ME: Now let's see how the Mother of Invention is doing.


"FILSS," he said, "would you mind telling me who and what the Sam Hill is out there?"

The "Dumb" AI responded in her usual tone. "Director Church, it appears that Covenant forces have neutralized the squad on guard-duty and are now attempting to gain access to the bridge. I have called for security in accordance with standard-."

There was a clash against the sealed blast-door, frightening the Counselor.

"FILSS, what Covenant-?"

The door was suddenly blown off and knocked Church and his second-in-command to the floor. There was a brief, one-sided firefight as the bridge crew members were swiftly eliminated by either plasma rounds or advanced projectiles.

A Jiralhanae Chieftain revealed himself, snarling down at him and the Counselor.

"Humans," he growled.

"I have soldiers onboard this ship," the Director responded.

"Where are they?" Before he could answer, the Brute knocked him out with his fist.



They had run into their first real group of enemies, four Elites accompanied by two groups of Grunts and Jackals. Rifle fire from Blue Team had taken out two of the Elites but the other Hinge-Heads had succeeded taking cover.

"Sis," he called out to his twin, "sweep left with me."

"Roger," Noble Seven responded as she threw a grenade. "Frag out!"

One Split-Lip was forced out into the open as a result, but before the gray-armored SPARTAN could take him out the alien threw himself forward. Six was knocked down by the thing and was just cursing in fury when his sister knocked the freak off.

"Don't you DARE mess with my brother ET!" the ice cream-lover screamed as she stomped on the poor Elites crotch. "That's my job!"

"Thanks Seven," he murmured before mercy-killing the Elite. He looked around and only saw a cowering Grunt living amongst its dead brothers.


"Heard it all," Six cut him off. "You see here pal, my sister and I are good at unethical interrogation techniques. That's one of the reasons we're about seven-feet tall and are the most badass motherfuckers alive."


Seven then aimed her DMR at the Grunts crotch. "So either talk about why you decided to board this ship or I start to have some fun today."

"We were meant to capture a human scientist!" The alien was definitely telling the truth. "Direct, dir-I don't know his name!"

"Thank you," the Lieutenant said before knocking out the Grunt with his boot. "Noble One!"

"Six?" The cobalt-clad Commander asked.

"Sir, I just confirmed the Covenant and Innies are after Director Church. Before you ask, it seems pretty legit to me-why lie when one of the interrogators is my sister with a DMR aimed at your-."

Carter held up his hand. "Good work Six, no need to explain. And can I ask why you and your twin are so crazy?"

"Why are you and Kat so close?"

ME: How was that?

Hey guys, does anyone have any names for Six and Seven as well as a profile?


Name: Carter

Rank: Commander

Position: Team leader

Weapon of choice: DMR

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

If you guys got anything, please submit via a PM or review. Thank you!