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Darkest Before the Dawn

As night descended on the Black Order, an already pissy Kanda's mood darkened along with it. Even though his stalker had taken a leave of absence ever since they played pin the tail on the Noah, there was no doubt that he would return as soon as the potion keeping him insubstantial wore off. Just like there was no doubt that there was something about the night that made committing various sins all the more appealing to the dangerously deranged.

Kanda communicated death across the table at Allen, who was playing with his dessert instead of eating it for some reason. Lenalee looked at him with pity, while Lavi attempted to talk about it, because that's what his first response was: to talk.

"Is he escalating?" Lavi asked, as he idly attempted to steal a bite from Allen. He failed, of course, but that wasn't the point of trying.

Ignoring Kanda's monosyllabic answer, Lavi continued. "I mean, this morning was worse than usual, right? And they say that escalating is only natural."

Allen's fork clattered on the plate, as he uncharacteristically shoved it away after having turned it into mush. "How can he escalate when he started with rape?"

Kanda glared.

Lenalee winced.

Lavi looked as though he wanted to start whistling unobtrusively, but knew that it would in no way disguise or shield him.

Kanda must have been tired, because instead of killing any of the idiots at the table, he simply stood brusquely, and - well, it looked as though he tossed his hair petulantly at him, but Allen was sure that was just an illusion.

Either way, he obediently rose to follow the swordsman, under Komui's orders.

Kanda didn't even turn. "So you're coming too, beansprout? Fine then, but don't let me catch you staring at me again."

Allen was feeling rather bitchy, but he cut his snippy comments. He decided Kanda deserved some slack, because he'd had a trying day, plus a nonstop string of misfortune ever since Tyki had come into his life. Holding back made him feel a little itchy in his skin, but the current concern was the exorcist before him.

Tyki's 24 hours of being unable to affect matter were almost up, and Kanda was wound tighter than a guitar string. He was so pensive that he was tolerating Allen's company with what amounted to grace, and perhaps a little gratefulness. He could almost fool himself into thinking that maybe, just maybe, the blue-eyed exorcist preferred his company over the Noah's.

They entered Kanda's minimalist room, Allen preparing for another long vigil at the foot of the bed. But that wasn't the case.

Tyki, in all his open shirted, evenly tanned glory, was demonstrating his reestablished connection with the material world by rocking back and forth on the only chair in the room, balancing between one and two legs easily.

"Darling, you're home!" His eyes roamed over his favorite exorcist's lean figure. "And you've brought company." His tone darkened as he considered the uninvited beansprout.

"Shut the door, boy."

Maybe it was years of child abuse that did the trick, but Allen gulped and shut the door before he realized that he was subconsciously braced for an asskicking. Which left the two standing in a room with Kanda's angry, jealous stalker, complete with newly regained powers.

Kanda looked at Allen like he'd lost his mind by complying, but the beansprout looked so stupefied that he might have been entranced by his own reflection grinning back at him.

"Please, have a seat."

Since when had this stopped being Kanda's room and turned into mutual property between him and his stalker? Still, Kanda refused to be chased out from his own room. Even the tatters of his pride were enough to keep him from backing down.

"Brother!" Lenalee's fists were clenched at her sides to keep her from knocking the hat off his head. "Aren't you going to do anything? He's there right now, with Kanda, and you know Allen's been terrified of him ever since that time in the grove. It's obviously not consensual, but you're still keeping me here!"

"Ah, Lenalee," Komui stammered, as he tried to keep from giving in to his so-cute-when-angry sister. "Whatever makes you think I have a choice?"

"Oh, I don't know," she huffed. "Maybe the fact that you're stopping me and not sending any reinforcements, or maybe it's Lavi sitting there, trying to pretend he's invisible! I'm trying to tell you that we need to help Kanda now, or it'll be too late."

Lavi stretched and stood up, showing no trace of anxiety. "Relax, would ya? We've got this well in hand. I had a little talk with Kanda earlier. And you know that the only one of us here that's ever gone critical is Allen, so we'll see what he does."

Dismayed, Lenalee looked from Lavi to Komui, and it finally registered in her brain that she'd burst in on a briefing in progress. She swiveled to face Lavi. "You - you. Kanda spoke to you?" Why didn't he speak to me?

"Well, I'm under the impression that he may have found Lavi the most likely person to give advice on the matter."

"What about Allen?" Lenalee couldn't believe it.

Lavi rubbed his head. "Allen - well, you know. Kanda thinks Allen's a little bitch."

"And Kanda," the white-haired exorcist said as he stumbled through the door. "Is a tool."

"For the Order."

No sooner had he said the words, that little bitch ran all the way home. Not that Kanda even really blamed Allen anymore. After all, consider this:

When Tyki arrived that night, he had been dressed to the nines. The cylindrical hat rose up from groomed locks, the tailored suit picture perfect even as Tyki rose to draw closer. Gloves, with a fine textured feel, were felt against his cheek, both an overly familiar gesture and an impersonal touch. The perpetual upwards curving of the Noah's lips gave him the contradictory impression of a deep rage coupled with a need to possess.

The room darkened until Kanda could barely make out the dim shapes of his furniture around him. The whites of Tyki's eyes glowed against the black, irises flashing yellow in counterpoint to his hovering Tease, and Kanda refused to back away no matter how much the feral flash of teeth reminded him of a wolf cornering its prey. He was not prey.

So when Tyki suddenly sank into the floor and disappeared underneath them, Kanda stiffened in place, while Allen hopped to his feet and acted like the paranoid lead of a horror film. To be fair, they were both on edge; scanning the room and just waiting for Tyki to pop out and scare the love of god right out of them.

But they had the wrong type of monster. The Noah hadn't learned his next trick from a ghost, vampire, or serial killer. If Allen had imagined that the edge of the mattress upon which Kanda was pretending to sit comfortably were actually the edge of dark lake on a moonless night, he might have predicted the next move.

Since he was instead wondering if the melody he heard inside his head was coming from an outside source, he didn't quite catch what happened next. All he knew was that there were sounds and loss of breath and he whirled and Kanda was on his back on his bed limbs pinioned to the mattress by black bands of whatever and was obviously trying to break loose.

And Tyki, Tyki was beside Kanda, or as Kanda could intimately attest, directly below him, behind him, lips against the area behind his ear, chest to back, and most importantly, genitals to ass.

Then Tyki, the bastard, nudged his hips a little closer, a little more insistently, and Kanda could clearly feel the blunt head of the Noah's cock begin to seriously invade his private space, nudging between clenched ass cheeks and completely disregarding all the layers of clothing that were supposed to be in the way.

And while Kanda could at least thank whoever he wanted that his back was against the mattress and Tyki's completely inappropriate actions were hidden from view, Allen's eyes were now as round as his equally idiotic golem, and this wasn't happening.

"You couldn't wait until we were alone?" Kanda found himself growling. What had happened? Was this all the anger he could muster now? Was this asshat Noah such a perpetual pain in the ass that he'd almost adjusted around it?

"Ah Kanda-love," came the delighted murmur. "I didn't know you felt that way. I was thinking that he could watch, since you seemed to like him so much the other day.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you, boy? Watching your pretty friend's face as he moans and begs for me?"

Allen backed away. Kanda wished he could tell if that was fear or arousal hidden underneath the shock, but it was hard to tell, since if it was arousal, it was hidden by the justified fear of getting his ass kicked by his friend the next day.

"Of course," the Noah continued teasingly, back to murmuring in Kanda's ear, "you could always send him away, if you'd like it to be just the two of us, couldn't you, Kanda-kun?"

Kanda assessed his situation. He couldn't get free easily, not with the lack of leverage, nore could he strangle Tyki while the fucker was hiding in his god-forsaken mattress, of all places. And because Kanda cared enough to not want to have to kill the beansprout clown for seeing anything more, he growled out his only option.

"Leave, Moyashi."

"But Kanda, I -"

"I'm pretty sure that you can't do anything, being the useless little twit that you are, so get the fuck out and don't come back."

"But -"

"Leave." it really was like he gave permission for the damned sprout to abandon him to this psychotic freak. And it also explained why the Noah seemed pleased with himself. After all, partial permission in the form of a lie told to a friend was better than not even lying about consent. A step up, and a win on the moral front. Surely the intrepid molester thought he was gaining ground on Kanda.

"You've made me the happiest girl alive," Tyki assured him, continuing where he left off.

Allen ran through the hallways, attempting to scrub out the mental images, but somehow the image of Kanda spread on his bed just didn't want to disappear. He couldn't be distracted by that. He'd failed to protect his fellow Exorcist and he had to -

Where was he?

He'd been so preoccupied with thoughts of Kanda - Kanda's rescue that he'd taken a wrong turn on the way back somewhere, and now he was lost. But unlike certain grumpy exorcists, he was polite to everyone, so after stumbling across a few helpful Finders, he finally made it back to Komui's, more than a little irked and with significant delay, but with his escape complete and a report to give.

Kanda tried to ignore the thrusting and the sensations within him, but he could feel it weakening his limbs. What the fucking fuck, it's not as though just pointing a cock at something made it weaker. Though he supposed he'd never tried sticking it into someone and asking them about it. Maybe he should try it. Maybe Allen should've stuck around after all, he thought absurdly.

His body shuddered and he scrabbled to get away, reaching for a hold on anything else. Tyki was going deeper now, on his knees, with Kanda's hips raised before him and Kanda's beautiful, beloved face glaring singlemindedly at him interspersed with moments of brainlessness, in which his breath escaped him. Kanda's shoulders were down against the ground and his arms were trailing behind him, fingers clawing into the floor, fighting the urge to groan at the increased volume of cock making its way into his ass. Any hold he could find only served to brace himself further against each thrust though, allowing the Noah to ram repeatedly into him as he unwillingly aided him by holding in place.

Somewhere in his mind, Kanda wondered why he hadn't already shoved his heel into the Noah's face, and then summarily attempted it, only for Tyki to laugh, removing a supporting hand to block the blow and turning briefly to kiss the aggressive appendage, and forcing him to balance himself because Tyki was still inside him and he didn't want to find out what sliding the wrong way on a stiff cock felt like. He felt his reasoning deteriorate, melting away against the incessant pounding, and he listened to the roaring of blood in his ears, increasing like a wave about to drown him. He tossed his head back again, eyes open and unseeing towards the door, tense as a bow ready to fire.

The rhythm slowed.

"Waiting for someone?" Tyki's voice revealed his frown.

"What?" He panted, his body still thoroughly occupied with the friction occurring below the waist, while his mind sought any alternative or name for the sensations that, if acknowledged, would threaten his sanity.

Tyki shifted and almost bent him double, taking a firm grip around Kanda's throat, and delighting in the hardness of the body against his own as Kanda's legs opened slightly to either side of him.

He felt his sudden intake of breath stopped against those fingers and tightened involuntarily against Tyki's cock. But the Noah didn't forget.

"Just now. You were looking for him, weren't you. Allen Walker." He punctuated his displeasure with a pointed rolling of his hips, sheathing himself fully within the exorcists body, utterly unprepared for his fucktoy's reaction.

But Kanda was already too close, and the renewed stimuli took him by surprise, and before he knew it, he'd keened his ecstasy around Tyki's hand and strewn it across his abdomen as well. He drew in a slow, shuddering breath as the Noah belatedly stopped choking him and spurted the last of his seed between them, gasping into the silence.

As he regained his senses, he felt the air growing thicker, darkening. The blue-haired exorcist looked around dazedly, caught in a brief euphoric haze, but distantly aware of his enemy's growing rage. What had happened?

But, as the anger expanded and settled over the room, Kanda realized it didn't matter. Nothing would fix this amount of pissed off insanity. And he was already fucked.

Lenalee had just finished forcefully giving Allen a very large piece of her mind, after hearing his pathetic story. It hadn't lessened her temper. After all, she'd been teaching Allen about the togetherness of friendship for a while now, but it turns out that a little trauma had turned her British friend into a wimp. Then again, she hadn't seen what Allen saw. The kid looked more traumatized than when he'd seen that Akuma's soul. But Komui had no excuse, and god knows what plan Lavi and Kanda had concocted together.

Enough was enough. She spun on her heel and ran down the hall, searching for Kanda's room.

"Hey, wait!" Lavi came pelting after her, but she ignored him, outpacing him. He wanted to tell her that Kanda could take a lot more than she thought, a lot more than was natural, but she was too far ahead. And there was no way Lavi could outrun her in a footrace.

Kanda screamed through gritted teeth as the bladed finger dragged through the webbing on his hand, slowly push cutting its way towards the center of his palm. He could feel his bones separating, and the worst part was, this wasn't even the first time.

This had already happened between in thumb and forefinger, going down all the way to his wrist, then between forefinger and middle, and Tyki was working, very slowly, and through force alone, down between the middle and ring finger. They'd fought briefly, and Tyki had called out that second terrifying form and trapped him.

He was a mess of sweat, blood and semen, with tendrils of his hair stuck to his cheeks as he tossed weakly, as though he could awaken himself by doing so. The sadistic Noah had already speared both feet to the floor so that he couldn't run. There was something terrifying about being trapped in a room with a naked, bloody, erect, psycho-stalker, and he knew it firsthand. He had screamed himself raw, and yet no one came. But he'd expected that.

Three-quarters of the way down his palm now, and it was almost time to show his hand. He trusted Lavi, he did. He had to change the game, but to do so now would take more guts than he probably had left. His world was narrowing to the black fingers slowly crushing inward on his red, red meat. And Tyki was above him, cock hard against his, a sensory detail that was somehow still registering on his own manhood.

"Tell me, who are you thinking of now, dear Kanda?" The other bladed hand sought his defenseless one. Tyki threaded his fingers through, in a dreadful semblance of holding hands and settled his mouth over the exorcist's, delving deeply and thoroughly before allowing Kanda to breathe again.

He tried to initiate another kiss. As long as Tyki was kissing him, he wasn't carving his way down to his skeleton.

Tyki smiled and obliged, simultaneously lifting Kanda's hips up and positioning him for reentry, matching the rhythm of the strokes above and below. If it wasn't for the splattered blood and growing black designs across their matching bodies, it would've seemed like a tableau of lovers. But all too soon, the languorous kiss drew to an end and Tyki seemed to want to draw blood again, replacing his edge where he had left off, determined to reach the base of his wrist.

Kanda went rigid with the pain, screams almost silent, but remembering never, ever to toss his head backwards, towards the door. He screamed his agony into those watching golden eyes, only to have it absorbed, sinking deeply into honey and leaving no trace. He watched as the Noah licked his lips, tasting the salt and iron before tasting his flesh again, lips soft against his skin.

The sweat on his body cooled as he shook, unable to catch his breath. Pain burst through his mind and left nothing behind, twisting it in its formless maelstrom, flaring raggedly as the blade scraped against the bone at the heel of his hand, pressing firmly before coming to a dead halt.

Tyki lowered his head to lick the tears from his eyes, tongue swirling in a gentle caress against his eyelid as Kanda whimpered mindlessly against his neck, before finally gasping it out, soaked in sweat and still suffering from the tremors of shock.

"What was that?" The Noah inquired, backing away and idly running his claws along the length of Kanda's shaft as he waited, still buried deep inside the exorcist.

"Tyki," he mumbled. The grip tightened slightly and his terror rose. "Tyki, Tyki, Tyki," he prayed hoarsely, surrendering.

Tyki understood. He had won.

She could hear panting behind her as Lavi caught up to where she stood, speechless. The door swung open at the lightest touch, then dangled on the top hinge. There was no one inside; she was too late. But that alone wasn't enough to stun her into inaction. Inside, Kanda's few belongings were strewn among the splinters of the room, and some of the jagged edges on the derelict bed frame were stained a deep, wet, red. A variety of disturbingly identifiable fluids stained the bare mattress, but that wasn't what had frozen Lenalee in her tracks.

Lavi nudged the door open further to see around her. He saw the broken light, the smears of blood. He saw a dirtied mattress, curiously dented. And on top of it, he saw Kanda's Innocence: abandoned.