Papa Kakashi! Is hereby discontinued.

Now, I believe I owe you all an explanation.

To be honest, Papa Kakashi! was my first fic. The plot holes are far too large for me to write any more effectively without any major problems, and to be honest, the plot just disinterests me...and it's just not realistic.

The writing is mediocre, the chapters are far too short and the dialogue and reactions are poorly written.

I enjoy writing Family fics, especially with Kakashi involved, but this plot just screams weird to me. I mean, technically Naruto's still 16. He'll eventually have to turn back 16 when the time comes (or bye-bye worldy), and I just can't get that relationship dynamic though my head.

The plot is just far too difficult, especially for a simple family fic. I already have one timetravel, which is currently being rewritten, one Canon re-write, which has plenty KakaNaru!family-ish action if you want, and I've just entered A-level, which is basically the two last, and hardest years of school with a ton of work.

I just thought, why waste my time of a mediocre Family fic when I can rewrite a good one?

Therefore, I profusely apologize for abandoning this fic, but I can assure you, I won't leave it completely alone.

I'm taking major aspects of all of the little scenes in Papa Kakashi! and place them in my new story, (coming soon-ish, after my two other updates which should be around by the end of this month.)

Again, i'm very sorry and I hope you'll enjoy my other stories and my new family fic coming soon.

There will be a completely revised(and slightly plot modifed) version coming out called:

Parental Prodigy

(because I love a bitta alliteration)