. His short, chubby limbs were strong, the muscles and tendons seemed perfectly healthy. Nothing would have seemed amiss, if in front of her, didn't lay the body of a four year old boy. She almost smiled at how peaceful and innocent he looked, especially with the way his clothes dwarfed him. She couldn't help but lightly rub her hand on his cheek. Naruto's skin was baby-soft; it was ridiculous, it wasn't supposed to be soft. He'd just started to get stubble, for goodness sake! And, He's so…small.

"This is bad." Kakashi's panicked voice shook everyone from the awed stupor. Then the full force of the situation hit the Hokage. Naruto was so goddamn vulnerable. "Akatsuki didn't send the Nin to capture Naruto- they sent him to do this! Naruto can't fight in this form!" Another horrifying thought ran through him. "What about his memories? Does he forget? He's a sixteen year old boy in a kid's body!" He forced himself to take a deep breath to calm down. His posture relaxed but his eyes were still severely serious. "He's going to freak out ... Oh boy." He was so damn relieved his student wasn't dead, he wasn't sure if he could've taken another loss; especially not Naruto. But even so, he wasn't so sure the current situation was a heck of a lot better.

"I don't know. We'll have to see when he wakes up. He should be unconscious for another day at least; the morphine should wear off by then. I have no idea when he'll wake up naturally though, it could be anytime." She threw him a 'look.' "He did just morph into a child, after all. I don't even think the Kyuubi can help him recover straight away."

Whilst the two were talking, the nurses washed Naruto's body and stripped off his clothing. They replaced them with a crisp hospital robe; the sickly green clashed terribly with his tanned skin. Removing him from the steel table, they transferred him to a clean, comfy bed with white sheets; arranging the green blankets over him so he would be comfortable and warm. They couldn't help but notice how adorable he had gone through several emotions with this boy- fear and then respect- now they weren't sure whether to refer to him as a powerful ninja from their village, or a cute little boy they have to look after.

The six whiskers on his face used to terrify them; it was a sign of the dreaded Kyuubi. But now, they just added to the boy's cute, quirky appeal. They all felt the crippling guilt; they had treated the boy who saved the village like dirt beforehand, regardless of the kindness the rambunctious boy had shown others. Two of the nurses had even refused to go near him when he needed treatment. Shaking her head, one nurse ran her hand through Naruto's bright locks; his hair had grown by several inches. It resembled the Fourth's almost exactly; the only difference was it being a shade brighter.

The Sannin stripped herself of her bloody gloves and placed them in the bin. "His friends are waiting outside." She hesitated as she looked at the door; Kakashi was sharing the same emotion. He resisted the urge to rip out his hair.

"How are we supposed to tell them about this? Kami, Especially Sakura." He winced as he remembered the power that she packed from one punch. "She's going to kill me for not protecting him." Tsunade rolled her eyes.

"Well, that's your problem. Now, get the hell out while I finish up in here." She completely turned away from his gaze and turned her full attention to Naruto. His brain waves were normal and his immune system was completely brand new. Tsunade's first course of action was to fix him up with the annual inoculations. She wasn't going to take any risks with him anymore; her heart was still recovering from almost losing him this once.

Kakashi stepped over the pool of blood and walked past Naruto's bed to promptly exit through the door, but something made him stop. Looking the boy, his breath caught in his throat. That hair… Visions of his Sensei, the fourth Hokage practically hurled themselves at him; along with the guilt of not being there for Naruto when he was a child. Naruto had been alone. It was one of his biggest failures, one of many. It was one he had hoped to amend when Naruto had joined his Genin team; but it was so damn painful to look at him for too long. Plus, him and Sasuke were so alike…it has just been easier to focus on the Uchiha. Damn lot of good that did. He liked to think that he had done okay by Naruto after Sasuke's departure, but there was the lingering feeling that he could have done more. I could still do more. Forcing himself away from the tiny figure smothered in blankets, he left the room and strode down the hall. He itched to get his beloved Icha Icha from his pocket, but resisted the feeling of taking his usual demeanour; after all, he wasn't in a 'usual' situation.

Kakashi was only slightly surprised to see all of Naruto's friends gathered in the waiting room, even less so when he saw the state they were in. Sakura's hands were curled so tightly that her nails painfully cut into the palm of her hand. Her shoulders shook with sobs she dared not release, as if they would be an omen to the worst possible news she could imagine. I don't think- I can't take this! What the hell's going on? That idiot better not be dead or-or I'll… She couldn't stop the silent tears that burned down her face. Kohona was still in a state of emergency after the attack, she was exhausted, emotionally and physically. She could hardly deal with the news that her friend was in hospital on a normal day, but with everything going on, it was ten times worse.

The only one to notice Kakashi's presence was Shikamaru. He saw the frustration and fear unwillingly portrayed in the Nara's eyes and decided enough was enough. He coughed softly, more than a dozen heads snapped up to meet his gaze, steadying their selves for the worst. Some couldn't take the suspense; Ino and Konohamaru were already emitting loud sobs whilst Sakura and Hinata were doing their best the reign themselves in. The atmosphere of tension, depression and panic was all too apparent.

"Kakashi, Naruto, is h-he?" Sakura couldn't bear to finish her question. Kakashi started to sweat beneath his mask. Well shit, this is going to be hard to explain.

"Well, he's not dead." Kakashi winced as a collective sigh of relief- and more than a few sobs- ran through the waiting room. "…But he has spontaneously transformed into a child." All eyes turned towards him. Several moments seemed to pass; most expressions were uncomprehending- some even started to get angry. What he making some sort of joke?

"I'm not joking." His eyes became piercingly serious; everyone seemed to shiver under his gaze. "It's some sort of forbidden Jutsu. We don't know the 'ins and outs', but he has the body of a …let's say, a four year old." A tiny four year old. Well, he always was short. Shikamaru, although elated his close friend was not dead, groaned.

"This is so troublesome. What about his mind set?" Kakashi shook his head.

"Don't bother me with any questions. I have don't have your answers." A sense of realisation crashed down on everyone else in the room. Naruto- their Naruto was a kid? "But, he's healthy. More than healthy in fact, he's practically brand new. Now if you excuse me, I have to go fill in a report…"

"How could you let this happen?" Sakura's voice was livid. Not only had Kakashi failed to protect Naruto from injury, the lasting effects were serious! Though, her anger wasn't all aimed at her former sensei, he was the unfortunate scapegoat. Kakashi was more than ready to deal with it, he felt heavy with guilt already. "A kid? Are you kidding me?" Her voice started to reach hysterics towards to end of her sentence. Kakashi braced himself for the impending punch and was almost disappointed to see five others restrain her. Am I a masochist now? Hm.

He turned away without a word. He had to fill in this mission report. He shook his head, even with writing it down, it seemed ludicrous. Well, it is Naruto. I guess anything can happen. Though I'm not quite sure how he's going to top this one.