Hey guys, So, I know this is going to seem strange to you all and you may look at me and say 'but that's not a legitimate reason'. Shut your face XP I will not be updating my stories for a while. Sad, I know. No sequels, no one-shots, nada. Reason? Ooooohhhhhhh that mother-effin reason… First of all, I feel horrible that I haven't posted my sequels for AFL, Broken, and SLR (not that any of those are completed) so I don't really want to start writing any new stories until I get my unfinished ones… finished… EVEN THOUGH I have some pretttttttyyyy cool ideas for future stories… just putting that out there ;) Reason two that I'm not updating (and the main reason)… is that I can't. Pages… You know, the 'Word' rip-off that I have all my documents saved under (every chapter from every fan fiction ever written)… well.. long story short, it's being a butt. I can write new things (awesome spectacular one-shot ideas), but I can't access the old stuff I've written until after I download the latest version of the app.. "Oh, but, Aliiiiii! Why don't you just go into the app store and buy the latest version?"- all my lovely followers will ask.. And I respond: MAVERICKS. Fucking MOTHER-LOVING MAVERICKS. Now, those of you who don't have Macs won't know about Mavericks (which is the new operating system for Macbooks). Since the Mavericks update came out beforeeeeeee the pages update, I can't download pages until Mavericks is installed. "But why are you making it seem like it's impossibleeeee. Just download Maverickkkkssss, Allllliiiii!" CAN'T. Because MOTHER-LOVING RINGLING gave me this MOTHER-LOVING MACBOOK. Since it's effin OWNED by my school, I can't install newer versions of Adobe Software. "HUH?" you all ask. "RINGLINNNNGGGG" I respond with a cry of fury. Swearing and all jokes aside, here's the poop in the scoop: Ringling College of Art and Design Technical Support Licenses the Macbook Pro Laptop computers that each freshman gets during registration. These notebooks have everything the student will need, be it the Microsoft Works package or the complete Adobe package (PhotoShop, After Effects, Premiere, etc). Because the computers come with the software already installed, the Adobe licensing does not belong to the students and therefore the students cannot update this software. During the fall semester, OSX Mavericks came out as the new operating system for MacBook. The students, thinking this was alright, downloaded it right away… and MOST of them had no issues. Motion Designers and Film Majors being the exceptions…. Adobe After Effects suddenly wouldn't open. All of their projects, senior theses, and demo reels were now seemingly impossible to recover. The few design students who hadn't downloaded Mavericks already claimed that there After Effects was working just fine… and so the problem was traced back to the Mavericks update. Once After Effects is updated… it works fine with Mavericks. But since the students don't have the licensing to update said software, they are stuck once they download it. So, last fall, after saving everything to an external hard drive, everyone who had downloaded Mavericks had their laptops wiped clean. Bye bye. In Fall of 2014, Ringling Technical Support claims that they will be able to support Mavericks with their licensing agreement for Adobe. Licensing agreement for Adobe= After Effects Update After Effects Update= OK to download Mavericks Mavericks=new version of Pages Pages= ACCESS TO EVERYTHING I HAVE WRITTEN! DX (Please forgive me if this was confusing for any of you, but this is my situation and my reasoning for not being able to update for QUITE a while) I apologize for any inconvenience, feel free to PM me anytime during these months of turmoil X( Thank you for understanding, Ali (xxTigerAvatarxx)