GENERAL WARNINGS: Torture, bloodplay, lots of do not try this at home. Yaoi, graphic sex, graphic nonconsensual sex, and so on. Stalking, harassment, homicidal, unhealthy maniacs are in this story. I'm not going to put up new warnings for every chapter, so this applies to everything. Seriously, if you don't like, don't read. I mean it! That said, if you're going to flame, make it good.

Darkest Before the Dawn

Kanda hadn't slept for three days. Even now, he was running on the dregs of caffeine, and was seriously considering getting the science department to inject it into his veins just so he could stay awake for a few more hours.

He wouldn't use the word, but he was afraid. Afraid of falling asleep. And it all had to do with an encounter that had happened two months ago, landing him in recovery, where he suffered that hellish head nurse and that nurturing wanna-be father figure Tiedoll daily. Seriously, he was going to kill Tyki. The phasing bastard was still haunting him now, every time he went to sleep.

Hevlaska had told him that after the events that occurred two months ago, his Innocence had changed. They hadn't discovered how, exactly. The ark was parked in the Order lot, being examined by Reever's dedicated team of experts. He hadn't told them exactly what happened. They simply assumed that it was just like Allen's encounter with Tyki, except he had managed to escape with his Innocence intact. Yeah, sure. Maybe only his innocence with a capital I. He sure as fuck hadn't been left intact.

Two months ago:

"My, my, what a temper you have," Tyki drawled. "Skin very much enjoyed his last moments with you, you know. We all know." He was referring to the collective unconscious of the Noah, not that Kanda gave a damn. "I came to play with you myself, Kanda-kun."

He didn't bother answering. All he wanted to do was slice up this irritating gentleman and his bloody top hat, and his stupid butterflies. His lip split as his mouth shaped a familiar slasher grin - the one he only called upon when the situation was getting serious. Dried blood was caked on his many cuts, as the Noah had evaded him for the entire night, using the cover of darkness to send armies of akuma and fields of projectiles at him. His regenerative ability had never been more useful: he would have died of blood loss already, if he had been anyone else.

Tyki had long since tossed his jacket, after Kanda managed to put some holes in it. His ability to phase out was useful, but he had to become solid in order to land any attacks. He had to get close too, and the swordsman knew that that would be his only opportunity. One slip up, and he would end up like the moyashi, or worse.

The Noah closed in again, trying to reach around Kanda's guard and into his body. Kanda was losing power. Mugen's blade marked the distance between them, scoring a line into his enemy's forehead, and finally knocking that damn hat off.

"Trying to undress me already, hmm? Looks like I'll have to teach you the meaning of pleasure, my dear. From my perspective, of course."

Kanda brought Mugen across his body lengthwise, breathing heavily. "It's time to end this."

"So eager to get rid of me? I'm afraid that's impossible, boy. We are both... virtually immortal." The noah was beginning to pulsate with dark energy. He'd mastered the transformation that had occurred after his so-called exorcism. Kanda snorted. Some exorcist.

"Three Illusio-" Darkness. Tyki's dark tendrils had broken the wrist holding his sword, and now held him dangling from it. Shit. Fuck, it hurt. The flesh was stretching as his bones separated and Mugen clattered to the ground. He was never going to leave this little pocket of Road's world alive. Fuck.

The Noah drifted closer to him, the long lengths of darkness battering him into submission. His consciousness flickered, but he struggled to regain it between each bout of blackness.

"Tell me, boy, what do you think I'm going to do to you?"

"Shut up. There's no way I'm dying by the likes of you." Lustrous blue eyes glared, despite the weakening body. The darkness was receding, with the exception of four rope-like tentacles that held him up, spread-eagled helplessly.

"You think I'm going to kill you? Mmm, no. I didn't even kill that Allen boy, and you're far more beautiful than he is. That, and he sobbed all over the place - not very attractive. You, though. I imagine it would take a lot for me to see tears in those lovely eyes of yours."

Kanda turned his head as Tyki drew close enough to kiss him. Like hell.

"I'd like to to rent you out for the night," Tyki drawled, running his hands through his captive's long silken strands. "Put you through your paces, and we'll decide what to do when morning comes."

Night. Night had just fallen a few hours ago. It would be a very, very long time until dawn, and Kanda had to survive it. He had to, for.. well, you know.

"What do you dream of, Kanda-kun?" Tyki whispered into his ear, barely licking the outside of his lobe as he growled in answer. "You won't say, hm." Kanda struggled weakly, almost snapping his already injured joints.

"No matter, I'll make sure you dream of me from now on."

Thus had begun the worst night of his life, and currently provided the reason he couldn't sleep. Not now, not ever. Not as long as that hateful Noah haunted him.

It didn't matter. It didn't. That fucker wasn't here, and he was in the hospital wing, and everywhere he looked there was white, stained with blood as he once again overtaxed his wounds. His regenerative abilties ensured that they were all surface wounds by now, but his invisible scars kept him from barging out of the ward and back to his room.

Every night, every damned, shitting night, Tyki reappeared, teasingly running his fingers over his injuries and pressing into them, causing him to grit his teeth while screaming mentally. He simply endured it because it wasn't anything more than a dream, because his reality was in the Black Order, and Tyki simply wasn't there. And he told himself that every time he saw his face again.

"Answer me, boy."


Kanda's head snapped back with the force of the gloved hand impacting his cheek. "No."

The tentacles holding his limbs tightened, drawing him tautly at all four corners. He throttled back a strained groan. He was certain that one of his ankles was broken, along with his wrist.

Tyki's curls had fallen messily around his face, golden eyes avid as he examined the traces of blood on his glove. He snaked his hand around the nape of Kanda's neck, holding him still as he kissed him savagely, deeply.

Shocked, Kanda choked, then spit as soon as the sadist drew away.

Tyki laughed. "You'll be begging me to kiss you by the time I'm through with you."

"You're disgusting," the exorcist growled. "I doubt you could even kill me, despite having the upper hand." Contemptuously delivered, but an obvious taunt to goad the Noah into finishing it.

Those golden eyes darkened. He ripped the shreds of Kanda's shirt off and stuffed them deep into his mouth, causing the defiant samurai to gag. He tied the fabric tautly around the back of his head, but not before freeing all the strands of the lovely blue-black hair. Tyki could hear a low growl vibrating deep within his captive's chest, the way a favorite guard dog expresses warning.

He allowed his hands to resume their clawlike structure from his earlier transformation as Kanda watched, the intensity of his gaze never wavering, adamantly fearless.


This time, he dragged the back of his hand across his cheek, leaving behind deep gouges that began trailing red pathways down to his chin. Kanda, who had recoiled, narrowed his eyes in pain as Tyki leaned forward, looking as though he smelled something ambrosial, and licked along the gouge, making sure to go deep to where the blood left the flesh.

Disgusting. He would start with the bastard's tongue when he got his sword back. Chop, chop, chop, tiny tongue bits, followed by a nice, strong beheading. The image of Tyki's severed head almost made him smile, distracting him from the fact that Tyki was busy shredding the remainder of his clothing.

Bastard, bastard, bastard. He was going to die for this. A cold hand reached between the legs of his naked body, and Kanda gasped against the gag at the unexpected contact.

The hand was stroking his balls as Tyki looked into Kanda's furious eyes. "You're so quiet, my little lamb. What happened to the lion I was fighting all day?"

He coughed weakly, unable to voice his characteristic 'che'. He used his unbroken hand to flick the asshole off.

Tyki was delighted. This kid had spirit, and those eyes were really starting to warm him up. He decided to add a ring at the base of his balls, attaching weights to drag them downwards.

Kanda instinctively strained upwards, away from the force, only to greaten it. He mewled wetly, the sound escaping through the sodden gag. Learning from his mistake, he attempted to shift downward only to have the motion place added strain on his wrist, causing him to abort a scream before it passed his lips. Attempting to catch his breath around the obstacle, strands of his unbound hair fell around him as he momentarily hung his head, chest heaving.

"Ah, but you are, so, so, lovely." Tyki punctuated each of the last syllables with tiny cuts on Kanda's collarbone, causing his victim's head to snap up, glaring silently. "Let's see how much this beautiful body of yours can stand."

He lazily trailed a razor-sharp fingertip down his pectoral, going deeper until Kanda groaned, and Tyki licked his lips before continuing. The kid was perfectly chiseled, and he simply couldn't help himself. He placed parallel stripes down his torso, making sure one of the cuts went over a lovely nipple, and continued over the ribcage. That sculpted body tensed, attempting to make no lateral movement at all so as not to incur further pain. With every move Tyki made, he could feel Kanda rejecting it, each muscle straining to form a barrier against him and his aggressor. But it was useless.

Kanda heard himself whimpering, but he couldn't control it. His eyes were shut to block out the pleasure on Tyki's face. The bastard was crossing over his side now, and he could feel that claw digging in and dragging, almost scratching bone. His moans grew louder, more frantic. He was trapped with an absolute lunatic, and he wasn't so sure that he wanted to live until morning. This was the worst. This was probably worse than being an artificial human and being enslaved to the Order. What the fuck. A red haze was coming over his mind, and his thoughts began to unravel. Tyki... bastard...

"Ah, you said my name." The Noah grinned in approval, and decided to lick the current wound he was inflicting, this one being quite deep enough for him to insert his tongue and part the flesh. The blue-haired exorcist tasted like fire and metal, salt and rust. It was probably now one of Tyki's favorite flavors.

He stood, removing the gag from Kanda's abused mouth. "Say my name again, little one, and I'll spare you my next move."

"Fuck you." He'd probably regret that.

"What a mouth you have." He ran his finger along Kanda's lower lip, then abruptly fisted it into the long hair as he had all the tentacles release him.

Suddenly deprived of the support, Kanda crumpled to his knees, held up only by the hand behind his head. A low moan ghosted out of his lips. His arms hung uselessly at his sides, swaying with the motion. Burning anger roared through him again, causing him to buck against the Noah's grip, a myriad of cuts dripping blood all the way down his cock and legs, slickening his knees.

Tyki shook the hand gripping his hair in disapproval. "We'll have none of that. You've said that you must live. We'll see how serious you are about that. If you bite me, I will slit your throat." His other hand unzipped his trousers, revealing an engorged erection, dark with blood and close enough to brush the tip of Kanda's nose.

He placed his thumb at his victim's jugular, pressing firmly to get his message across. "Open."

Kanda felt sick. But he had to live. There was no choice. He swallowed, then reluctantly parted his lips.


Even more reluctantly, he convinced his jaw to open a little more.

"Very good, Exorcist."

The tip of his cock entered the swordsman's mouth. It was warm, and full of another man's scent. It was completely distasteful. But he didn't have much time to dwell on it, as more was rapidly filling his mouth, heading towards the back of his throat.

Tyki thrust deeply, enjoying the feeling of the blue-eyed exorcist gagging around his cock. Each jerk of his caused involuntary throat muscles to contract around his head, leading him to make miniscule motions without removing himself. The gagging intensified, and figured the boy would pass out if he didn't withdraw, so he did. His saliva coated length slid back out as Kanda choked and coughed, before being pulled back up by his hair.

"Open, my dear exorcist."

Oh dear god, he meant to repeat it. Kanda felt like throwing up, but he had a feeling that nothing would stop the sociopath. He gritted his teeth as the hand gripping his hair shook him from side to side.

"Kanda-kun." A sing-song reproval.

Obediently, Kanda parted his lips again, attempting but failing to repress a shudder that coursed through his body.

The boy looked beautiful on his knees, cock between his lips. Tyki placed his hand behind the exorcist's head as his rhythm quickened, feeling himself grow closer to the edge, not allowing him any room to retract. He was thrusting all the way to the hilt now, the base of his pelvis almost slamming into Kanda's mouth while his prisoner fought his gag reflex.

Casually, he rammed his cock all the way down the blue-eyed exorcist's throat, cresting as he gagged repeatedly, the muscles of his mouth spasming deliciously against his girth until he spilled himself within those lovely lips. Kanda struggled. Tyki smiled.

"You might want to swallow, beautiful," he suggested, as he knocked Kanda down on his back. The impact of the landing caused the swordsman to cough and gulp in succession, gasping for air.

Kanda was feeling increasingly faint, from the oxygen deprival and the accumulated injuries. His joints wouldn't support his weight when he attempted to crawl away. He'd never met anyone so sick in his life. And it still wasn't over. The sun. Where was the sun?

Kanda tossed and turned, realizing that everyone else was asleep, and he was on the verge of succumbing. Tyki's face began to float in front of his face. Another damn figment. He hated these things.

He pretended to be asleep. Maybe he could trick his own imagination. Then, as suddenly as he could manage, he sprang up, putting a fist into the Noah's face.

It connected.

Tyki's body went flying across the room, landing in the middle of various clattering objects. Kanda stared open-mouthed in shock. Then, in a move that was second-nature to him, he reached for Mugen.

"You were real? For the last two motherfucking months, you've come to me at night, and I suffered your touch because I thought you were just a dream and I couldn't stop you. And you were godshitting real? I'm going to kill you, you -" he didn't even bother to finish before he charged at Tyki, planting his sword point first where the Noah lay, only to find that he had disappeared after the tip pierced the first epidermic layer.

"You yellow-eyed bastard, get the fuck back here!" he roared. He turned, furious, only to find that someone had turned on the lights, and that a group of finders and exorcists were staring at him in confusion.

They continued to stare as Kanda slowly collapsed on the ground, and began laughing dementedly.

Allen didn't know why, but the echoing laughter he could hear from his room gave him the creeps. There was something broken and wrong about it. Unhinged. He met Lavi and Lenalee in the hallway, also intent on reaching the source of the noise. The three made their way out together, staying close, perturbed at the disturbance in the middle of the night.