+The Talk


In a life as a parent Dimitri and I have a few obligations in life. We are supposed to share wisdom in life, teach what's right and wrong and to always love and share with the world. It's not in the book but I think every parent has it in his or hers backbone. It's something you want your kid to know.

So there are a few things you have to explain and go through as a parent with your child.

The first one is The talk. To some it's the most embarrassing part because you don't know how to handle it. Or what to say.

My ideal is to be honest and answer what ever question as well as I can.

The time came for me to have the talk with Nikki. The funny part was that Dimitri and Nikki were very close but this he couldn't really deal with. So When it came to it he just smiled and left us alone as Nikki once asked for it.

We were sitting in the living room Dimitri and I talking about his mother, grandma and sisters coming to visit soon. In the middle of this Nikki came in with a frown on her face like she was thinking really hard on something. We stopped talking looking at her, "What's up honey?" I asked curious about the face.

"Why do-" she started but stopped, "I mean why do I get… get, uh you know my p-period?" She stuttered. Dimitri's eyes met mine and I could see he wanted me to take this and return he silently promised to take Alexei when it came to it. He smiled sitting up, "I'll let you guys talk" He smiled kissing Nikki's forehead before leaving the room. She looked a bit scared, as her father had left with out explanation. I padded the empty spot next to me, "C'mon" I smiled. She seemed a little scared as she sat down tugging her legs underneath her. "Dad's just not that comfortable talking about periods and sex around you, he love you but he's a coward" I teased.

She smiled, "It's kind of embarrassing to ask…"

"Then I'll try to make this as comfortable as possible, I'm going to ask everything you want to know and let's just pretend it's not embarrassing. You can ask anything with out feeling ashamed and it'll be easy for the both of us, ok?" I asked.

She nodded, "Seems fair"

"Ok good" I cleared my throat facing her, "Let's the period questions first. A woman gets a period as sort of a sign her body works or that you're not pregnant in other cases. You bleed because your ovary releases and egg every month. It travels to your uterus and when it's not fertilized it the membrane brakes as comes out the natural way"

"But why does it bleed?" she asked looking a little disgusted. I chuckled, "If the egg is not fertilized it's that to bleed and while you bleed you get rid of the fluids that creates and builds up in your uterus during the egg travels"

"Oh… seems kind of sane"

I snickered, "If you say so"

"So that's why you don't bleed during pregnancy, because the egg has been fertilized?" She asked.


"Ok, U have another question… Gemma in school asked me why I have I got my boobs first in class and I didn't know. No of the other girls have anything and here am I with A cups? What is up with that?"

"They grow because of the big hormone change, that and I you have my genes. You can relax, it's normal for a thirteen year old to start growing breasts, I was very early in puberty and all the girls hated me for getting all the boy attention only because I had boobs. But it's not like you nor I can help it. It's nothing you can do about it"

"Ok, if you say so, this wasn't as hard as I thought"

"Good" I smiled, "Anything else?"

"Not at the moment, thanks mom" She leaned forward and we hugged. I kissed her hair, "And don't be afraid to ask again, I'm here for you"

"I know, you tell me all the time" she smiled. She ahs such a lovely smile just like her dad!


The talk was something I hated when I was younger. I only had sisters that could share what ever what happening to them but I was alone. I was happy I didn't have to get my period or boobs because that was all my sisters talked about. I shivered thank god I'm not a girl!

I never really thought about the talk with Alexei, I never really thought of it at all what I could say, what I should say and so on.

I wasn't that freaked that time when Nikki was thirteen and asked about her period because I knew Rose would take care of it. Both because she new what it actually was and she wasn't embarrassed talking about it. Because she a girl and a mom.

So Alexei was left in my hands but the talk wasn't really much about dicks and balls like I first thought. It was more relationship stuff.

It was one day when Alexei just had turned fourteen, Nikki was Seventeen now and practically a full-grown woman thanks to her mother genes. I'm not a pervert, just saying…

So I was sitting in my office just putting away a few papers and some licenses for my guns and so as Alexei knocked on my door. His head peaked in, "Dad?"

I looked up, "Yeah?"

"Can we, can I ask you something?" He cupped his neck with his hand resting against the doorpost.

"Sure" I shrugged freeing my desk leaning forward as he sat down pulling the desk closer leaning in to. "What's up?"

"Well it's this girl"

Ah… I thought, here it comes, just take it slow don't be embarrassed and tell him the truth. Just like Rose told you to.


"And uh… she's kind of hot and we've been hanging out for a while and we kissed yesterday"

"Oh" I raised a brow in surprise, "Do you like her?"

"I don't know…" he shrugged, "Maybe?"

"So what do you want to know?"

"When do you know you like someone and when do you have sex?"

Wow, he was forward! I someone else who is…

"Well the first question is something I really can't tell you but I can say what I felt. When I first met your mom she made me crazy. After dating her a while it was like I couldn't stand her but I still couldn't be with out her. I'm not saying that you should hate/love her in anyway, but that feeling in your gut that tells you that person is special kind of gives it away" I smiled

"What's that feeling like?" He asked frown on his face.

"For me it's like when you see that special someone your guts starts to flutter and you don't really know what to do with your hands. Then your eyes starts to flicker and you swallow a hundred times before something comes out, then when you take the persons hand it all just stops. You relax and it's like you didn't understand why you were scared in the first place"

"So it's like going to the dentist at first and then the good feeling of getting out of there?" He asked. I chuckled, "In some ways yes"

"Ok, so what about the sex part?" He didn't seem very shy now and that kind of helped me to. Right now I'm pretty happy that we're talking just the two of us and we're leaving out the tension.

The sex thing scared me at first but there wasn't like I could ignore it so I just started easy.

"Do you know how it works?" I asked feeling a bit stupid. Alexei gave me a look, "Are you a virgin?" with a DUH? Kind of tone. I tried to hold back a smirk, "Good point" I leaned back in my chair, "Ok, sex is a very big thing. It's intimate and my opinion is that your first time should be with someone you feel comfortable with and that you both feel ready for it"

"So it's all about time?" He asked unsure.

"Kind of, at the time you feel ready and the person you decide to do it with is to you can both work things out but it's very important to protect yourself"

"Yeah I know, they tells us every week and hands out condoms at school like everyday!" Alexei rolled his eyes. "I wish they could hand out candy instead"

I laughed, "Well then I think you're covered, so who's this girl?"

"Just a girl in my class…" he squirmed in his seat, this was kind of fun!

"Oh" I winked, "What's she like?"

"She's cool, I think I like her but I don't know yet…"

"Ok, but don't do anything stupid, I don't want you turning into one of those players" I said firmly.

"Weren't you a player dad? At least that's what mom's says" He had a playful smile on his lips. He had that glint in his eyes the same Rose had when she just said something clever. I crossed my arms over my chest and sighed. "Your mom says a lot of things and I guess I was kind f a player but she helped me straight, so be a good guy all the way and you don't have to go through what I did"

"I guess I could do that"

"Good boy" I smiled. I knew that my kids would turn out good they had their mother's looks and my brain so I didn't have to worry.


(Still D POV)

Today was a big day. A day I wasn't a big fan off but for some goddamn reason it had to happen.

Nikki was bringing her new boyfriend home. Boyfriend.

I glared at the wall as I thought of the poisoned word that was making me sick. How the hell can she even have a boyfriend? She hasn't told me about it. I don't know anything about him! Nothing. She left me out.

Rose sighed as she was watching me in my silent discussion, "C'mon Dimitri stop moping! It's her first boyfriend, we're suppose to be supportive!" she explained.

"How the hell am I suppose to be supportive? He's touching my daughter, she's way to young for anything!"

"For Christ sake Dimitri" Rose groaned, "She's seventeen! And you know Jonah she's liked him since she was ten. They have been friends since they were eight, that's ten years Dimitri. That's further then both of us, what's your problem?"

"I like Jonah but after he started getting it on with my daughter it's not equally as fun anymore"

Rose hit her forehead with her hand, "Fine, it's ok for you to be a little angry with this but be nice ok? He's coming over in ten minutes and he's staying for dinner"

Dinner huh? Maybe I could-

"And don't you even dare thinking about poisoning his food nor loading your guns because I have a few guns myself and if you even dare to point that thing towards him you know what I'll do"

I rolled my eyes crossing my arms over my chest, "Fine, I won't poison him…"

"And?" she asked raising both her brows at me. I groaned, "And I won't reload my gun"

"Good boy" she said, "now go finish the food while I set the table" She spanked my ass as I passed her. I growled giving her a look and all I got back was a seductive smile and a wink. Women…

The doorbell rang and the moment of truth was here. Meeting the boyfriend, Nikki's boyfriend. Jonah. Jonah!

I had my hands in my pockets as Nikki stood by the door ready to open as Rose came running. "Wait a sec!" she yelled towards Nikki. She froze giving me a questioning look. I shrugged not knowing what she was doing.

"Hands out of your pockets" Rose said in front of me. I raised a brow with a mocking smirk on my lips, "You can't be serious"

"Dead serious, now hands out of your pockets!"


"Don't Roza me, just do it!" She demanded. I rolled my eyes lifting my hands up in the air.

She placed her hands at my chins slowly tracing upwards. I raised a brow towards her as she felt her way over my thighs.

I saw Nikki put her hand over her eyes sighing, "Mom please tell me you're not feeling dad up the second before I'm letting Jonah in?"

After feeling my biceps she pulled away, "All clear, no guns" she smiled, "Now open up!"

Nikki took a deep breath. This was actually no big deal, Jonah hung out here all the time and I actually liked the boy. But as you understand my sight on him changed slightly since he's old enough to touch my daughter. Jonah's face appeared wide grin. I noticed Rose glared at me and I noticed that I was growling in the back of my throat. I stopped as I saw the gaze in Nikki's eyes. They hugged and I could see that familiar glint in her eye. She has had that same glaze for things in her life that she really liked and brought close to her heart. I was torn between being happy for my little girl and stand by or threatening Jonah to his guts and tell him what I will do to him if he hurts her in any kind of way. The part that made me a little more confident was that Jonah already knew my profession and that both Rose and I worked there. Nikki and Alexei knew to of course, we'd told them a few years back when they started questioning out absents from time to time. So we'd told them in a discrete way but I think they got it. And after a while Nikki wanted Jonah to know because she never lied to him, she couldn't.

That part disturbed me because she was onto something that Rose and I already had. Sure I've known Jonah for a long time and I don't think he'll do something Nikki wouldn't want to. Both because I've taught her one or two things and he knows me and wouldn't want to get on the wrong side. So Maybe I'm just overreacting?

"Jonah!" Rose opened her arms for him to step into her embrace, she hugged him "I'm so glad you two found each other" she pulled back to look at him, "Very glad" she grinned. Jonah chuckled, "You're welcome I guess" Rose let go of him and he stepped back I noticed as he laced his fingers with Nikki's. I narrowed my eyes at him.

His eyes went up and met mine, "Mr. Belikov" he said politely holding his hand in front of him for me to shake. I noticed Nikki tense slightly I think she was thinking about the guns that I apparently wasn't wearing. Don't worry I have reinforcements. I smiled slightly shaking his hand, "You know better Jonah than to make me feel old, Dimitri" I corrected. His shoulders relaxed and his hold of Nikki relaxed to. My smile grew slightly; I guess I have some impact on the kid. Good.

"Ok good" Rose smiled, "I'll go get Alexei and then we can start eating"

I go to the kitchen stirring around in the pots and checking the steak in the oven. Rose had demanded a nice dinner that would take me at least two hours making. Well what don't you do for the woman you love?

As I wait for the potatoes to finish I feel a set of hands slide along my waist and move down towards my waistband. I smile with out looking down because I would know these hands anywhere!

"Roza what are you doing?" I ask stirring in the vegetables. There was a snicker before I felt her thumb trace the inside of my waistband. I spun around in a quick movement her arms still around my waist as I trapped her in my embrace. "You're asking for trouble Mrs. Belikov"

A sexy smirk painted her lips and she raised a brow, "Yeah? What are you going to do to me Mr. Belikov?" I don't know but us calling each other by our titles Mr. and Mrs. It's such a turn on. It's sounds weird, but damn the way her lips move when she say's Mr. Belikov.

She pulled me out of my thoughts by tracing a finger down my jaw to my mouth before tracing it along my bottom lip. I captured it with my lips and she strangled a moan tilting her head back closing her eyes as I nibbled on her finger. She met my gaze again and both of us smirked. I released her finger leaning down resting my forehead against hers. "You don't know what I would do to you if the house were empty right now" I growled into her ear. She breathed a chuckle as my hand traveled down grabbing her calf hitching it up on my hip "You know you could show me-"

I stopped listening when I heard something that I didn't like very much. A sound that I didn't like at all! A moan.

Ok I loved it when it came from Rose but hearing it from the hall Rose was out of options for making the noise. Nikki.

"Dimitri?" Rose asked still in my arms. I looked down on her meeting her confused look, "What's wrong?" she asked frowning slightly.

"Did you hear that?" I asked. Then it came again. A low strangled moan from the hallway and my face scrunched into a fierce looking grim face. I was just about to let her go and get out of there and stop their little make out session but right the second before I felt Rose hand grab my cheek getting my focus straight away. Her eyes narrowed towards me, "Don't you even dare to ruin this for her" She hissed through her teeth. I let go of her leg, "What?" I hissed, "They're making out in the hallway! What do you want me to do?" I whispered angrily.

"It's her first boyfriend, so shut the fuck up and stop being such a hard headed man!"

"She my daughter I'm just protecting her" I snapped.

"You're not protecting her by ruining her life" She snapped back. I let go of her running my hands through my hair groaning silently, "I'm not ruining anything I'm just looking out for her"

Rose put a hand over her eyes, "Dimitri just please don't get into her business let's her take care of this and work things out on her own. You can't protect her from everything"

Her last reason kind of got to me and I took a few moments to calm myself down so I wouldn't do anything stupid. I took a deep breath, "Fine, I won't butt in" I said calmly.

Rose studied me for a few seconds before saying, "Good, now give me a kiss"

I roll my eyes trying to relax leaning down to kiss her when I hear the moaning again. I freeze one millimeter from her lips. Our eyes met and her hands were on each side of my face so I couldn't move. But that didn't stop me from saying anything.

"Nikki Janine Belikov if you don't want me to come out there you better stop whatever you're doing!" I said firmly. Right after Rose hit her forehead with her hand as she thought I'd ruined all of it. I didn't agree.

All the came from the hallway was firstly silence before some stumbling and some hushed whispering. Rose let go of me and out of nowhere she hit me quite hard in the back of my head. "OW! What was that for?" I groaned looking at her. She sighed shaking her head towards me before turning away, "It's ok honey you can go do what ever you want, daddy's just being hard headed" She gave me a death glare on hard headed. I crossed my arms over my chest as I started getting annoyed by her attitude.

Nikki and Jonah appeared on their way towards the stairs and her room, she stopped for a second meeting my gaze, "Sorry dad" she said sheepishly. I didn't say anything at first until Rose elbowed me. "It's ok sweetie" I pressed a smile on my lips, "I'm just overreacting" I sighed. She gave me a sweet Nikki smile before she disappeared with Jonah in her heels. I was about to open my mouth again but Rose put her hand over my mouth. "Don't you even dare to ask her to keep the door open"

"She's just seventeen!" I said into her hand sounding like gibberish but she understood anyway.

"Almost eighteen and remember what we did when I was eighteen?" She asked raising her brows. I narrowed my eyes at her removing her hand from my mouth, "That's not the same thing"

"It's exactly the same" Rose exclaimed, "Stop being such a baby and grow up. She's growing up Dimitri and there's nothing you can do"

"Oh believe there are tons of things I can-"

"Do you want me to call your mother?" Rose asked hands on her hips bitchy look on her face.

"Is that a threat?"

We had a staring contest and soon she gave up, "Could we please stop arguing about this and talk about something else?" her shoulders dropped and I guess this conversation would get us nowhere.

"What do you want to talk about?" I asked quietly and I stirred in the vegetables. She took a step forward stopping as her feet were flush with mine, "We could" she caught my attention my stroking my chest with her hands. "We could talk the those things we did when I was eighteen" She bit down her lip as our eyes met. I narrowed my eyes focusing on her lips, "Like what?"

She leaned into me as I leaned against the bench whispering in my ear, "Remember that time in Montana in the woods?" I barely noticed she unbuttoned the top button on my shirt. "The time when I weren't wearing any underwear?" She sucked my earlobe between her teeth as one of her hands stroked my neck and the other one traveling down right about to cup my ass-

"Mom! Stop groping dad" Alexei whined from behind us.

"Alexei" Rose gasped in surprise as she spun around, "Do-do you even know what groping is?"

"It's what you just did"

Rose looked speechless staring at her son. I chuckled, "Touché"

Rose shot me a glare and I pecked her lips, "Go tell the other that dinners ready and Alexei will help me set the table"

For once she did as she was told and went to the stairs. "C'mon handsome" I said to Alexei, "help me set the table"

"Isn't that girl's duty?"

"Do I look like a girl?" I asked raising a brow towards my fourteen-year-old son. He grinned taking the plates from my hands and started placing them on the table. I put some glasses on there and silverware. I grabbed some napkins and lights placing them neatly on the table. Right as we were done Nikki followed by Rose and a laughing Jonah entered. Rose was telling Jonah some story and he seemed interested and laughed at her joke. Alexei sat down on his spot and Nikki came up to me. She kissed my cheek "It smells really good!"

"Thank you" I smiled. She rested her head on my shoulder, "I love you dad!" she murmured for no reason. I sighed before kissing her hair, "Love you to Nikki"

I squeezed her shoulder before I told everyone to sit down before I put the food on the table. Rose sat down next to me – I guess she wanted to be close in case I did something stupid, Alexei sat on the corner of the table and Nikki and Jonah across from us.

The food was now on the table and we started digging in. I took a bite of the steak looking over at Jonah, "So Jonah, when did you decide to start grope-" Rose stepped on my foot before I could finish that sentence so I cleared my throat and said, "I mean dating Nikki?" I smiled towards him but I could feel anger boiling within Rose but I ignored it.

"Uh… after we went to prom last year I kind of started to like her more than a friend"

"Well who wouldn't" Rose smiled taking a bite of her steak, "You to looked so cute last prom"

Nikki blushed looking down at her plate pushing the food around. I guess she kind of regretted having Jonah over by now. Well we can't turn back time now!

The dinner continued better than I thought. We talked about the ordinary stuff and after a while if felt like normal when Jonah use to stay over for dinner. Alexei left to watch TV, which left us four alone. Rose leaned forward, "So Jonah I hope you're not being too touchy with my little girl? We wouldn't want the beast also called my husband to go ballistic on you" She chuckled. Jonah grinned, "No we're very basic" he said casually, "Until we're behind closed doors" I think that went meant to be a joke but I didn't take it that way. Definitely not that way.

Being the good father as I am I'd hidden a gun in the oven mitt I used to put the steak on the table. So I flipped the gun out pointing it towards Jonah, "Come again?"

In a microsecond Rose also had a gun out to but it wasn't pointed towards Jonah. I pointed towards me… Lucky day!

"I knew I should've check the oven mitt!" Rose cursed. "Dimitri put the gun down or I'll promise you that this won't end well!"

"Oh so you can have a gun around the new boyfriend but I can't?" I asked childishly. She rolled her eyes, "Stop PMSing and hand over the gun before I shoot your right foot"

"You've already shot my right foot once" I challenged her. She groaned "Then I'll shoot your left foot then"

"Mom! Dad!" Nikki's voice stopped out little arguing. "Put the guns down right now!" She yelled frantic her voice yet firm and noticeable. Both of us relaxed slightly after glaring at one another. I noticed the terrified look on Jonah's face as he had a gun pointed towards him, at least I'd given him a good scare!

Nikki was standing up on the other side of the table hands up towards the both of us, "I can't believe you to" she said staring at us. As if on queue the both of us took our guns down feeling slightly ashamed since we'd gotten her mad and disappointed at us.

"Now put the guns away" she said sitting down again giving Jonah a look saying sorry. I took a deep breath looking over at Rose who met my gaze. For some reason we shared a small smile before I handed Rose my gun.

Out of nowhere Alexei's head popped in, "Can I have dad's gun mom?" Alexei asked a little to cheery after what just happened.

"No!" She said firmly putting on the safety lock and put the guns away. She sat down by the table like nothing had happened and smiling again, "So Jonah do you want some more gravy?"



I'm still pretty impressed Dimitri hasn't pulled a gun towards Jonah one single time during these last four years. He's been very good actually! I was a little worried from time to time when there came some pretty exciting noises from Nikki's room but after a cold shower from no other then myself he calmed down has learned to ignore certain things. That's how I survive.

So now it's time again but this time it's Alexei's turn. I can't believe it's already been four years since Jonah and Nikki got it together. She's already twenty-one and moved into the city to go to collage with her friends. She shares a flat with two friends since she was wise enough not to move in with Jonah too early. I think she must've gotten that wise part from Dimitri and maybe she went a little scared after I once told her about our little breakup after marrying one another. But they're still fine and are coming home for dinner both her and Jonah to meet this special that has caught my little boy head over heels.

Alexei have had quite a history with the ladies, I've tried to keep him in check but right now boys will be boys. But I've made sure to tell him that if he ever hurts a girl badly he will feel my wrath.

About a half a year ago I notice him struggling with something. I couldn't really get what until Dimitri actually explained it to me. He was going in deep for someone special. Fighting, flirting in the right order to get what he wanted. I don't blame him since he's both a Hathaway and Belikov, so for once I hope the girl puts up a fight so he can show her what he's got!

Tonight was the glory day when we were getting to meet her for the first time and Alexei had told us a few times not to over do it and don't scare her away. But I don't think this girl was shy. Dating Alexei you can't be shy… He's pretty open hearted and speaks about pretty much everything – which he proudly had gotten from me!

I think more nervous about what she will think then what we will so I take it as she's quite the catch.

Dimitri and I were getting ready in our bedroom as we waited for our new family addition to enter our house.

I put on a pair of black tight fitting jeans and a see-through red blouse with a black top underneath. I was standing by the vanity Dimitri had bought me a few years ago in anniversary present.

"Are you nervous?" I saw Dimitri's smirking face in the mirror and I huffed, "I see to be more nervous than you do." I straightened up, "And I hope for your own sake that you're not carrying a gun, because I sure as hell have my hide outs to now"

He chuckled, "No guns, no mood swings, I'm calm as a clam"

I frowned, "Really?"

He smiled shrugging his shoulder as he put his hands in his pockets. I narrowed my eyes at him, "Why not?"

"Why not what?" He frowned but the smile was still there.

"Why not react the same way you did with Nikki?" I crossed my arms over my chest, "Is Alexei date not as important as Nikki's were?" I asked a bit harsh.

He rolled his eyes, "No it's just… Nikki was my little girl and growing up so fast I've gotten use to it now so I won't embarrass Alexei"

"Is this about girls being weak and you have to be there protecting her but not him I will shoot your ass" I said a bit uptight. He studied me for a second before he came closer putting his hands on my shoulders. I tensed but as they slowly slid down stopping by my elbows in a soft grip I relaxed.

"Roza" Dimitri said in a calm voice, "What's wrong?"

I felt my heart speed up now that he had caught me with my little fear that I'd been hiding so well this past week. "You've been up tight all week!" He said then. I guess I weren't hiding it very well anyway…

"I guess I just kind, kind of nervous." I admitted with out even thinking. After being married to this man for so many years it didn't even pay off trying to lie because he would just get it out of me in the most painful way – kissing my neck, teasing – and then get his way so I've stopped fighting it and given in to the curse that is the truth.

"Really?" He smiled.

"Stop smiling, it's not funny!" I said moving away from him wrapping my arms around myself, "What if she's too good to be true and I barely see my little boy anymore? And what if she's not good enough?" I turned to Dimitri as panic started building up. "What if she can't cook, clean and give him space like she should and he's trapped in his death trap that I can't get him out of!" My voice had gone up one octave as I felt Dimitri's warm calming hands on my shoulders I stopped. He led my over to the bed and ordered me to sit down. Boy I really needed one of his speeches right now!

"Deep breath" he instructed. Inhale. Exhale. I looked into his eyes, "This is going to be fine Roza" He caressed my cheek brushing hair away.

"How do you know?" I asked with a small voice.

"Because I'm a guy, I know these kind of things. That's why I was so nervous about Nikki. Because I only new the guy way to see things and I didn't know how my little girl would or if she eve could handle it. That what's your going through right now, " He said taking my hand "But you're going to do fine and not pull a gun in her face when ever she let's something slip ok?"

I smiled at the last one. "Ok" I nodded. He leaned in and planted a kiss on my lips calming me down to the fullest. I moaned into the kiss as I braided my fingers into his hair. We didn't have much time to ourselves these days and we hadn't had much time since the kids grew older and needed out attention in other ways then butt wiping and feeding.

So a kiss was enough to turn me on these days. But of course there was a knock on the door, "Mom? Dad? I know you're in there probably kissing but I'm coming in anyway!" Alexei's head popped in with a hand cross his eyes to hide from what ever was behind out bedroom door. We pulled away both of us smiling towards him.

"It's safe Alexei" Dimitri chuckled, "Just holding hands" Right then Dimitri's fingers laced through mine and I was good. This would be fine!

Alexei looked and relaxed as what Dimitri just said was true. "Ok so" he cleared his throat, "How do I look?" He took a slow spin.

He worse dark gray jeans that hung on his hips loosely and on top of that he worse a dark green and black checkered flannel shirt with rolled up sleeves. He was an exact copy of Dimitri with the tall frame and lean and muscular arms. His hair was long but not as long as his fathers and a bit more layered in lengths. I smiled holding back a few lame tears as I got up fixing his shirt collar and hair "You look so handsome" I bit my lip holding it all back. His smile lit up, "Thanks mom and don't cry" he chuckled pulling me in for a hug, "It's not like I'm running away with her"

I sobbed a chuckle, "Don't even do that! I will hunt you down you know" I threatened. He dried a small tear away, "I know, that's the bad side with having badass agent parents"

He teased. Dimitri stepped closer putting a hand on Alexei's shoulder and one around me, "You couldn't look better!" he smiled, "You look just as good as I did at your age" he winked. I snorted a laugh, "Don't over do it honey"

"What? I was a catch!" he said looking down on me offended. I patted his chest, "You keep telling yourself that!" I teased getting focus back on Alexei, "You look great honey, when is she coming?"

He checked his watch, "Any second now, dinners ready?"

"Yes, just waiting for her and your sister" Dimitri said checking his phone before putting it in his pocket.

We headed downstairs and I helped Dimitri with the final touches. I had set the table in the living room since we had more room there. The fire was burning in the fireplace by the couches and I put on some Michael Buble to set a soft mood in the background. I headed back into the kitchen were my six foot seven gorgeous piece of husband stood by the stove dressed in all black. I smiled tapping his back so he would turn around. He met my gaze and a warm smile hit his lips, "Well if it isn't my beautiful wife"

I blushed slightly but get the smile, "I'm pretty damn beautiful aren't I?" I teased snaking my arms around his massive form. He chuckled, "You said the words not me" his lips met mine and I strangled a moan. Dimitri hands landed on my hips and leaned into him.

Then there was some snickering and we broke apart, "And they're making out in the kitchen" Alexei's smiling face leaned against the door frame and next to him was no other then his older sister and her boyfriend.

"I still can't believe after over what twenty years together they're still so in love" Nikki teased smiling towards us. Both Dimitri and I chuckled and I rested my head on his chest, "It's hard not to love your father!" I admitted burying my face in his shirt. Dimitri kissed my hair, "Like your mother said, it's hard not to love me"

I pulled away rolling my eyes. Before we could start bickering at one another the doorbell rang and the room froze.

"She's here!" I squealed bursting out from nowhere. All eyes on me, brows raised and I blushed slightly, "I'm a little over excited…"

Alexei hit his forehead with his palm before disappeared towards the door. Nikki giggled, "C'mon let's see the new addition to the family"

We were all in her heels as we gathered by the door but before we could get a glint of her Alexei had snuck out closing the door. I guess he needed to make sure she hadn't changed her mind. Or more like if she wanted to skip this and go somewhere else.

A few minutes went by and when the others started small talking my patient was long gone so I tiptoed over to the door and silently opened it peeking to see what was going on.

The sight was so cute as it could and as a mother I just wanted to run and grab the camera and take five million pictures of them.

Alexei had his back towards me as he had his arms around his girl who I couldn't see very well but they were in each other's arms speaking silently.

"It can't be that bad" her voice said and I swear I could make out a smile in there.

"I think it can and that we should run away, though I can bet money my mother would find us…" he sighed. I could see her fingers playing with his hair in the back of his neck.

"I just want you to myself" I heard him whisper and I just could keep quiet any longer.

"AW!" I busted out letting go of the the door so it went wide open breaking the cute moment and Alexei looked over his shoulder, "MOM!" he whined when he saw me.

I smiled towards him apologetically trying to back off discretely, but of course I had to stumble on the doorstep. But of course my wonderful man caught me before I even realized I was headed down the floor. Alexei reacted to but noticed Dimitri and stayed over with his girlfriend. Alexei sighed shaking his head towards me holding back a smile, "Nice entrance mom"

"Thank you" I said stupidly.

"Well you know your mother" Dimitri said straightening me up keeping one arm around my waist to secure me. "Famous for butting into other peoples business" I elbowed him as I kept the smile on my face. Now I had my time to take a good look at her. She was tall, taller than me – I'm not very tall though… but she was fairly tall next to Alexei. She had a very nice looking figure with a little bit of everything on all the right places. She worse a long gray tricot dress with no sleeves and a long black vest on top, also sleeveless. A very pretty necklace hung around her neck ending on the middle on her stomach.

When my eyes reached her face I felt so at ease. Her smile was so warm and lovely. She had dark blue eyes framed with black lashes. Her hair were in a very dark brow pretty much black color, it was long with a smaller size curls all over her hair. It wasn't crazy hair, more like soft angel hair. Our eyes met and I smiled towards her, when her smile grew as she saw me I new she was good enough. The question was now if Alexei could keep up with her. I guess only time will tell.

"Mrs. Belikov I'm Winona!" She said with a faint accent. British?

She held out a hand put I just moved past it pulling her in for a hug which she returned "It's Rose" I said with this phony smile on my face. "Mrs. Belikov is to formal"

I could see that she relaxed a bit when I said that, poor girl must've been nervous anyway.

Right then I noticed Alexei beside her taking back focus, "Since you've already met my mom" he gave me a look and I stepped back so she wouldn't get too frightened. "This is my dad Dimitri"

Dimitri smiled stepping forward giving her a light hug to. "Wow" she said when she pulled back. Dimitri gave her a questioning yet amused look and she put a hand over her mouth, "Sorry, I've just always wondered where Alexei got his wicked hair from, I just got answer" She blushed slightly. Dimitri chuckled, "I take that as a compliment"

She just smiled that awesome smile of hers.

"My sister Nikki and her boyfriend Jonah"

Nikki stepped forward giving Winona a hug to, "Excuse mom, she's a bit forward" she chuckled and I rolled my eyes as Dimitri pulled me closer.

"Don't worry, I'm use to Alexei so that was nothing" she teased. Nikki and I laughed, "The girl has attitude" I snickered, "I like you already"

Jonah said hi shaking her hand politely. Dimitri stepped into the kitchen to make the final touches and Nikki followed to help. Winona stepped up to me as I was about to turn around, "I just have to say that I love your hair!" She said. I was a bit stunned, I chuckled, "You're the one to talk your curls are just amazing!" I said brushing them away. She snickered, "Thank you, they're more of a curse then a blessing" she grimaced slightly touching her hair. "Well I like it and I think you should to" I said leading her into the living room sitting down in the couch. She chuckled, "Alexei tells me the same thing"

"And she doesn't listen to me" Alexei filled in, "She's just like you mom"

We sat down in the couch, "Hey! I always listen to you"

"Sure about that?" He raised a brow while smirking towards me. I rolled my eyes before turning towards Winona again, "Sorry, I thought I'd raised him better" I teased.

"Well what can you do?" Winona laughed and I laughed with her.

Dimitri entered the room with Nikki and Jonah carrying trays with glasses of drinks before dinner. After everyone got one and Dimitri sat safely next to me I had to ask something, "Sorry but I have to ask, how did you two meet?"

Winona smiled looking over at my boy and chuckled at him. "That's a very complicated question" she snickered.

"How?" I asked.

"Well we met half a year ago for the first time but we didn't get together until a few weeks back"

"A few weeks?" My eyes went wide before I reached behind Winona to hit Alexei in the back of his head.

"Ma! What was that for?" He asked rubbing his head.

"For keeping it a secret" I said giving him a look and he just ignored it.

"So tell us the whole story then" said Dimitri from beside me, "Nikki's story wasn't much to talk about but this one might" he teased giving Nikki a funny look. She playfully hit his arm before returning the focus. "C'mon we really want to know" She smiled towards Winona. "It must be an interesting story if you're with my brother"

"Hey!" Alexei said shooting his sister a glare but it all stopped as Winona leaned into him slightly and he instantly put an arm around her. "Ok so do I start?"

"You start and I'll fill in the details" She smiled towards him.

"Ok, the first time in the hall I saw her I knew she wasn't from around here. She had this new look and I was very game to meet her. So I turned on my Belikov charm and went to her to say hi" He paused and looked over at Winona and they both smiled at what was coming, "And even before I could say anything she turned around eyeing me head to toe saying: I know what you're going to say and no it didn't hurt when I fell from heaven because I'm from Manchester, England. I also don't want your number because you obviously have your phone packed so if you just go back to were you came from I would be very pleased. Thank you! Then she just smiled and returned to her locker. I had been stunned and I just couldn't let her be!" He admitted.

"I agree," Winona chuckled, "Where ever I went he was always there and I just couldn't get him away from me. So one night I think it was about two months ago at a party at some friends he was there again. So I took matter in my own hands and walked up to him asking what he wanted with me" She had all of us caught up in the story and I almost wanted some popcorn while listening.

"So when she came up to me I kind of panicked" Alexei filled in, "So when she asked what I wanted with I kind of blew it"

"What? What did he say?" I asked sitting up slightly. Winona smirked towards Alexei, "He told me Well that depends how far you want to go!" I hit my head with my hand towards his big miss and I can't believe that after so many years Dimitri and I still didn't get manners into his tiny head.

"So I slapped him because I didn't take his comment very well…"

"So that's why you came home with that red mark on your cheek?" Nikki chuckled.

"Not exactly…" Alexei said looking a bit uncomfortable. Winona had this satisfied grin on her lips "No he got that one when I slapped him the second time"

"You got slapped twice?" Jonah asked now with a frown on his face and Alexei looked a bit embarrassed. Winona grabbed his, "Only because he was talking before thinking, so after a few embarrassing moments he finally got the words out that he wanted to hang out sometime I agreed to it and here we are"

The room was silent until Dimitri cleared his throat, "So Alexei" he had this playful smirk on his face "Do you often get beaten by chicks?"

"Shut up dad!" He tried to look mad but his smile betrayed him.

The happiness within me knowing that my little boy was safe in another woman's hands gave me peace from that day and on. Both my kid had taken a big step and I couldn't be prouder. We might not be a normal family. Our kids has parents with guns in the kitchen and threaten their boyfriends with them, but what would we be with out that? A pretty damn boring family I would say.

Catch up

(Still R POV)

I sighed falling down onto my bed. I was dead on my feet after a pair of new heels I was trying to get use to. They're just a bit taller then my usual but it's still such a difference between them. So my feet are close to falling off and I didn't get a Welcome home kiss when I got home because Dimitri was in the shower. I sighed again.

My kids are all moved out and I just turned thirty-nine! Dimitri's four years ahead of me and It wouldn't surprise me if I got grandkids by forty five… Gosh I'm so old! Grandmother Rose. I sound like a eighty year old hag living alone…

I groaned just thinking about it and turned around burying my face in the duvet. I listened to the water pouring next door in our bathroom and heard him humming on a melody I didn't recognize. He seemed to be in a awfully good mood for working from home. He's usual restless or quiet because he's thinking a little too much. The shower turned off and the humming increased as he stepped out of the shower cabin. There was a moment of silence before he started moving probably brushing his hair, drying it and shaving.

I heard him making his way into our bedroom and stop probably noticing me face down on the bed. There was some shuffling and suddenly I was flipped around with my fresh husband hovering over me bright smile. "Hello Beautiful" I was about to return the answer and start whining how dead I was but his lips caught me off guard.

His lips had an even pressure on mine, and the warmth coming from him made me dizzy.

I opened my mouth with out him even asking for it and his tongue was doing magic and I barely knew my own name anymore. I lifted my hands from my sides as my fingertips traced his features. He hadn't shaved but the slightly stubble on his cheeks sent me to the moon since I loved him a little ruff around the edges. He pulled away slightly and before I could get out of the haze his lips were on me again for a softer more lingering kiss. I moaned as he pulled away. Now that's what I call a Welcome home kiss!

"You seemed to be in a good mood. What's up?" I raised my brows while looking at him.

"I realized something today" He smiled childishly. I frowned while snorting a laugh, "Yeah? And what was that?"

"I'm not even forty-five and my kids are all moved out and I can have spontaneous crazy sex with you whenever I want again!"

I was taken back. All through our years together with me pregnant and all I've had all these phases that could drive Dimitri mad yet he still stayed and lived through it.

"That was new" I chuckled, "Is this some sort of new phase?"

He chuckled, "I don't know but I suddenly feel so free. Not that I don't love our kids but it feels like I barely know you anymore yet I still know you inside out!" He was in a high and I couldn't help to laugh. I've heard men can go through phase's when the kids are all gone but if this was the case I hope it'll never go away!

"You know" he started and I gasped as I felt his warm hands on my naked thigh pulling up the fabric of my skirt. He smirked since he knew his impact on me, "I've missed you"

My breathing turned up a notch as he started nibbling on my skin down my neck along my chest and down towards my boobs. "I've missed you so much" he mumbled against my skin. He started unbuttoning buttons freeing my chest from the cotton prison. He pulled away grinning, "And boy have I missed you girls"

I chuckled "We're all very happy to see you to" I winked. I pulled him in for a passionate kiss and when I felt his hands by the edge of my skirt I stopped him pushing him away slightly, "What?" he asked pouting slightly.

"Let me undress for you" I said narrowing my eyes at him. "Let me slowly remove all my clothes until I'm" I traced a finger along his chest, "Butt naked." I murmured sexily. He growled silently in the back of his throat as he bit his lower lip. He nodded capturing my lips before I could move. I rolled us around so I was on top kissing him fiercely before moving down towards his already naked chest. I peaked down and I noticed he was already rock hard and glorified in his all nakedness. "See anything you like?" I could head the smirk in his voice. I bit my bottom lip meeting his gaze, "Maybe I should hurry since I'm so overdressed" I slid my hands down his stomach as I slid off the bed. Right before I stepped back I let my hand lightly touch his rock hard cock making his hiss. I smirked as I backed away from him so he could get a full view on me. My shirt was halfway unbuttoned in a teasing kind of way. Dimitri had crawled further up in the bed lying there in his nakedness and I just couldn't wait to get my clothes off though right now I had to make a show for my man. I love this feeling with his eyes all on me.

Firstly I took off my jacket throwing it away. I was close to my vanity so I pressed the play button and some slow music sailed through the air. Setting the mood.

My hair was still up in a bun with some loose strands framing my face. I slowly started moving my hips to the music my hands just above my head. I let my hands trace down my upper body stopping by the edge of my skirt. The zipper on the side slid down showing my skin and panty line. The skirt was gone and it was only my shirt, panties and bra left. I unbuttoned one button slowly, making him suffer to see more skin. When the shirt was open and I moved it aside showing off my black see through panties and white lacy bra. I peeked over on Dimitri seeing he was hugging a pillow biting his finger. I smiled, he was bursting any second now.

She shirt fell off my shoulders and then down my arms. I held up the shirt in my hand waved it in the air above my head. The shirt was lost in the past I had a new surprise for him. My hands traced along my breasts towards the center. I found the clasp and unbuttoned it. I smirked as I heard Dimitri groan biting in the pillow.

Now was the perfect time so I removed a few pins and my hair fell freely down my shoulders. I leaned forward all hair falling forward and then whipped my head back, my hair falling back in a perfect sexy hairdo. While doing this I traced my hands up my sides up grabbing my breasts in my hands. After giving them a squeeze I moved up running my fingers through my hair. I grinned closing my eyes as I heard Dimitri stir in bed. But to my surprise I was suddenly swept off my feet, pressed against Dimitri's hot bod and him growling in my ear. He threw me on the bed and I moaned as I got all the hair out my face seeing his big muscular form in front of me. He came in bed shortly after grabbing me by the hips, "Come here" his voice hoarse as his delicious lips started harassing mine as his hands roamed and played with my body. Feeling him like this felt like the first time. It always did. For some reason it always felt exciting to be with Dimitri, after twenty goddamn years and I still tingle and get butterflies when we have date night about once a month. But now when the kids are gone we've got some major catching up to do.

We skip the foreplay as he places himself at my entrance tilts his head up meeting my gaze. His eyes hold mine as he roughly thrusts into me and I scream out in pleasure. He grins out of smugness since he knows he made me scream in pleasure. With one and gripping my hip and the other lifting my leg up over his shoulder he starts moving in and out of me.

"Oh Baaaaby!" I moan. "Oh I've missed you sooo much"

He doesn't stops but steps up the pace knowing what I like. I moan and squirm and I can't lay still since he's so good to me, oh he's so good I can't even think straight. His head falls back and he let's out a growl as both of us are getting closer to our climax.

"Faster" I gasp. "Oh Baby faster"

He quickens the pace.

"And faster!" I moan.

Thrust. Thrust. Thrust.

"Faaaaaster" I scream as I reach the edge of myself control and make both myself and him come together.

It's hard not to love my husband!


I lay on his chest. I lay there like I've lain here thousand mornings before. I don't know how many mornings we've had together but I know that every morning I wake up like this I know that I'm home. I'm with the man that I love and I don't request anything more in life. My kids are safe and I have what I need to breathe and live, what more is there to ask for?

I feel his finger run through my hair and I tighten my grip around him burying my nose in his chest taking in his amazing and familiar scent. I kiss the naked spot my lips can find. Of course he's butt naked but I kiss what's closest. He snorts a chuckled moving his arm around my shoulder and lands one hand on the curve of my hip.

"I am the luckiest man on earth" his voice his filled with sleep yet I know he's awake.

I crawl up a bit, laying my head on his place right next to his head. "Why is that?" I ask. I'm pretty sure I know the reasons but I love hearing his loving words. Watching his lips move as he tells me he loves me while he makes me tingle deep inside my core.

He moves his head facing me, "Because I have you," he says easily, "Our kids turned out good and they've found the person that can be to them what you are to me. I can't wish for anything more than that!" He says while meeting my eyes. His eyes are soft and love shines through reflecting on my face. I shift to lie on my high end lifting my hand to trace a few fingers along his features.

"I feel the same way" I murmur, "There's nothing else in this world that could make me complete because I already am"

He smiles as he closes his eyes feeling my fingers trace his skin.

"And now that we're alone we can catch up on so many lost moments off hot sex where ever we want" I try to hold back a grin as I say that. His lips turn into a big grin and his eyes opens, "I like the sound of that"

I chuckle, "Of course you do" I brush some hair away from his face, "Remember our naked Sundays?"

"Do you think I can forget you naked in the kitchen on the couch or walking down the stairs and I don't even have to ask you to undress? I love naked Sundays" he smiles pulling me closer burying his face in my chest.

I snicker, "Do you remember that time when we had sex in that pool in Montana? When all the people were still in it but we just couldn't keep it in our pants?"

"Yeah" he chuckles pulling me up on his chest again so I lay on top of him. "That was one hell of a good time. I mean that lady was glared at us all the time, do you think she was watching us do it?"

"I bet she was" I laugh, "Maybe she was jealous that I got something she didn't"

"And what was that?" He wiggles his eyebrows. He loves when I talk dirty with him. I put my lips to his ear, "You know that big long thick dick of yours"

He groans, "Tell me more"

"I just looove when you plunge that big dick of yours deep into my wet core. When you do me fast and uh" I moan, "I just get wet thinking about it"

"Roza" he growls as I start grinding against him. He keeps groaning my name rolling the R's sexily on his tongue.

"Take. Me" I moan into his ear.

"Love to" he says and like that we're onto it again! Long story short the first three months alone after Alexei and Nikki had moved there was a lot of naked when the door was locked and the curtains drawn. I barely remember wearing clothes when I wasn't at work. I love my life!


I'm in Dimitri's arms in the couch and we're snickering as we make out like teens with out parents around when there's a knock on the door. We stop, glad that we hadn't gone further so we'd had to stop then. I peck Dimitri's lips before I get up heading towards the door. On our doorstep stands my little boy with a familiar grin on his lips, looking just like his dad did when he was twenty-four.

Time has flown by and Nikki is already twenty-seven and a newly wed and my little boy is already Twenty-four and still on with Winona since six years back.

"Honey!" I smile opening my arms to him and he lifts me up in a bear hug. He's as tall as Dimitri and I feel like a dwarf standing between them these days.

"Mom" he let me down on the floor, "Boy am I glad you're wearing more than underwear and dad's shirt this time" he teases. Last time he just barged in while Dimitri and I were in the kitchen. Dimitri wasn't wearing more then his boxer briefs and I underwear and his unbuttoned shirt.

I blush slightly, "At least you knocked this time"

"I'll always do that from now on" he chuckles, "Is dad in? I need to speak to you two"

"Oh" I say surprised, "Yeah, living room" I say walking there. He kicks his shoes off and follows. I plop down next to Dimitri in the couch as Alexei enters.

"Alexei" he grins, "The boy has learned to knock" he jokes and Alexei laughs as he bends down to hug him, "Yeah wouldn't want to see something that'll scar me for life" he chuckles. He sits down in one of the chair across from us and sighs.

"So what's up?" I ask putting my legs in Dimitri's lap his hands resting on my thigh and calf. He sits up straighter and clears his throat, "I-I kind of have something to tell you guys"

Dimitri and I exchange a glace, it seems important. "Is it something serious?" Dimitri asks seriously.


"Big?" I ask feeling a lump in my stomach.

"Pretty big yes" He admits. I swallow, "Does it have anything to do with you and Winona?"

He nods serious face. Shit! What if they've broken up? Then maybe he would be sadder… Gosh what can this be about?

Suddenly the door opens again and someone enters. "Alexei?" Winona's voice carries through the room. I frown, ok?

"In the living room Nona" He calls for her. There's some shuffling before she enters, Gray jeans and a white loose fit camisole. She looks pretty.

She smiles when she see our faces and walks up to Alexei giving him a quick kiss, "Have you…?" He whispers but we hear her. Years of training, our kids can't keep anything from us. He shakes his head. She sits down on the armrest on his chair facing us smiling. What was this about?

"Mom. Dad" Alexei says. "Winona and I are uh…" He pause, god he's KILLING ME!

"We're getting married" He burst out. Before they even can realize it we are up on our feet hugging each kid. Dimitri with his arms tightly around Alexei and I around Winona.

We all start laughing and I pull away, "Oh my god" I start to tear up, "My little boy is getting married" I brush some hair out of Winona's face, "And he's not drunk and you're not ugly" I sob chuckle.

"Roza" Dimitri chuckles, "Don't scare her"

"He's not a drunk yet" Winona jokes and I laugh. I pull her in for another hug, "Oh, I'm so happy you're getting into our family"

She hugs me back, "Thank you for letting me marry your son" tears prick her eyes and she chuckles as we pull back to look at one another. We laugh, "Well he's more lucky to have you"

"Ma!" he whines from beside us.

"Sorry" I say keeping one arm around Winona. Dimitri chuckles, "Don't worry, I think Winona would've run the first time she met us if she wanted. She's stuck now" He winked with a teasing tone in his voice. Winona laughs, "Yeah my chance is gone" I let her go so she can get into Alexei's arms, "And I wouldn't have it any other way" They kiss and I can't help not to Aw! Them.

"Let me see the ring!" I said when I remember and Winona holds out her left hand snickering as Dimitri and I admire the ring.

"That's amazing"

"Did you really pay for this?" Dimitri asks, "I mean the diamond is huge!"

Alexei chuckles, "I'll admit the old man helped out a little"

I raise my brows, "You mean you borrowed cash from Abe? Honey he'll bug you about that for life!"

"No" he snickers, "He and grandma gave me their rings" he's looking down on Winona, "I wanted to give her something special. And since Nikki got Grandma Olena's ring I thought I could give Winona Janine's"

My heart jumps a beat, "You're going to be such a great husband sweetie" I say tears coming again.

Both Alexei and Dimitri laughs, "Here come's the water works again"

"Stop" I chuckle, "I'm just happy for you"

"So am I" Dimitri says laying an arm around me, "Happy and proud"

"Thanks dad, mom"

"We love you" I say, "Both of you"

"Aw" Winona's in tears to now, "GROUP HUG!" she yells. We laugh and get into a group hug. I guess the Belikov Family is growing, and it's growing fast!


One month earlier…


I can't believe the day has come. The day that my sweet darling is getting Married. My little Nikki Belikov is getting married to Jonah Badica. Soon she'll be Nikki Badica.

I've called her Ms. Belikov during the last two weeks because this is the last time I can do it. This is in one way a little sad but I know that Jonah makes her happy. Happy daughter means Happy dad! The way it's supposed to be.

"You can come in now" Rose opens the door to the room where Nikki is getting ready for the wedding. Lissa and Mia had been called in for hair and make up while Meredith and Oksana had helped out on the dress front. Rose was in charge of the whole thing from flowers to food. I'd just seen the reception hall and it looks amazing! The flowers, decorations even the chairs. Wow.

I was dressed in a classic black three-piece suit with a deep blue vest underneath. As my eyes landed on Nikki it almost brought tears to my eyes. She was breath taking.

Her dress was simple yet elegant. It was a winter wedding so the dress had small glittering snowflakes on it. The top was a sweet heart neckline with a see through fabric on the sleeves and up to her neck. The back was low and snowflakes decorated the back. Her hair was up with a few strands falling down. She was my perfect snow angel. I felt tears prick my eyes but I was determinate not to cry. Nikki spun around hearing me enter and her face broke into a smile.

"Dad" she gasped. She met my eyes and I could see tears forming in her eyes to.

"Nikki" I choked holding my arms out and pulled her in for a tight embrace. She sobbed and I tried to blink away the tears.

"I thought you weren't suppose to cry" She chuckled trying not to ruin her make up. I chuckle, "Even I fail sometimes"

She pulls back looking up at my face, she chuckles "I love you"

I caress her cheek, "I love you to"

"Stop being so cute you're making all of us tear up" Rose whines beside us and we pull apart so she can enter the hug to.

"Nikki you look amazing"

"Thank you dad" she smile blushes slightly, "You've cleaned up pretty good to" She jokes. We laugh.

"Are you ready?" I ask as I look at the watch noticing what time it is. She takes a deep breath and then she nods. "I'm ready"

"Do you Jonah Emanuel Badica take Nikki Janine Belikov as your lawfully wedded wife to and to cherish until death do you part?" the priest says.

"I do!" He says loud and clear. I smile he truly loves my daughter.

"And do you Nikki Janine Belikov take Jonah Emanuel Badica as your lawfully wedded husband to and to cherish until death do you part?"

"I do!" She says. I can see her glassy eyes from here and I know it's happy tears.

Rose and I share a look when she says I do. Both of us remembering when we said ours.

"I know pronounce you husband and wife. You man now kiss the bride"

As Jonah leans in to kiss his newly wedded wife I lean in kissing my own wife. She smiles and I can't help to smile into the kiss. I'm so happy she's found somebody to love. Just like I have.

(R and D POV)

The two most precious thing in our life's are now off on their own feet. And here we stand on our own again. But we have each other. Our eyes meet. We always will.