Guardians of Cyniclonia Chapter 23:

The End

Meanwhile, at the prison, the Mews and Cyniclons were fighting the Kuritara and winning. None of the enemy had managed to get inside to free their leader, and many had been killed or injured. Finally the butterfly Kuritara who seemed to be in charge shouted, "Retreat!" The others picked up their fallen comrades, and made a run for it. There was no time to celebrate; Kisshu had just received a message from Emiko saying things were getting bad at the palace. So Kisshu, Pai and Taruto teleported the Mews back to the palace, leaving the prison guards to clean up.

Once Kisshu and the others got there, they saw that there were more Kuritara attacking the twins' protectors than they had thought. It had gotten so out of hand that Mayuri had started to fight as well, showing that he had the ability to grow and control plants- rather like Taruto. The others had objected to him fighting, but his skills convinced them.

Kisshu and the others took out their weapons and began to fight again. Ayame and Dire Bite had stopped using their new powers; it was too exhausting, and now they were fighting with their weapons- Ayame's Phoenix Swords, and Dire Bite's Fire Daggers. They fought as a team; as soon as a Kuritara came near, Ayame would cut the wings off of him/her, and Dire Bite would finish it off.

Suddenly, Hanna collapsed, exhausted. Emiko immediately killed her opponent, and ran to Hanna. She picked her up, then put her down in the middle of the ring of Cyniclons and Mews, telling the twins, "Take care of her." Then Emiko went back to fighting.

The twins looked at each other, nodded, then each put a hand on one of Hanna's shoulders. Suddenly a bright light flashed, and the Kuritara shielded their eyes. This gave the others an advantage. They redoubled their attacks, causing panic among the blinded Kuritara. The Kuritara began swinging their weapons randomly, sometimes hitting each other. Unfortunately, a lucky swing hit Kisshu on the leg, and he crumpled to the ground with a cry.

The twins saw this, and redoubled their efforts to wake Hanna up. Their efforts paid off, and Hanna's eyes shot open, glowing bright blue. She then jumped in front of Kisshu.

"Kuritara, BIND!" Hanna shouted. All the Kuritara froze in place, unable to move. Hanna clapped her hands together and held the position. "Now's your chance! Finish them off!" Hanna yelled.

The others immediately finished the ten left standing off. Hanna relaxed her position with a sigh, and reminded the others, "Uncle Kisshu is hurt."

This was true. Kisshu was beginning to look paler than usual, because he was losing a lot of blood from his injury. Emiko immediately ran to him and caught him as he passed out. She then laid him flat on his back, and got to work healing his injury. None of the others were that seriously injured, but Ichigo had strained her wrist, and the others were all exhausted. Ayame got to work on healing Ichigo's wrist.

Emiko finished healing Kisshu's leg, then teleported him to their room to rest. Ayame finished healing Ichigo's wrist, but collapsed soon after. Ichigo caught her, and carried her up to the room she and Dire Bite shared. Dire Bite went too. Mayuri ran to his two children, asking if they were okay.

"We're fine," they replied. Then they turned to the others. "Thank you for protecting us," they said.

"You're welcome," Hanna said, speaking for everyone. "Thanks for helping me as well." The twins smiled shyly.

Pai took out some kind of communication device and spoke into it. "Yumi-sama, we have successfully defeated the Kuritara, here and at the prison. Could you send someone down to clean up? We're all pretty exhausted over here."

"Of course," Yumi-sama responded. "I'll send a squad down. You all should rest, you fought hard today."

"Understood," Pai said, and cut the connection.

The battle was over.

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